How To Choose Console & Sofa Tables

Console and sofa tables are a type of accent furniture that’s mostly used in the living room. However, the tables can also be used for the hallway and small rooms. Either way, these pieces of furniture are bought for the accent value they bring.

With the outstanding variety of options to choose from out there, it can be hard to pick something that works for you. In this post, we will try to give you that information including some practical tips on how to differentiate between the tables available out there.

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What's the difference between a sofa table and a console table?

A sofa table is specifically designed to go behind a sofa. It is typically long, not shorter than 4 feet, and similar in height to the back of the sofa. A console table, on the ther hand, is much like a sofa table, but its general purpose is to be placed against a wall. This does not mean, however, that you cannot use a console behind the sofa, and the other way round.

Where Will the Console & Sofa Table Go?

The first thing you need to do is to decide where the console or sofa table will be placed. This will then help you decide on the right size. Traditionally, console tables in the living room are placed along the back of a couch. This is why they are sometimes referred to as sofa tables.

For this reason, the tables need to be proportionate to the size of the couch. A good rule would be to make sure the table is nearly the same height as the back of the couch or slightly lower. This will make it easier for you to use the table. Choosing the right size that won’t clutter your home is very important too.

To get the perfect size, measure the height of your couch first. Go ahead and then measure the distance between the back of the couch and the next wall. The ultimate goal is to add a console table next to the couch and still leave enough room between the table and the wall to move around.

When thinking of placing your console table in the hallway, you need to make sure you consider its dimensions, too. This will ensureyou have enough space for peopleto walk across the hallway without any obstructions.

"For an entryway or hallway, the narrower the better---figure 12 to 15 inches deep at most" , Elaine Griffin, interior designer for Elle Decor.

You need to also bear in mind certain tips when it comes to decorating your hallway console table. Fresh flowers or a scent diffuser will pleasantly welcome your family and guests.  You shouldn't be placing too many items on the table so that it doesn't look untidy, thus hide away everyday objects such as keys and other essentials.

"When dressing the entry table, it is important to consider both purpose and scale, drawing the eye into and around the room. Avoid clutter by adding a small decorative box, where you can store your essentials upon arrival or alternatively choose a console with drawers." Interior designer Louise Bradley for Homes and Garden

What Storage Options Should I Look for in Console & Sofa Tables?

Console & sofa tables are not just bought for their décor value, they can also bring with them additional storage space for your home. In most cases, console tables will have three main types of storage. First, they may come with a set of drawers. Some may feature open shelving, while others may have magazine racks. Some tables may also combine all or some of the storage options listed above.

Either way, you want to make sure that the table offers additional storage without taking too much space in the living room. However, if for some reason you want to store private things inside the table, consider pieces that have closable drawers.

As for people who want to use the tables to display some antiques or additional décor accessories at home, using open shelved tables should work out. Tables that feature magazine racks, on the other hand, are perfectly suited for the living room or the den.

What is the Best Style to Choose for My Console or Sofa Table?

As we have already hinted above, console & sofa tables are available in many different styles. However, we can generally categorize all these styles into six major categories.

Here is a breakdown of all these styles and how they may work for you:

Traditional: Traditional console tables are generally made from wood and will feature very minimal finishes. Such tables are also richly ornamented and may come with decorative and intricate detailing and accentuation. They tend to be deliberately oversized but they have an impressive look. They would be perfect for a vintage-inspired décor scheme.

Reclaimed Barnwood Manufactured Wood Traditional Console Table
Brushed Black Rubberwood Traditional Console Table
Matte White Solid Manufactured Wood Traditional Console Table
Brown Black Metal Iron Glass Manufactured Wood Traditional Console Table
Navy Blue Solid Manufactured Wood Traditional Console Table
White Solid Manufactured Wood Traditional Console Table

Contemporary: Contemporary console tables tend to provide the perfect blend of style and function. Even though they look good, they will also add a lot of value into the equation including a list of drawers. Contemporary tables are mostly used by people who have limited floor spaces and want to fully maximize the space with their tables.

Brown Solid Manufactured Wood Contemporary Console Table
Tempered Glass Metal Iron Contemporary Console Table
White Black Faux Marble Metal Contemporary Console Table
Gray White Manufactured Wood Contemporary Console Table
Mirrored Glass Stainless Steel Contemporary Console Table
Farmhouse White Solid Manufactured Wood Contemporary Console Table

Transitional:Transitional is more often a combination of traditional elements with the functionality of a contemporary style. Such tables come with a relaxed appearance and may not necessarily feature many ornaments. They are perfectly suited for a minimalist décor scheme at home. They may also pop uniquely when placed in large rooms.

Black Powder Coat MDF With Marble Laminate Metal Manufactured Wood Transitional Console Table
Pine Solid Wood Transitional Console Table
Gold Clear Metal Plastic Acrylic Transitional Console Table
Driftwood White Solid Manufactured Wood Transitional Console Table
Brown Poplar Solid Wood Metal Transitional Console Table
Tiffany Blue Pine Solid Manufactured Wood Transitional Console Table

Country: As the name suggests, country tables tend to have a more cultural feel to them. They are designed to reflect the philosophies and artistic excellence of the countries they come from. For example, Victorian-inspired tables or colonial style tables may feature some unique features that are only found in traditional Victorian or British furniture. These pieces are perfect for a classic theme but you should combine them with accessories from the countries of origin for the best look.

Natural Pine Solid Wood French Country Console Table
Farmhouse Brown Old Pine Solid Manufactured Wood Console Table
Black Manufactured Wood Classic Console Table
Black Faux Leather Manufactured Wood Metal Plastic Acrylic Console Table
Brown White Wood Scandinavian Console Table
Walnut Metal Manufactured Wood Particle Board Industrial Console Table

Eclectic: Eclectic designs are far more personalized. They feature outstanding craftsmanship in the way they are constructed. Such tables also feature a mix of trends from various historical times. They are very versatile too. You can place them in a modern décor scheme or even a vintage arrangement.

Black Brown Metal Pine Solid Wood Eclectic Console Table
Gray Metal Solid Manufactured Wood Eclectic Console Table
Gold Metal Poplar Solid Wood Eclectic Console Table
Gray Black Marble Granite Onyx Metal Eclectic Console Table
Nutmeg Solid Manufactured Wood Eclectic Console Table
Brown Palms Beveled Glass Eclectic Console Table
White Bronze Stone Metal Eclectic Console Table
Brown Dark Red Metal Mango Wood Eclectic Console Table

What is the Best Console & Sofa Table Material?

Although console & sofa tables may be constructed using a wide range of materials, wood is the most common option. Wood is easier to customize and may feature intricate finishes that will appeal to your sense of style. It’s also a highly durable material that will last for years.

However, if you’re not really into wooden console tables, consider going for metal designs that have an equally brilliant level of craftsmanship. If you anticipate you will be moving the table every now and then, you may want to get tables that have casters. In some cases, a combination of a wooden tabletop and a metal stand can bring a unique industrial look into your living room so be sure to consider that as well.

Buying quality console & sofa tables should be an easy task but we all know a lot of people tend to struggle. It doesn’t have to be this way. The guide above can help you get everything right from the word go.