How To Choose Christmas Ornaments

Does it really feel like Christmas until you've turned your house into your own Winter Wonderland? Decorating the Christmas tree with your lovely ornaments can become a beautiful tradition to look forward to every year and cherish with your entire family.

As well as finding the Christmas ornaments of your dreams, you might also want to consider looking for combinations that complement the rest of the room and help you convey a magical feel… rather than a garish explosion of colors and contrasting styles!

Here's how to choose Christmas ornaments that work well with your tree, décor and requirements. Ready? Merry? Go!

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What Are the Different Types of Christmas Ornaments?

Sure, the fact that there are so many Christmas ornaments to choose from can be a blessing to many, but you might be wondering… 'how on earth am I going to pick?'

Start by looking at the different main categories and, in order to avoid a messy cluttered feel, by picking two:

  • Ball decorations are perfect for a classic-looking Christmas tree;
Orange Classic Plastic Shatterproof Ball Ornament
Blue Classic Plastic Shatterproof Glitter Ball
Blue Elegant Plastic Glitter Hail Ball Ornament
Silver Classic Plastic Shatterproof Christmas Balls
Red Classic Plastic Glitter Ball Ornament
Black Modern Plastic Christmas Ball
  • Holiday-shaped ornaments will allow you to combine tradition and magic;
Silver Classic Plastic Glitter Snowflake Shaped Ornament
Black Modern Plastic Snowflake Burst Shaped Ornament
Transparent Acrylic Drop Shaped Ornament
Silver Classic PVC Glitter Onion Shaped Ornament
Green Plastic Swirl Diamond Shaped Ornament
Red Classic Plasti Star Shaped Ornament
  • You can add personality to your Christmas tree by decorating it with hanging figurines. These are probably the ones that your kids will enjoy looking at the most.
Pink Stylish Plastic Grapes Figurine
Red White 3 Piece Mice Figurine Ornament
Stylish Glass Mixer Figurine Ornament
Black Red Resin Dog Ornament Scultpure
Classic Glass Sparkling Strawberry Figurine Ornament
Brown Traditional Glass Sloth Figurine Ornament
  • For an elegant and sophisticated result, choose ribbons and bows;
Red Classic Plastic Mesh Bow Ornament
Fabric Patriotic American Ribbon Ornament
Golden Plastic Glitter Bow Ornament
Red Classic Nylon Outdoor Bow Ornament
Golden Plastic Glitter Drenched Bow Ornament
Gold White Antique Fabric Ribbon Ornament
  • Apart from the two main categories, you'll also need a tree topper. You can either go for the same style as the other ornaments (e.g. a traditional star or angel) or something different and unique that will immediately capture your guests' attention and turn into a topic of discussion.
Blue White Plastic Snowflake Tree Topper
Red Classic Plastic Star Tree Topper
Silver Plastic Glitter Star Tree Topper
Golden Plastic Glitter Star LED Tree Topper
Retro Plastic Tinsel Snowflake Tree Topper
Transparent Elegant Plastic Icicle Tree Topper
Gray Traditional Wooden Birdhouse Shaped Ornament
Silver Classic Metal Star Tree Topper
Silver Classic Plastic Drop Shaped Ornament
Brown Fabric Standing Easter Rabbit Ornament
White Classic Porcelain Angel Figurine
Classic Glass Solar Hanging Figurine

How Do I Choose Christmas Ornaments that Match My Décor? 

When choosing your new Christmas ornaments, consider the décor of your room, the color of your tree (don't pick ornaments that are rather similar to it, or they'll disappear!) and whether you'd rather mirror the color scheme of your room or create a separate one.

  • A good compromise would be to pick your room's existing accent color and add a second festive hue like red, gold, white, silver or blue!

  • To keep your modern room cohesive, match your existing palette and experiment with tinsel and metal or plastic decorations;

  • If Christmas mainly means tradition and warmth to you, wood will be the best material;
  • For a raw industrial look, stick to metal or dark wood, and pick simple ornaments that aren't too… well, ornate;
  • Find monochrome decorations and create a maximum of two-color palettes to ensure a clutter-free minimalist feel;
  • A minimalist approach will work in Scandinavian rooms as well, but prioritize wood and natural colors; another idea is to look for figurines that draw inspiration from those countries' traditions and folklore, such as little tomtes;
  • Ornaments that feature creative geometric shapes will look great in your mid-Century modern room;
  • Pick the most heavily-decorated balls with lots of little bows, ribbons and beads for a shabby chic feel; try and stick to white and light pastel colors;
  • The secret to the perfect bohemian tree is to experiment with unusual patterns and textures, such as fabric or even knitted ornaments.

Quick Tips

Let's make this a Christmas that nobody in your family will ever forget! Here are the most important things to keep in mind when choosing Christmas ornaments for your tree:

  • We recommend having tinsel-style decorations as a base and picking a second type, such as balls for a classic feel, holiday-shaped ornaments to honor traditions, hanging figurines to add some personality or wow your kids, or ribbons and bows for the most elegant tree
  • Don't forget a tree topper!
  • When choosing the material, consider fragility as well as décor: avoid glass and porcelain if you've got young children or pets in the house
  • Find Christmas ornaments that complement your room, either by matching its accent color or by fitting well with its décor style.