How To Choose Cabinets And Chests

Cabinets and chests give you extra storage and added style all in one. Organize and conceal unsightly clutter for a tidier, more functional home, be it in your hall, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. You can either pick a contrasting accent style cabinet, or purchase one that blends into your existing decor.

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Cabinets and chests can also be easily moved from one room to another, unlike large, heavy furniture items, so they're also great for repurposing. Here's how to choose your ideal model.

What Shape Cabinet and Chest Best Increases Storage Space?

You storage needs is one thing, but you cannot just choose any cabinet you like. It's important to consider the best shape for your available space. Here's our top tips:


A rectangular cabinet will fit in most places and should match any decor. Thanks to its shape you'll have a maximum amount of storage space, making it a good choice if you have plenty of items to store and a good sized room.


If space is a little on the tight side, you could consider a corner cabinet. They are designed to fully utilize the corner of your room. While they provide less internal storage space than a rectangular model, they are extremely useful, especially in high passage areas where you may otherwise be unable to squeeze past a bulky cabinet.


This type of cabinet features a flat back that rests against your wall, and a curved front. Thanks to their curved shape they offer a good amount of storage capacity, although they are less suitable for high traffic areas with limited space.

Style-wise, the shape pairs best with vintage, traditional, eclectic, and shabby chic decors. With little to no ornamentations and silver leaf finish, the piece will also look stunning in a contemporary glam setting.

Simple Two Door Accent Cabinet
Modern Colorful Two Door Accent Cabinet
Rustic Small Two Door Accent Cabinet
Eight Drawer Apothecary Accent Chest
Accent Two Door Corner Cabinet
One Door Demilune Accent Cabinet

How to Pick the Style For a Storage Cabinet or Chest of Drawers?

Accent chests are available in a wide variety of different styles. Here's a selection of the most popular.


Colored chests stand out and make great accent pieces. A chest with a simple, bright block color is a great way to bring a touch of fun and modernity to your room. Otherwise, muted monotones go well with a more traditional decor.

Hand painted

Add a touch of individuality and class to your home with a hand painted chest. As each model's finish is unique, these cabinets tend to work well as statement pieces and may feature elaborate designs.


Pick a chest with coastal motifs for your bathroom, or a floral one to pick up natural elements from your living room decor. Carved eastern designs are also popular and look great in eclectic style homes or they can also liven up a more traditional decor.


Metal chests have an undeniably utilitarian feel to them, even if you are only using yours to store your paperwork and gadgets. If you want to dress down your decor with a no-nonsense style, then a no-frills utility chest is the way to go. They can also complement a minimalist decor.


If your decor is more traditional, country-cottage style, then you may want to opt for a classic wooden chest in a natural finish. You could also go for a version with wicker baskets instead of drawers for a quaint, whimsical appeal.


Show off your collection of porcelain or antique medals with a glass-fronted display cabinet. Whatever you have to display, if you have a traditional decor or eclectic, look for a version with an interesting background to draw the focus into your cabinet and onto your collection.


These chests feature multiple small drawers, making them ideal for organized storage. Separate your items into categories and store them without fear of losing them or mixing them up. Apothecary chests come in a range of styles and they also are an excellent choice for storing sewing and crafting materials.

Stylish Three Drawer Accent Chest
Modern Minimal Three Drawer Accent Chest
Distressed Three Drawer Accent Chest
Traditional Style Two Drawer Hand Painted Chest
Modern Wood And Stainless Steel Accent Chest
Tall Five Drawer Accent Chest with Wicker Baskets

Which Cabinet Storage Option is Best?

There are plenty of different types of cabinets and chests available, consider the following cabinet storage options, to find one that works best for you.

  • Open shelving - Ideal for towels and medium sized items that you need to access frequently. Just be aware that unless you regularly organize and tidy your open shelf cabinet, it can easily become disorganized and start to look messy.
  • Solid doors - Cabinets with solid doors allow you to store large items and conceal their presence. You can also store a multitude of items of various different sizes in different containers behind closed cabinet doors, for a neat and tidy finish.
  • One solid door - The best of both worlds, have your good-to-go, frequent use items stored on open shelving and messy, bitty items or unsightly ones concealed behind the solid door.
  • Glass doors - Antiques, china and collectibles all look great in a glass-door cabinet. If you want your items to be on display, then it makes a great option.
  • Full width drawers - Full width drawers allow you to store and organize medium sized items that would get mixed up in a cabinet, but are too bulky for smaller drawers, such as hair styling tools, larger craft supplies and accessories, etc.
  • Apothecary drawers - Apothecary drawers are a great choice for when you have a lot of small items that need to be organized and separated from one another. Apothecary cabinets make it much easier to find your keys, earphones and charger when you're heading out the door.

How to Choose the Right Type of Cabinet/Chest for Your Room?

Your ideal cabinet for your bathroom is probably going to be very different from the one you have in mind for your office. Let's consider what you need to look out for.

Bathroom cabinets

  • You'll want your bathroom cabinet to have a durable finish that can live up to the high humidity levels in your bathroom, so choose solid wood models with a sealed finish. If budget constraints mean you need to go for MDF, choose only reputable sellers. When not properly sealed,MDF cabinets can be damaged if water penetrates the surface.
  • If you are using your bathroom cabinet to store towels, you may like to opt for a one door model with open shelving. Use the open side to store your rolled up bathroom linen for easy access, and store cleaning products and small accessories neatly out of sight in the cupboard side.
  • If it's for beauty products alone, an apothecary chest with plenty of small drawers makes an ideal choice to neatly organize your creams, cleansers and cosmetics.
Corner Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet
Free Standing One Door Bathroom Cabinet
Minimalist Manufactured Wood Bathroom Cabinet
Elegant Dark Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet
Small Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet
Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet With Drawer And Shelves

Kitchen cabinets

  • Kitchen cabinets with wheels are a popular choice, allowing you to wheel your cabinet to wherever you need it most when you're busy cooking up a storm.
  • If you are looking to store kitchen accessories such as knives, chopping boards and oven mitts, then you will want a model with plenty of full width drawers.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a cabinet to display your fine china in your kitchen, you'll want to go for a glass door cabinet with shelves and standard legs.
Free Standing Kitchen Base Cabinet
Two Glass Door Accent Kitchen Cabinet
One Door Accent Kitchen Cabinet
Rustic Two Door Accent Cabinet
Classic Two Glass Door Kitchen Cabinet
Modern Two Glass Door Kitchen Cabinet

Office cabinets

  • Home office cabinets can also benefit from wheels, especially if you have limited space.
  • It can be useful to have both drawers and shelves. This enables you to store larger items such as folders and paperwork, as well as smaller accessories, including pens, paperclips and staplers, without losing them.
  • You may also like to consider an office cabinet with doors providing a larger space to store your laptop and even your printer, leaving your desk clear and accessible for other activities such as craftwork or other hobbies.
Three Drawer Storage Cabinet On Wheels
Clear View Storage Cabinet
Solid Dark Wood Accent Cabinet
Home Office Storage Cabinet
One Drawer Storage Cabinet On Wheels
Two Door Corner Accent Cabinet