How To Choose Bath Rugs & Mats

You might not think of bath rugs & mats too much, since they're something we usually just step on. However, little details like how the rugs look in a bathroom can pull the whole space together visually. 

Below we'll take a look at the different types of bath rugs & mats based on styles, sizes, materials and anti-slip features.

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How to Pick Styles in Bath Rugs & Mats?

Your first consideration should be how bath rugs and mats fit into the overall style of the bathroom. Below are the major types and in which spaces they work.

  • Bold colors: If you have a colorful and artsy bathroom space, or are working with accent colors, a boldly colored bath rug can help add some color into bathrooms, which tend to have white fixtures and neutral wall colors.
Bold Burgundy Bath Rug
Bold Peach Color Bath Rug
Bold White and Green Bath Rug
Bold Red with Pattern Bath Rug
Bold Green Soft Bath Rug
Bright Blue Bath Rug
  • Neutral styles: If you're going for a neutrally colored and timeless bathroom style, choose neutral colors like gray, brown or white.

  • Muted shades: Another option is subtle shades like a medium blue tone or mint green. These can add a light color tone in bright bathroom spaces.

White 2 Piece Bath Rug Set
Neutral Colors Stripped Bath Rug
White and Grey Bath Rug
Bath Rug Set in Cream
Long Bath Rug in Cream
Long Light Mint Bath Rug
  • Textured patterns: It's also common to see patterns on bath rugs & mats, often in a raised design. These are often in classic and ornate patterns. They tend to look best in regal and classic styles.

  • Theme images: You can also find playful pieces that have images like fish on them. Choose these for when you're going for a themed bathroom.

  • Text: Some also have text on them, like they might say "His" or "Hers" on them. These are also good for theme styles.

Colorful Stones Pattern Bath Rug
Green Leaf Soft Bath Rug
Long Red Geometric Pattern Bath Rug
Frog Pattern Bath Rug Set
White Bath Rug with Hers Sign
Red and White Bird Pattern Bath Rug
  • Rectangle vs. rounded: Another common feature in the style of these rugs is whether you should get a rounded or rectangle style. A rounded style can give a more casual feel. Choose a rectangle style for more stately or timeless bathrooms that make use of straight lines.
Lilac Rectangular Bath Rug
Blue Rectangular Bath Rug Set
Rectangular Bath Rug in Beige
Round Medalion Styled Bath Rug
Baby Blue Round Bath Rug
Blue Round Bath Rug

What Size Bath Rug or Mat Should I Choose for My Bathroom?

To choose your size, start by measuring how much room you have to work with. That will inform the size you can choose.

  • If you have a very small bathroom but want to work with more rug texture than floor space that you have, choose a set that combines the same rug texture on the toilet seat, a rug around the toilet and a small mat style. Bath rugs may measure around 20 inches wide by 31 inches long. The seat cover could be 17 inches wide by 18 inches long. Bath contour mats can be 20 inches by 21 inches.  

  • Single bath rugs & mats that are meant to soak up water can come in a wide variety of measurements to fit the size of your tub and bathroom. For instance, they can run 17 inches wide by 24 inches long, 27 inches wide by 45 inches long or 21 inches wide by 60 inches long, as a few examples. Which you choose depends on the size of your bathroom.

  • Rounded rugs can come in circle or oval shapes. An oval design might run 17 inches wide by 24 inches long. A rounded design might be 28 inches in diameter.

What Materials do Bath Rugs & Mats Come In?

You'll typically see bath rugs made out of either:


This synthetic tends to be affordable and durable. It can also be made to wick away moisture, making it the perfect bath rug material. Super soft types may be in a microfiber. Some are also designed to be antibacterial.

Green Polyester 3 Piece Bath Mat Set
Grey Polyester Bath Rug
Tri Color Stripped Polyester Bath Rug
Grey Polyester Bath Rug Set
Light Blue Polyester 3 Piece Bath Rug Set
Pink Polyester Bath Rug


It's also common to find bath rugs & mats in 100 percent cotton. Choose cotton if you want a soft and absorbent material that tends to be on the more affordable side.

Black and White Cotton 2 Piece Bath Rug Set
Green Cotton Bath Rug
Blue Cotton Bath Rug Set
Mint Cotton Bath Rug
Round Teal Cotton Bath Rug
White Cotton Bath Rug Set

Beyond the two main types, it's also common to find Chenille bath rugs & mats. This luxury often cord texture is exceptionally soft. Choose Chenille if comfort is a priority. 

When choosing your bath rug, it's worth paying attention to care methods. If the material you choose is hand-wash only, you will probably want to use it in a guest bathroom, as you will not have to wash it as often. For everyday bathrooms, use machine washable materials as you will be washing them more frequently.

Ho to Make Sure the Bath Rug or Mat is Safe?

Most bath rugs & mats come with some sort of anti-slip material that keeps them in place against tile flooring and other smooth textures. This is a key safety consideration, so make sure what you buy has some type of anti-slip backing on the bottom. Many are treated with a spray latex on the bottom so that the rug will not slide around. Other designs may have a quick-drying PVC backing.