How To Choose Daybed Covers & Sets

Daybed covers is what gives personality to your brand-new piece of furniture. Once you’ve found the perfect frame and the comfiest mattress, it’s time to look for the cover set that will turn this versatile, functional element into a stylish design choice.

Not to sound dramatic, but this step can make or break the décor of the entire room! We definitely don’t want you to waste money on something that doesn’t actually fit your mattress or that feels terribly out of place.

Let us show you what to look for in order to choose a daybed cover and set that will wow your guests as soon as they walk through the door!

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  • You can't use a regular bedding on a daybed as they don't match the size of a single bed; You should also always check the size of your mattress before buying a cover set;

  • Daybed covers should complement the existing décor of the room; There is a plethora of available colors and designs to choose from and you will be able to match any style - from modern to industrial - you just need to know how, so read on!

  • High quality, breathable materials for your sets are cotton and linen; Polyester is an affordable option but will not be too kind to your skin.

What Is a Daybed Set?

Let’s start with the basics, so that you know exactly what to expect.

  • A standard daybed set usually includes a cover, a bedskirt and a couple of pillow shams.

  • The daybed cover can either be a quilt or a comforter.

  • The bed skirt (or dust ruffle) is the part that falls onto the floor, hiding the space below the mattress.

  • Some daybed sets might even include bolsters, which are the decorative cylindrical pillows that can also be used as practical headrests, or euro shams, some larger square pillows that are usually propped up in between the frame and the smaller throw pillows.

  • Have you already fallen in love with a daybed cover set that doesn’t include those additional pillows but now you kinda like the sound of them? Don’t worry: you can always purchase them separately, as long as you choose colors that match or complement your new set. More on that later!

Gray Classic Microfiber 6 Piece Daybed Cover Set
Turquoise Modern Polyester Daybed Cover Set
Ivory Traditional Cotton Daybed Cover Set
Baby Blue Classic Microfiber Quilt Set
Pink Traditional Microfiber 6 Piece Cover Set
White Classic Polyester Daybed Cover Set

What Size Covers Do You Use On a Daybed?

The average daybed consists of a twin-size mattress, therefore most daybed covers and sets come in a standard size of 75”x39” (97x191 cm). The drop of the bed skirt is usually around 15” (38 cm).

However, you should still check the size of your mattress before buying a cover set, as some models can actually be slightly bigger.

Can You Use Regular Bedding On a Daybed?

Let’s debunk what is probably the most common misconception around daybeds and spare you from a common purchasing mistake: you can’t use regular bedding on a daybed!

Because of their signature build and design, daybeds don’t match the size of a normal single bed, even if they include a standard twin size mattress. This is because their bedding needs more structure and should be designed to cover the daybed parts that are always visible, such as the head, side and foot.

How Do You Style a Daybed?

Their mattresses might mainly come in one standard size, but… as for the style of daybed covers & sets? You have plenty of choices! While this might sound overwhelming, it’s actually an exciting opportunity to unleash your creativity and showcase your good taste.

Choosing the right color for your daybed cover and set

To avoid tacky clashes of colors and styles, don’t forget that your daybed should complement the existing décor of the room. Think of the furniture that surrounds it, but don’t underestimate the importance of other decorative elements, such as large pictures and ornaments: what is the predominant color? Is there a brighter accent tone that stands out? Focus on those!

Here’s what we recommend in order to find daybed covers & sets that match the most popular décor styles:

  • White, black and grey tones work well with contemporary and modern designs.

  • For a mid-century modern room, try to stick to three colors and use the 60-30-10 rule to combine darker neutral hues and brighter accent tones in a tasteful way: 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color and only 10% accent color.

  • Prioritize a balance of white, sand, grey and blue for a maritime nautical theme.

  • Are you fascinated by the French farmhouse design style and already own lots of wooden furniture and objects? Then stick to warm and earthy colors, and don’t be afraid to get creative with detailed, ornate patterns.

  • For a dreamy shabby chic style that emphasizes vintage elements and their aged appearance, create a pastel palette choosing among light pink, yellow, green, blue, brown and white tones. Floral motifs, linen sheets and fringes are also great additions.

  • Have you got a bohemian heart? Your daybed can become a central piece to showcase your rebellious approach to life and design. Use earthy tones as a base, but don’t refrain from using bright saturated colors to create eye-catching accents. Ethnic patterns and textures will also help give the room a worldly and eclectic feel.

  • If you’re opting for a minimalistic approach, focus on fewer solid colors rather than flamboyant or intricate patterns.

  • For some Scandinavian vibes, create a palette that is inspired by natural colors and, again, try and stick to monochromes: pale and dark blue, white and cream, grey, black, or forest green.

  • Industrial home décor thrives on the aesthetically-pleasing sense of unfinished rawness that can be found in elements such as exposed brick: if you want your daybed to fit well with that style, pick brown, black or white and cream tones. The last ones are particularly ideal to complement dark metal frames.

Gray Simple Microfiber Daybed Cover Set
Tan Traditional Cotton Daybed Cover Set
Green Classic Microfiber 6 Piece Quilt Set
Green Traditional Cotton Daybed Cover Set
White Traditional Cotton 5 Piece Daybed Set
Gray Classic Cotton Cover Set

How to Pick the Best Fabric For Your Daybed Set?

While some fabrics and textures can match a specific décor better than others, don’t forget that the choice of material goes beyond aesthetics: comfort, practicality and warmth are other things that you should keep in mind.

  • Cotton is a timeless classic. Being so breathable, it traps the heat during winter and allows the cool air to filter through during the warmest months, which makes it a comfortable choice all year round.

  • A linen cover is more than a simple bedding set: it’s a luxury statement! Immediately recognizable thanks to its distinguishable texture, linen is elegant and sophisticated. It’s also soft, breathable, anti-allergenic and twice as durable as cotton bedding. A worthwhile investment, basically!

  • Polyester daybed sets are extremely popular thanks to their affordability, durability and the fact that they’re easy to wash and maintain. However, it’s worth noting that they’re not breathable and could cause irritation to the most sensitive skins.

Charcoal Classic Cotton Daybed Cover Set
Red Modern Polyester Daybed Cover Set
Green Traditional Linen Duvet Cover Set
Ivory Traditional Silk Comforter Set
Gray Modern Acrylic Duvet Cover Set
Blue Red Modern Rayon Daybed Cover Set

Quick Tips

Sounds like a lot to take in? No worries: once you’ve identified the mattress size and the palette and décor style of that specific room, choosing a daybed cover and set that match them will be easier than you think! Let’s go over a little recap.

  • Don’t use regular twin size bedding: always look for actual daybed sets!
  • Check your mattress’ measurements and remember that most daybed covers come in the standard 75”x39” size.
  • Think of the existing palette in your room and pick a set that matches it and complements it, rather than adding a fourth or fifth color.
  • Does your room reflect a specific type of décor? Then focus on colors, patterns and textures that fit well with that theme.
  • Don’t forget to consider the comfort and practicality of the fabric.
  • Get ready to impress your guests with the final result!