How To Choose K-Cup And Coffee Pod Storage

Make your morning routine that little bit easier and know at a glance when you're running low on supplies, K-Cup and coffee pod storage units are a great way to keep your pods handy and neatly organized. Here's how to pick one to suit your needs and complement your kitchen decor.

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What Capacity Options are There for K-Cup & Coffee Pod Storage?

One of the first elements to consider is how much storage capacity you actually need. Here are some hints to bear in mind when choosing your coffee storage unit:

  • Household coffee pod storage units typically hold from around six up to 40 plus capsules.

  • Consider your household size - if a lot of family members use the coffee machine, for other drinks included, you'll definitely want to consider a large model with 36 plus capacity.

  • If you don't regularly drink coffee but like to have some on display for guests, then consider a small display unit that holds less than 10. This will allow your visitors to see what's on offer without you having to empty the contents of your coffee drawer.

  • For regular coffee drinkers consider a large 36 plus drawer storage unit, to save time on refills, as half empty carousel versions can look a little unsightly.

  • For multiple different beverage pods, tea, hot chocolate, and coffee use a high capacity unit that gives you the space to separate each type, so you won't mix them up and every flavor remains easily accessible.

12 Pod K-Cup Pod Storage Unit
Large Pod Drawer Organizer
40 Pod Coffee Basket Storage
8-Pod Coffee Pod Holder Cat
4-Pod Capsule K-Cup Holder

What Types of K-Cup and Coffee Pod Storage Units Are There?

Most coffee pod and K-Pod storage units fall into one of two types, tower display units or drawers. For simplicity's sake, we'll also class the carousel type in with stationary upright display holders.

Carousel/Upright Display Holders


  • See blends/flavors at a glance.
  • Easy to remove a pod, no need to pull open a drawer.
  • Display a wide range of different drinks for your guests.
  • Good for small to medium amounts of pods.


  • Can look unsightly when half-empty - need frequent refilling.
  • Some models can be a little unstable.
  • Take up extra counter space.
Black Decorative Coffee Pod Storage
Metal Simple K-Cup Holder
Modern Pod Holder for Capsules
24 Pod Coffee Carousel Holder

Drawer coffee storage units


  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Tidy, uniform finish.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Cannot see different blends/types of drink without opening.
  • Less convenient for small pod storage capacity.
Black K-Cup Pod Drawer
Drawer for Coffee Pod Storage
Black Large Pod Drawer for Capsules
Slim Coffee Pod Drawer
Automatic K-Cup Coffee Drawer
Black Stylish K-Cup Pod Drawer

How to Match Different K-Cup & Coffee Pod Storage Styles to Your Kitchen Decor?

There's a huge choice of fantastic coffee pod storage units to choose from. Struggling to find one to suit your home? Here's a rundown of the most common styles to help you match your coffee pod storage unit to your kitchen decor:

Classic Under Brewer Drawer

Compact, yet with space for up to around 24-36 pods, your classic under brewer coffee pod drawer saves space and keeps your kitchen counter uncluttered. Smaller designs hold less but protrude less from under your brewer, with chunkier models either adding an extra tier or spreading out a bit wider.

Best for: often available in black or white, these discreet under brewer drawers work well in modern style kitchens. For minimalist homes, store them in your cabinets for clear counters.

Large Drawer

Wide, with plenty of space for every family member's favorite blends, large drawer coffee storage units can either be designed to go under your brewer or some versions are open style to fit inside your kitchen drawer.

Best for: choose an open drawer insert style for a minimalist look and place it inside your kitchen drawer for a clutter-free finish and easy accessibility and visibility. Otherwise, large standard drawers can look good in a variety of kitchen styles, although they tend to best complement a modern look.

Red Pod Coffee Drawer
Black Decorative 3-Tier Pod Coffee Drawer
Industrial Coffee Pod Holder
Wood 20-Pod Coffee Carousel
Modern Wall Coffee Pod Dispenser
Silver Metal Pod Capsule Carousel

Bamboo Coffee Pod Holders and Drawers

Bamboo pod holders and drawers are a eco-friendlier choice. They also bring a nice shade of warmth to darker colored kitchensand blend in with wooden countertops.

Best for:contemporary kitchens work well with bamboo coffee storage units where they stand out as a contrast to man-made materials and bring warmth. Bamboo also looks good in traditional decor, where it can tie in with other natural pieces.

Metal Carousel

Discreet and minimal, a metal carousel is perhaps the least obtrusive in terms of looks, with a small footprint. It all depends on the pods you're storing, different bright colors liven up a metal carousel, while one type of pod in a dark shade is less of a feature.

Best for: use with bright colored pods and a variety of blend in a contemporary kitchen or modern decor. Used with less colorful pods, a metal carousel can work in a more industrial style kitchen or even a farmhouse style.