You might think that luggage racks are only for hotel rooms. Well, guess again! Luggage racks are not only a practical addition to your room, but they can also have multiple uses. We outline luggage rack sizes, styles, and materials.

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A luggage rack is a perfect addition to any bedroom or guest room. Although it might seem superfluous, there are many benefits to this small yet thoughtful piece of furniture.

In this blog post, we will cover:

Why do I need a luggage rack?

A luggage rack is not as expected piece in a bedroom as a chest of drawers or a night table.However, it adds just that little something extra for yourself (if we are talking about your bedroom) or your guests (speaking of a guest room).

Having somewhere to put your luggage on is a convenience that helps you stay organized while packing. It helps you keep your possessions tidy and off the floor.

Suitcase stands can also be used as an extra surface or storage space. If you find the right luggage rack, it could be used as a side table or tray table for things like pot plants, magazines, and extra toiletries. The best styles are luggage racks that have an extra shelf below to keep shoes and other belongings off the ground.

If you don't want the luggage rack to be visible, you could place it in your cupboard. A suitcase stand in the hallway cupboard is the perfect place to hold bags and shoes to keep them off the ground.

What size luggage rack do I need?

There are many different size suitcases - so what size luggage rack should you get?

No matter what size you get, it is always best to get a folding luggage rack. This way, you can put it away in a closet when not required.

Standard Metal Luggage Rack
Large X-Frame Luggage Rack
Standard Black Luggage Rack
Big Folding Luggage Rack with Laundry Bag
Large Wood Luggage Rack with Shelf
Medium Folding Luggage Rack

Which materials are best for suitcase holders?

The best materials for suitcase holders will depend on your budget and style.

Basic luggage racks, like the ones you find in a hotel, are made from metal and woven fabric. They will be the cheapest option and will still serve their practical purpose,  however, the silver metal may look unrefined in a personal or guest bedroom.

Black Folding Metal Luggage Rack
Brown Metal Luggage Rack
Suitcase Luggage Metal Rack
Small Folding Metal Luggage Rack with Arm
Golden Metal Luggage Rack
Silver Small Metal Luggage Rack

For something a little more "upmarket", a plain wooden luggage rack will suit most decor styles. If you want something lighter, find a bamboo suitcase stand. It will be easier to move around and is perfect for a light and airy guest room.

Folding Bamboo Luggage Rack
Medium Bamboo Luggage Rack
Large Bamboo Luggage Rack with Shelf
Wood Luggage Rack in Cream
White Wood Luggage Rack with Shelf
Wood Luggage Rack with Arm

If you want to put a luggage rack in the guest bathroom, make sure you choose one that is water-resistant. A metal frame may rust, and a wooden one may warp over time. In this case, it is best to choose aluminum or stainless steel frame or opt for something plastic.

How to match a luggage rack to my room?

It can be tricky to match such an unusual piece of furniture to your room decor. We have a few tips on how to get the best look no matter what your style is.

Luggage racks are the perfect room accessory that you never knew you needed!