How To Choose Hot Tub Accessories

It's the quintessential way to relax after a long day at work: steeping your body in extra-hot water can help your muscles restore themselves, alleviate the stress on your joints, and open your pores so your skin looks bouncy and fresh the next day.

Interested in ensuring that your hot tub has everything you need for ultimate relaxation? Let's talk about the different types of hot tub accessories there are, and which will be the best investment for you!

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What types of hot tub accessories are there?

There are as many different types of hot tub accessories as there are hot tubs, but there are several basic categories of accessories; we'll list them below.

  • Hot Tub Covers: You'll need to cover your hot tub when it's not in use to keep bugs and other contaminants from falling into your pool! You can choose from attractive wood or stone covers to ultra-durable and practical plastic ones as you choose.

  • Hot Tub Steps: Ever tried to hop into a hot tub (or back out of one)? Reduce opportunity for slips and trips with an easy use set of hot tub steps.

Brown Square Hot Tub Cover
Dark Brown Outdoor Hot Tub Cover
Replacement Hot Tub Cover
Small Patio Hot Tub Step
Wooden Hot Tub Step
Large Storage Hot Tub Steps
  • Cupholders: Enjoying a crisp, cold beverage while you're steaming in a tub - it's one of the hallmarks of true luxury. With drink trays and clip-on cup-holders, you won't need to worry about balancing your beverage while you're relaxing!

  • Headrests: Want to lean back and forget about your worries while you look up at the sky? With a leaning headrest, you'll be able to do just that.

Unicorn Drink and Cupholders for Hot Tub
Headrest and Cup Holder fot Hot Tub
Hot Tub Drink and Cup Tray Holder
Grey Hot Tub Headrest
Blue Super Soft Hot Tub Headrest
Golden Deluxe Weighted Hot Tub Headrest
  • Benches: If you find that your hot tub doesn't have the configuration of seats you wish, you'll find that you can customize it to be precisely what you need.

  • Handrails: No slipping allowed! Add a handrail for easy, secure entrances and exits.

  • Treatment and Cleaning Kits: Keep your hot tub in tip-top shape with DIY chemical kits for easy maintenance.

Think carefully about how you use your hot tub before you buy your accessories! We've found that the most essential accessories are covers and steps for safety and ensuring that your hot tub's waters are clean for optimal relaxation.

Beyond that, consider your priorities. Is it important to you that your hot tub is safe? A bench and handrail may suit you well. If you're interested in making your hot tub as spa-like as possible, consider investing in a headrest and cupholder to accessorize your slice of heaven.

Black Hot Tub Aluminum Handrail
Charcoal Steel Handrail for Hot Tub
Hot Tub Cleaning Start Up Kit
Hot Tub Filter Set
Hot Tub Scum Ball Set

What materials are best for hot tub accessories?

When choosing materials for your hot tub, you'll want to consider the material your hot tub is made of. Whether it's wood, stone, or plastic, you may want to match the material for a cohesive look.

You'll want to steer away from metal, as metal is a good conductor of heat; and any wood accessories you choose will have to be water-treated so they can stand up to the constant heat and damp inherent of a hot tub atmosphere.

That leaves plastic - or natural stone, or fiberglass - as excellent options. Stone and fiberglass are much denser than plastic, so they might be good options for more foundational pieces, such as steps and the bases for handrails. Plastic, on the other hand, is likely a good pick for pieces you'll lift more often, such as hot tub covers.

As far as the size of hot tub accessory best suited for your hot tub, take a measuring tape and write down the dimensions of your tub. Make sure that the height of the steps you purchase is no less than six inches shorter than the overall height of your tub; and you'll want the diameter of your hot tub cover to match the diameter of your tub precisely.

What features should you look for in hot tub accessories?

Hot tub accessories come in every color under the sun, as well as several differing types of finishes. When considering colors and features for your hot tub accessories, consider what will be of value to you when using it. A frequent feature of hot tub lids and steps, for example, is storage space - it might be a good idea to have room to keep snacks or cleaning fluids nearby!

One final feature you may wish to consider is weatherproofing. If your hot tub is going to be outside, then you'll need it to function well in all weather - so ensuring that your tub is rated for outdoor use is key!