How To Choose Fireplace Tools

Now that you own a fireplace, it's time to think about tools to maintain it. Fireplace negligence is a slippery slope careening toward an accidental situation with devastating consequences. Ash build up, log shift and possible personal injury should all be considered.

Having the right tools for your fireplace can combat these unfortunate problems. All they ask of you, is that when you have them, you use them. And since they come in a variety of options in styles and metals, the perfect fireplace tool set can accentuate your fireplace in unexpected ways.

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Why do I need good quality fireplace tools?

Fire is the great destroyer, reducing almost anything to ash. Eventually, that ash will accumulate, making your fireplace quite unsightly. Once it has gone into this level of disregard, it succumbs to disrepair, and then deterioration. A routine sweeping of the ash with a fireplace broom, can suspend the decay, restoring your fireplace to near its original beauty.

If you wish to adjust a burning log, do you reach in with your bare hand? Obviously, not. You use a poker. And a fireplace poker, with its hook and curved end, is designed specifically for adjusting charred wood without consequence to the user.

We could go on, but the point is there are many tools for your fireplace, and every tool in the fireplace tool kit is tailored to the needs of tending to the fire, as well as the fireplace itself.

What tools come in a standard fireplace tool setup?

The usual tool options available, complete with a matching base stand to hang them, are a shovel, poker, broom and tongs. Some sets also include an ash rake. Each tool is important and has a specific task.

  • Shovel: Basically, working in concert with the broom, it is a dustpan for the ashes.

  • Poker: An important tool, the poker gives you a sharp, hooked method for stoking a fire, and adjusting burning objects within.

  • Broom: Used primarily to sweep up ashes.

Fireplace Tool Set with Broom and Shovel
4 Piece Fireplace Tool Set with Poker
Design 5 Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set
Shovel and Broom Fireplace Set
Steel Set with Poker, Shove and Broom
  • Tongs: These are used to grip a log for safe placement into an already roaring fire or moving a burning log to another position within the fire.

  • Ash rake: An additional tool not common with a typical set, but fits in nicely, an ash rake is exactly what it sounds like; a heavier method for shifting large bits of wood left in the fireplace after burning.

Iron Tool Set with Tongs
Golden Fireplace Tools Set
Black Gold Fireplace Tools
Ash Rake and Tongs Fireplace Tools
5 Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set with Tongs
Black Steel Fireplace Tongs

But these are just the tools in a standard set. There are many other tool options based on owner preferences.

For instance:

● A bellows can be used to stoke the fire to a great heat, and is often used by artists that work with metal. If your fireplace is resisting coming to its full, raging glory, a bellows can help.

Brown with Leather Fireplace Bellow
Dark Brown Hardwood Fireplace Bellow
Light Wood Fireplace Bellow
Brown Leather Fireplace Bellow
Natural Light Wood Fireplace Bellow
Black Wooden Fireplace Bellow
  • If you don't want to keep running outside for wood, but you also don't want it piled on the floor, a firewood rack is handy, keeps your wood organized, readily available, and not under foot.
Firewood Log Rack with Tool Holder
Firewood Log Rack and Cover
Modern Black Oval Firewood Rack
Modern Round Firewood Rack
Small Firewood Log Rack
Small Decorative Brown Firewood Rack

● A damper pull is a hooked arm that allows you to reach into the fireplace and pull the damper to the chimney, without getting soot all over your hands and sleeves.

● There are even miniature versions of common fireplace tools, designed for smaller burn areas, and oversized tools for those large-scale fireplace needs.

What style of fireplace tools will go best with my decorative scheme?

A fireplace tool set is pretty basic, but choosing the right set in a specific metal, can profit your room decor, by adding an element of flair.

Cast or wrought Iron: Tough, rugged, and classic, the black tint of iron fireplace tools goes with almost any decor.

Chromed steel: Chrome is a mirror, reflecting the beauty of any setting. These work well in most aesthetic schemes, light and dark, colorful or drab.

Brass: These harken to the turn of the 20th century, where wood was the primary focal point in home decor. If you use a lot of timber in decorating, these are perfect.

Pewter: A pewter set is also classic and works with muted tones that are not too bright, darker pallets welcoming to its charcoal, gray coloring.

Copper: These have a vintage appeal from a time when copper was largely used in many home applications. If antiques are largely present in your decorating niche, look no further.

The style of your tool stand will also greatly add to the overall room aesthetic. Intricate detailing and scrollwork will beautifully complement vintage, rustic, and traditional interiors, while modern and contemporary spaces call for simple lines and geometric shapes. The same rule applies to your tool handles.