How To Choose Blankets & Throws

Blankets and throws add an element of texture and dimension to your home. These cozy accessories also make it easy to snuggle and get warm while watching your favorite TV Shows or reading a good book.

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You'll find blankets and throws in a wide array of designs and materials, so how do you know which one is right for you? Read on to discover some key things to look for as you browse the never-ending assortment of beautiful throws available.

What's the difference between a blanket and a throw?

Although throws and blankets can often be used for the same purpose, essentially, they are not created with the same funtion in mind.

  • Throws are made solely to be decorative and look stunning draped over an accent chair to give a room a touch of texture and visual appeal. Decorative throws are great in living rooms or dens. Of course, you can always use a throw in any room and in any way you choose. Most decorative throws are not large enough to cover an entire bed though, so it's best to use something designated as bedding for your sleeping space.
Velvety Texture Decorative Throw
Decorative Cotton Throw
Simple Cotton Throw
Tweed Knitted Design Throw
Checked Cotton Throw
  • Thick, soft bed blankets can keep you extra toasty on those chilly nights. They have a more utilitarian function to keep you comfortable and warm. Depending on your needs, it's a good idea to get the measurement and material of any blanket before you buy it. This will help you decide if it's best as a decorative accent, or if it's more useful as additional bedding.
Organic Cotton Blanket
Soft Weighted Blanket
Soft Faux Fur Blanket
Simple Soft Quilted Blanket
Silky Soft Thick Plush Fleece Blanket

How do I choose a blanket or throw material?

Before you purchase a new throw or blanket, check the fabric or material to ensure it will suit your needs. If you're allergic to specific fibers like wool, choose something labeled as hypoallergenic so you know you'll enjoy your blanket safely. Certain materials can also complement your preferred decorating style better than others. It's also important to be sure you choose a blanket or throw that's easy to keep clean.

Here are some of the most recommendable materials for blankets and throws:


Cotton is one of the most versatile fabrics, and it's exceptionally soft and breathable for any time of year. This versatile material is made to last, and it should hold up wonderfully even after a lot of washes. Since cotton doesn't trap air, it's a great blanket for bedding to keep you at a comfortable temperature as you sleep.

All Season 100% Cotton Blanket
Colorful Pattern Cotton Throw
Simple Cotton Throw
Cotton Throw


Known for its exceptional softness, cashmere is a wonderful insulating material. These luxurious throws are made of a fine fabric that comes from Cashmere goats raised in regions like Tibet and India. The insulative fiber makes cashmere blankets perfect for winter evenings.

Cashmere Throw
Italian Wool/Cashmere Throw
Chevron Cashmere/Wool Throw
Simple Cashmere Throw
Luxury Cashmere Blanket


If you're looking for an affordable and soft blanket, fleece is an excellent choice. This material is super-cozy and keeps you comfortable all year round.

Chenille Fleece Fringe Throw
Mountain Village Chili Sherpa Fleece Blanket
Super Soft Patchwork Fleece Throw
Fleece and Sherpa Blanket


For a thicker blanket, try microplush. You can layer these blankets with other types of bedding, and they offer softness and warmth without pilling.

Fins Microplush Blanket
Ultra Soft Microplush Bed Blanket
Shiny Velvet Microplush Blanket
Printed Striped Microplush Blanket
Microplush Blanket
Safari Animal Print Zebra Microplush Blanket


Down blankets are filled with goose or duck feathers, and they're extremely warm and comfortable to use. Since down is very breathable, the blanket will keep your body cool in summertime and cozy warm in the winter. If you have allergies, down blankets are not recommended.

Down Alternative

These blankets and throws feel just like real down, but they're made using synthetic fiber. Down alternative blankets are hypoallergenic yet just as warm and soft as the real thing. They're also much less expensive than real down blankets and throws.

Air Dry Summer Down Alternative Comforter
All Season Down Alternative Comforter
Lightweight Summer Down Alternative Comforter
Ultra Soft Lightweight All Season Down Alternative Comforter
All Season Down Alternative Comforter

How do I select the right color or pattern for a throw blanket?

Choosing the perfect color or pattern for a throw blanket is easy if you utilize some helpful tips. Depending on your style, it's important to find a blanket that will accentuate and compliment your color choices rather than compete with them.

The color and pattern don't need to match everything perfectly, but it does help to use a blanket that will highlight what you already have in order to give the room a pop of color and dynamic style.

  • Light, neutral blankets in a solid color like gray, blue, or tan look stunning in rooms with a lot of patterns and colors already in place.
  • Choose a blanket woven in a Southwestern pattern to accentuate homes with a bohemian look and feel.
  • Color-block throws are a fun way to bring several different hues to a room in a simple, sophisticated way. The same principle applies to blankets in a striped pattern.
  • Try something bright and fun for a kid's room featuring flowers, animals, or other unique designs.
  • A classic check or plaid design is a fabulous addition to homes with a rustic or farmhouse-inspired motif.
  • If you're using a large blanket for the bedroom, be sure to pick out something that goes with your current bedding or bedroom furniture and décor.
  • To make your new throw blanket a focal point, select one in a vibrant colorway or a unique pattern that will help it stand out.
  • Multi-textured woven blankets with a fringe trim are an excellent way to add layers of texture and visual depth to any space.
Colorful Cotton Throw
Bowen Color Block Throw
Cotton Throw
Dual Cable Throw
Quilted Cotton Throw

What type of weave is best for blankets and throws?

Besides the material of your new blanket, you'll want to examine the different weaves available. Each weave type offers a different weight and warmth. The weave also affects the texture and the way the blanket feels, so read descriptions carefully if you're purchasing a new throw blanket online.

  • A thermal weave is common in cotton blankets and features a loose weave that helps the air circulate. Thermal woven blankets are lightweight, which makes them a great choice for the spring and summer.
  • Knit blankets are heavy and warm, making them exceptionally cozy. Most knit blankets are either made of wool or a blend of synthetic materials.
  • Down and down alternative blankets are constructed in a quilted weave. This design keeps the fill from shifting inside the blanket so that it wears evenly.
  • A conventional blanket is tightly woven, which makes it a great option for bedding since the weave style traps body heat to keep you insulated.