How To Choose Flatware Caddies & Chests

Flatware caddies and chests are invaluable pieces that make it easier for you to keep your flatware organized and on hand for any occasion. Also, you will not need to worry about your flatware being scraped or scratched.

You can keep all your flatware in tip-top shape by purchasing a flatware caddy and chest. Read through our guide, which will provide you with the necessary information to choose the perfect flatware caddies and chests.

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Which Material is Best for a Flatware Caddy or Chest?

You will find that retailers are abundant of choice in materials for caddies and chests. However, how do you know which one would best preserve your precious flatware?

  • Plastic chests and caddies are cost-effective and will do a decent job in keeping your flatware safe, but it is not as durable and attractive as other materials.
3 Slot Plastic Flatware Caddies
5 Sections Plastic Flatware Caddies
Plastic Countertop Flatware Caddies
White and Gray Plastic Countertop Flatware Caddies
Plastic Spoon Wall Mounted Organizer Chest
Flatware Caddy Organizer for Kitchen Countertop
  • For a modern styled kitchen or space, you can choose either stainless-steel or other metal caddies. Stainless-steel is known for its contemporary appeal and will last you a lifetime. Caddies made of stainless steel are usually adorned by a simple mesh design to match any kitchen.
Round Stainless Steel Flatware Caddies
Under Bar Stainless Steel Flatware Caddy
Garden Styled Stainless Steel Flatware Caddy
Classic Stainless Steel Flatware Caddy
4 piece Stainless Steel Flatware Caddies
White Stainless Steel Flatware Caddy
  • Wood and bamboo are associated with boho chic interiors. Not only will they bring an extraordinary charm to your kitchen space, but wood and bamboo are known to be almost as durable as stainless-steel.
Wooden Flatware Chest for Knifes
Small and Slim Ashwood Flatware Caddy
Mahogany Wood Flatware Chest
Wood Flatware Storage Tray Box
Traditional Slim Wooden Flatware Chest
Wood and Rope Flatware Caddies
  • Ceramic caddies are usually combined with a solid base made of another material such as metal or wood. Depending on the combination you can achieve any style to match your kitchen interior. However, they will be the most fragile to handle.
White Ceramic Kitchen Flatware Caddy
4 piece Ceramic Flatware Caddy
3 piece Red Ceramic Flatware Caddies
White Sleigh Porcelain Flatware Caddy
Colorful Ceramic Flatware Caddy
3 Piece Ceramic Flatware Caddy with Print

What Kind of Flatware Caddies and Chests Can I Find?

  • Mobile caddies do not offer the same variety in design, but they come in various materials and colors. Depending on how many utensils you want to fit, these caddies offer from one to six dividers. Look for one with a wooden handle for extra sturdiness.

  • Stationary caddies are ones that stay on the tabletop and do not need to be moved so you should choose one with a solid base, preferably wood. It will usually offer three pieces for forks, spoons and knives. You can then choose the material and shape of the canisters or jars.

  • Handmade caddies and chests are not as expensive as you would think, and they are a great way to add sentiment to your kitchen. You will also be thrilled to know that they will come in a huge variety of materials and designs such as rattan basket styled caddies with a leather handle or a mesh metal rope picnic caddy with a ring holder in antique black.

Depending on how organized you are and how much space you can spare, these are the most common designs to help you achieve that:

  • A handy kitchen caddy would be one that has a metal stand with three rings attached. This is a popular choice for restaurants or families with guests coming over often. This caddy balances stationary and mobile use. You can also find caddies that offer an extra divider for napkins or plates.

  • A flatware chest is the tidiest way to organize your silverware heirlooms. You can find a single drawer chest for smaller flatware sets. There are also chests with four to five drawers for you to store up to 180 pieces. Flatware chests might be best at preserving flatware, but they do not come in as many colors and materials. They tend to be made of wood and have a mahogany finish. You can find more customized options if you believe the price is justified.