Functional, spacious and delightfully symmetrical, cube storage is a practical and rather aesthetically pleasing way of keeping your room tidy while showcasing selected objects.

However, choosing some cube storage that doesn't really match your needs or the rest of the room would take you back to square one. Let's avoid that!

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What Are the Different Types of Cube Storage?

Recently grown in popularity thanks to its versatile design, cube storage comes in many different types. To find the right one for you, consider what you're going to store in it and in what room.

Open cubes

Brown Wood Open Cube Storage
Cube Open Storage Bookcase
Light Brown Geometric Open Cube Storage
Simple White Open Cube Storage
Small Open Cube Storage
Big Wooden Open Cube Storage


Grey Wood 2 Door Drawer
6 Drawer Accent Cube Storage
Navy Blue 3 Drawer Cube Storage
White Decorative 1 Door Cube Storage
Large Grey Wooden Drawer
White Bathroom 4 Drawer Cube Storage


White Elegant 2 Door Cupboard
Modern Cupboard in Teal Color
Decorative Cupboards in Cream Color
Large Black Cupboard with three Shelves
Grey Square 3 Door Cupboards
Dark Wood Cupboard with Black Finish

Alternation of open cubes and drawers or cupboards

What Size Cube Storage Do You Need?

It depends on two factors:

What Is the Best Material for Cube Storage?

Some materials work better with certain décors, but there are other practical things to consider:

Light Wood Low Cube Storage
White Wooden Cube Storage
Long Plastic Cube Storage
Wooden and Glass Large Cube Storage
Small Metal Cube Storage with Wood Finish
Rustic Metal Cube Storage

How to Select Cube Storage for Different Décors?

Before choosing your cube storage, identify the existing palette and décor style of your room:

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