How To Choose Coffee Accessories

Accessories is what makes life more fun and brighter so why not add some to your beloved coffee maker set. They can make espresso more personal and will provide a finishing touch to the process of building a wonderful cup of coffee.

Our guide will go through some of the most common coffee accessories you should consider and explain which ones will suit your needs.

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How to select the best coffee filters?

Filters play a vital role in the preparation of a good cup of coffee. They come in different materials and shapes, which can affect the taste.

  • Coffee filters are often made of disposable paper. Paper filters are cost-effective and can be unbleached, so they are processed easier and become more environmentally friendly.

  • Metal filters are more durable and only need a quick wash, which is the reason they will cost a bit more. However, unlike the paper filters, the metal allows the oils from the beans to flow through to the pot, which results in the stronger, bitter taste coffee lovers crave for.

  • Cloth filters are not as popular, but they promise you a super bold brew. Even though they can last up to three or four months, they need to be replaced as often as possible. Due to the natural fabrics they are made of, coffee grounds have a higher chance of slipping through.

  • There are two kinds of shapes regarding filters - cone or flat bottom. Coned shaped filters are for people that prefer a stronger taste and aroma. Flat bottom ones will give you a weaker strength since the coffee grounds cannot be completely covered by the water, so it just streams in the middle.

White Paper Coffee Filters Pack
Stainless Steel Funnel Coffee Filter
Circle White Paper Coffee Filter
Black Basket Coffee Filter
Stainless Steel Coffee Filter
Washable and Reusable Cone Coffee Filter

Which Coffee Accessories to Consider?


A plastic tamper is usually included in the box the coffee machine came in. However, it is often poorly constructed and does not bring a sense of expression. They come in different shapes and barista experts have concluded that flat platforms are suitable for double portafilters and convex ones work well for single portafilters.

Choose a tamper, which has a steel platform and a wooden handle because they are considered the most reliable and durable. You can then choose different colors, patterns and finishes of the wooden handle to match your coffee machine's exterior. Also, keep in mind that the diameter of the tamper platform should be 0.5 to 1 mm smaller that the diameter of the filter.

Capsule Holders

When it comes to storing your coffee pods and capsules, you will be overwhelmed with the huge variety on the market. For a tidier look, it is best to consider a drawer. They can store up to 64 pods and usually come in metal or wood. You can also use a drawer to store your condiments and capsules together.

If you prefer showcasing your fantastic collection, you will find many stainless-steel free-standing holders, which can store from 10 to 60 pods. They mostly come in simple designs, but you can come across creative holders such as ones that interpret a cactus.

Black and Metal Coffee Tamper
Black Flat Espresso Tamper
60 Freestanding Coffee Capsule Holder
Wooden Freestanding Coffee Capsule Holder

Knock Box

Some would consider a knock box more important that the tamper because knocking out a spent puck from a portafilter can create a big mess without the knock box. You do not necessarily need a huge box like the ones you see in coffee shops. You can find knock boxes that do not take much room and fit under the portafilter on many espresso machines. It is best to go for a basic/metal knock box since customized ones' prices are not justified.

Steaming Pitcher

Themost common steaming pitcher is the bell-shaped or round one, which does not have a pointed spout but a wide lip. These pitchers usually will come with your coffee machine, but they are not suitable for pouring cappuccinos, macchiatos or latte designs without the help of the spoon. If you would not like to invest in a proper steaming pitcher, you can find bell-shaped ones with longer and pointed spouts, which can pour nice micro foam.

The size of the pitcher is important as well. A 12 oz pitcher will be enough to do two macchiatos, one cappuccino or a small latte. The 16 oz can do two cappuccinos and 20-24 oz are best suited for multiples cappuccinos and larger lattes.

Coffee Knock Box with Rubber Base
Espresso Coffee Knock Box
Stainless Steel Milk Steaming Pitcher
Grey Aluminum Milk Steaming Pitcher
Elegant Cappuccino Milk Steaming Pitcher

Other Less Important Accessories

  • Grinding your own beans with an electric grinder is the simplest yet most effective way to better your coffee routine. They either have a blade or burr grinding mechanism. Experts suggest burr mechanisms are superior.

  • Hand grinders are great for people that want an authentic cup of coffee, quiet mornings and do not have the space for an electric grinder. Choose a stainless-steel grinder to last you a lifetime.

  • Coffee scoops can be a great replacement of scales and they might not measure perfectly, but if you get in the habit of using the same amount every day, scoops can make for consistency of fantastic brews.