Do you need a grill pan or a griddle pan? While their names are similar, you won't want to get them mixed up when choosing your cookware. Here are the main differences between grill and griddle pans, and how to choose the best one for your kitchen.

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How to Choose the Best Grill and Griddle Pans?

While griddles are typically used for breakfast items, and grills for meat and vegetables, there's plenty more to bear in mind when making your choice. Here's the lowdown.

Grill Pans

Generally rectangular or square-shaped, with deep sides, dedicated grill pans make an excellent choice for grilling in your home. Thanks to their built-in ridges, just like a home BBQ, your meat cooks in its own juices for a healthier, better tasting meal. You can also use grills for great tasting vegetables and fish steaks.

Why you need one - For tasty grilled meat, tuna and vegetables complete with sear marks, as well as a healthier, lower-fat meal with better all-round texture and taste.

Best types of grill pan:

Cast Iron Grill Pan in Teal
Aluminum Non-Stick Grill Pan
Long Cast Iron Grill Pan
Round Non-Stick Grill Pan
Grill Pan in Black and Green
Big Silver Grill Pan


Flat for full contact with your food, griddle pans are often made from cast iron. Some versions have a non-stick coating, but all are typically large with shallow sides.

Why you need one - The shallow sides of a griddle make flipping your food easier, while the open, flat cooking surface is great for crisping up or browning your hash browns, pancakes and French toast.

Griddles are also useful for cooking hot sandwiches and breakfast items, including bacon and eggs.

Best types of griddle:

Stainless Steel Plate Griddle
Round Plate Ceramic Griddle
Aluminium Non-Stick Griddle with Handle
Round Stainless Steel Griddle
Round Cast Iron Griddle
Black Aluminium Non-Stick Griddle

Reversible grill pan & griddles

Purchasing a reversible grill pan and griddle can save you storage space and money. Simply flip over your cooking surface for a ridged grilling surface or use the flat side for your toast.

On the downside, you can't use both sides at the same time. Also, due to the reversibility, these types of models tend to be very shallow, so you won't have those deep sides to contain your meat juices, or extras such as presses or lids.

Square Grill and Griddle Pan
 Aluminum Reversible Grill and Griddle Pan
Round Reversible Grill and Griddle Pan
Non-Stick Reversible Grill and Griddle Pan
Press Non-Stick Grill and Griddle Pan
Cast Iron Reversible Grill and Griddle Pan

2-in-1 grill & griddle pans

2-in-1 models feature a split surface, one half a ridged grill, the other a flat griddle.

These are also space savers and mean you can use both your grill and griddle simultaneously. On the downside, they are less suitable for larger households. Also, their sides can be tooshallow for larger cuts of meat, yet too deep for easy pancake flipping.

Which Type of Grill Pan Handle Should You Choose?

Your grill pan handle is one of the most important elements, so you'll want to pay particular attention to it. Here are the most popular types and why you may or may not want to choose them.

Long handles

Long handles are a popular choice and can be found on many different models.



Good for: easy one-handed use with small/one burner grill pan and griddles.

Non-Stick Griddle with Long Handle
Grill Pan with Long Handle
Round Grill Pan with Long Handle
Flat Griddle with Long Handle
Long Handle Non-Stick Griddle
Long Handle Red Grill Pan

Side handles

Built-in or riveted on, side handles are well worth considering on your griddle.



Good for: Double burner and heavy cast iron grills and griddles, as well as oven use, and tucking away smaller models when not in use.

Cast Iron Grill Pan with Side Handles
Grill Pan with Silver Side Handles
Deep Griddle with Side Handles
Griddle with Side Handles
Side Handles Carbon Steel Griddle
Side Handles Round Griddle

Removable handles

Removable handles feature various clip-on systems.



Good for: organized cooks who need optimized storage, as well as oven use.

Top Tips

To summarize, here's how to choose your grill pan or griddle in a nutshell.