How To Choose Canvas Art

Plain walls are easy to bring to life with wall art, and canvas art has infinite possibilities to match any color scheme and theme. Small and large canvas art can be used everywhere, from entryways to master bedrooms. It adds depth and personality to any room, especially with beach and nature photographs that can bring the outdoors indoors.

The selection of canvas art can be overwhelming, especially if you're open to a wide range of sizes. Begin by choosing canvas art pieces that you love and make you feel happy, nostalgic, or relaxed. You can then refine your style using our helpful tips in this buyer's guide.

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What size canvas art do I need?

The right size of canvas art depends on the size of the room andthe furniture. Art that is too small can make the space seem incomplete or poorly styled, while oversized art can make a space appear small and crowded.

A good rule to follow is keeping the total wall space covered by canvas art at 60 - 75%.To find the amount of space available to you, measure the height and width of your wall then multiply the square footage by 0.65 to find the lower range and 0.75 to find the upper range. This can give you a good indication of the total area you can dedicate to canvas art.

However, you do not need to fill the entire space with a single canvas. You can divide the area into sections to hang a triptych or series of canvas prints. You can experiment with a mid-sized piece and 2-3 smaller pieces. Just keep in mind that the dimensions of the pieces you choose should not exceed 75% of your total wall space.

When you hang your canvas art above a bed, sofa, console table, or any other large piece of furniture, the canvas should be no more than ¾ as wide as the furniture. For example, if your sofa is 6 ft. long, your canvas print should be no longer than 4.5 ft.

How thick should canvas frames be?

The thickness of the canvas can also impact the way it looks in your room. Canvases that protrude too far from the wall can become an obstruction or overwhelm a narrow space.

Standard canvas prints are approximately 0.75" in depth and are perfectly suited to all spaces. Gallery wrapped canvas prints have a depth of 1.5" and are better suited for larger rooms as they are designed to be viewed from a distance. Finally, statement canvas prints can be up to 2" deep and are created to make a dramatic statement. Hang a statement canvas in an entryway, study, or stand-alone gallery wall to create a stunning focal point for your room.

What theme should I choose for my canvas art?

Building your canvas art collection around a theme is a great way to create a room with a cohesive look. To coordinate the theme of your canvas art with a room, choose shapes and motifs that continually recur throughout the space.

Wrapped Graphic Print Canvas Art
Classic Print On Wrapped Canvas Art
Abstract Painting Wooden Canvas Art
Black Modern Flowers Canvas Art
Peaceful Landscape Polyester Wapped Canvas Art
Abstract Painting Print On Canvas Art

A coastal home could use a canvas print of closeup coral or a serene beach landscape. A bohemian-themed home could incorporate ethnic patterns or canvases inspired by textiles. For a log cabin opt for scenic landscapes, for a cottage pick delicate floral designs, or for a farmhouse select animal or vintage kitchen prints. Curate art that speaks to you, whether it is by size, color, or style.

Turtle Photograph Print On Wrapped Canvas
Stylish Octopus Wrapped Canvas Art
Crashing Wave Wrapped Canvas Art
Seaglass Sea Turtle Wrapped Canvas Art
Day Break 5 Piece Wrapped Canvas Art
Window To Beach Canvas Art

Which is the best canvas art for my traditional home?

If your style emphasizes the ornate opulence and traditional elegance of a stately, grand home, the ideal canvas art for your walls are reproductions of the Great Masters.

The vibrant color palette and serene subject matter of Monet or the intricate details in the somber art of Leonardo Da Vinci make for stunning conversational pieces in a formal living or dining room.

Misty Road Wrapped Canvas Art
Red Orange Autumn Forest Wrapped Canvas Art
Inspirational Quote On Wrapped Canvas Art
Flourish Of Spring Canvas Art
Afternoon Light Oil Painting Wrapped Canvas Art
Colorful Park Oil Painting Wrapped Canvas Art

What style of canvas art is suitable for a contemporary or modern home?

For contemporary homes that use neutral colors and functional furniture, canvas art can be a wonderful way to elevate the style of your home and infuse every room with color.

While you could incorporate almost any style of canvas art into a contemporary space, geometric prints, colorful vintage guitars or violins, or nature scenes are ideal for adding a pop of color to an industrial, neutral, or monochromatic space. You can also personalize your space with a series of canvas photographs of a meaningful location or a canvas printed with your mantra.

