How To Choose Coat Racks & Umbrella Stands

If you have a home without a closet or with a small closet at the entrance, free-standing coat racks & umbrella stands where your guests can hang coats and umbrellas would be a worthy investment.

It’s a wise idea to keep your interiors better organized by allocating places where you can hang coats and keep umbrellas to avoid clutter at the front door. But coat racks are not just functional pieces of furniture. They can also serve as decorative pieces that showcase the style and elegant interior design of your home.

In this buying guide, we help you get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when choosing coat racks and umbrella stands.

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How Much Space Do You Have for a Coat Rack?

Check the amount of space you can allocate to the coat rack before you make a purchase. If you have a small entryway or mudroom, you could go for a wall-mounted coat rack instead of the bulkier freestanding type.

The wall-mounted coat rack saves you space while making good use of unused wall areas. It also adds a touch of class to your interiors.

Will the Coat Rack Handle All Your Family's Gear?

When looking for the best coat racks and umbrella stands, make sure that the coat racks can help you organize coats and jackets, shoes, hats, school bags, and other items that regularly clutter your entranceway. A good example is a hall tree which is quite useful in keeping your children stuff well organized.

Gunmetal Freestanding Wood And Metal Coat Rack With Umbrella Stand
Natural Brown Bamboo Solid Wood Freestanding Coat Rack
Cappuccino Manufactured Wood Metal Freestanding Coat Tree And Umbrella Rack
Black Freestanding Storage Coat Rack
Metal Brushed Nickel Freestanding Coat Rack
White Solid Manufactured Wood Freestanding Coat Rack
Acacia Solid Wood Metal Iron Freestanding Coat Rack
Elegant Wood Freestanding Coat Rack
Metal Wall Mounted Coat Rack
Solid Manufactured Wood Metal Hanging Wall Hook
Birch Solid Wood Wall Mounted Coat Rack
Weathered Brown Manufactured Wood Wall Mounted Coat Rack

What Is the Best Style of Coat Rack for My Home?

Coat racks and umbrella stands are designed for both functional and style purposes. When choosing for the right coat rack or umbrella stand for your mudroom or entryway, make sure it works and fits perfectly with the style of your home.

  • If you are a fan of transitional decor, you have a wide range of options to choose including geometric patterns as well as understated details in the overall design of the coat rack and umbrella stand.

  • If you're interested in a more contemporary style, choose a piece adorned with metallics such as a brass coat rack or one with a minimalist aesthetic design.

  • If your home has a more traditional style, a rustic coat rack with a natural finish will work well. You could also consider going for an antique coat rack with animal or log motifs.

Brown Black Metal Solid Wood Freestanding Coat Rack
Weathered Brown Manufactured Wood Metal Iron Wall Mounted Coat Rack
Bronze Solid Manufactured Wood Freestanding Coat Rack
Composite Manufactured Wood Metal Wall Mounted Coat Rack
Metal Single Rack Nine Wall Mounted Coat Rack
Silver Metal Iron Freestanding Umbrella Stand
Silver Metal Iron Ring Handles Freestanding Umbrella Stand
Satin Steel Metal Plastic Freestanding Coat Rack With Umbrella Stand
Metal Wood Freestanding Coat Rack
Warm Brown Pine Solid Wood Wall Mounted Shoe And Coat Rack

How Tall Should the Coat Rack Be?

While there are no rules set in stone as far as the height of coat racks is concerned, logic suggests that the hooks must be within easy reach for all family members without their having to grab a footstool.

Coat racks come in different sizes depending on the manufacturer and style or design of the stand. However, most products in this category usually range between 66 and 74 inches in height, with hooks mounted within 12 to 18 inches beneath the top.

A mudroom used by kids will benefit from a rack with a dual-hook setup – there's both space to hang long coats and a lower set of hooks for hanging with space backpacks and kids' jackets.

Make sure to check the description and specifications of each individual rack to determine its dimensions and see if it fits well in your mudroom, entranceway, or wherever you plan to place it.

Best Tips

  • Choose coat racks & umbrella stands that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • The coat rack should be able to handle all your family’s gear
  • A good coat rack should complement the interior style and décor of your home
  • If you have limited space in your home, go for a wall-mounted coat rack
  • Freestanding coat racks and umbrella stands are ideal for large homes with plenty of space at the entryway and mudroom.

Coat racks and umbrella stands are essential parts of every entranceway and mudroom. They also serve more functions in other rooms in your home including your laundry room, bedroom, kitchen, and even in the garage and basement. The tips discussed above will help you choose coat racks and umbrella stands that meet your functional and aesthetic needs.