Contemporary Fire Horse Wrapped Canvas Art
Flower 5 Piece Wrapped Canvas Graphic Art
Blue Modern Ring Wrapped Canvas Art
Black Abstract 2 Piece Wrapped Canvas Art
Lombard Street Photographic Print Wrapped Canvas
Even Flow Painting Print Wrapped Canvas

What canvas art should I choose for a children's room?

Wall décor in a child's room should be full of fun and color. Cute animal prints and bright florals are a great choice, but for a unique and unusual addition to your child's room, consider hanging an abstract print that matches the room's color palette.

Colorful Modern Lilies Wrapped Canvas Art
Bright Twenty Seven Birds Wrapped Canvas Art
Stick With Me Wrapped Canvas Art
White Dogs And Puppies Print Wrapped Canvas
White Dog Print Wrapped Canvas Art
Vintage Dirty Dog Canvas Art

Abstract prints can be a great way to incorporate contrasting colors into a baby's nursery, which can help with eye and brain development. Watercolor prints are perfect for a pastel-colored nursery, while the vibrant, saturated colors of acrylic paints are ideal for a playroom.

White Stained Glass Wrapped Canvas Art
Blue Violet Abstract Wrapped Canvas Art
Colorful Cosmic Voyage Canvas Art
Dark Color Explosion Oil Painting Wrapped Canvas Art
Water Reflection Oil Painting Wrapped Canvas
Explosive Shade Abstract Wrapped Canvas Art

Can I hang canvas art in the bathroom?

Canvas art is not recommended for humid rooms such as the bathroom or laundry room. However, if you have a separate bath and toilet, you can hang a small canvas above the toilet to add a pop of color.

Since the toilet is a small space, avoid cluttered pieces that can make the room seem smaller. Try a tranquil landscape scene or soothing repeated geometric pattern that coordinates with the tile in your bathroom.

Black Quote Textual Canvas Art
Comedic Textual Art Wrapped Canvas
Bath Bomb Beauty Wrapped Canvas Art
Blue 2 Piece Bathroom Acrylic Painting Canvas
Scrabble Bathroom Illustration Canvas Art
Fish In Seagrass Wrapped Canvas Art

What color canvas art do I need?

Color is another way to incorporate canvas art into your home. Colorful canvas prints can also add depth and texture to a room to create a more dynamic space. There are 2 approaches to choosing canvas art based on color:

  • Matching

Matching the color of your canvas art to the colors in the room creates a sophisticated, clean, cohesive look that is ideal for contemporary, transitional, and traditional homes.

Begin by selecting an art piece that has a background color that matches the shade of your walls. The canvas should also feature analogous colors and different shades of the background color.

You should also be mindful that the amount of color present in the canvas print reflects the colors present in your room. If your room is predominantly decorated in ivory with a splash of navy, your canvas print should be composed of mostly white, ivory, and ecru colors with a small pop of navy or another complementary shade of blue.

  • Contrasting

If you choose the contrasting approach to selecting canvas art, you want your wall art to make a big style impact. Choose a piece of canvas art in a contrasting color to the primary shade in the room. Use a color wheel and find the color directly opposite the primary color in your room and select a canvas print that features your contrasting color in several shades.

Contrasting colors can also be a great way to introduce bold colors to a neutral room. Try a series of 2-3 canvas art prints that feature a bold neon or jewel shades to add a pop of color to your room without looking messy or cluttered.

How durable is canvas art?

Canvas art can be very durable and last for years if it is printed on archival-quality canvas with archival-quality ink. Lesser inks and canvas may fade over time. Even archival-quality canvas should be kept out of direct sunlight, including walls directly opposite large windows.

Most canvas art can be damaged by moisture or heavy objects. Because of this, it's not a good choice for bathrooms or young children's bedrooms. Even one thrown object can put a small hole or dent in canvas art.

Quick Tips

  • Canvas art adds character to your room and helps to set the mood and tone of the space.
  • Buy the correct size canvas art by keeping the piece in proportion to the wall and your furniture. Aim for 60-75% of the total wall area dedicated to canvas art.
  • Choose your canvas art based on the theme of the room. The artwork can feature shapes, characters, and motifs that can be found in your home.
  • Color matching can be a great way to add canvas art in a sophisticated and refined way. The background should be the same color as your walls with analogous shade throughout the piece.
  • Canvas art in contrasting colors makes a dramatic statement that emphasizes both the colors in the room and the colors in the canvas. Use a color wheel to find opposing colors that will make the biggest style impact.

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