How To Choose Bar & Wine Cabinets

A home bar will serve an important role in your home for entertaining guests and for proper storage of beer, liquor, and wines. Here is how you can choose the best bar and wine cabinets.

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What Different Types of Bar and Wine Cabinets Are There?

There are different types of bar and wine cabinets available, and they serve the unique needs and requirements of different homeowners.

The common ones are as follows:

  • Contained Bar Cabinets

In houses where living areas are compact but beverages are also required, there is a need to consider fully enclosed bar cabinets. Open glassware, bar accessories, utensils and spirits become accessible, and the cabinets can also be utilized as tables. Just pair them with stools for extra seating! If you plan on moving the bar around the house, consider the ones that have casters.

Metal carts with rolling casters make a great addition to industrial style entertainment areas—pair with antique cocktail making equipment to add a touch of elegance to your space.

Wooden bar cabinets coordinate well with country style and transitional homes, and the open shelving enables you to style your favorite beverage bottles with chic trinkets, greenery, and accent pieces.

Manufactured Wood Vintage Golden Pine Contained Bar Cabinets
Reclaimed Barnwood Brown Metal Contained Bar Cabinets
Black Solid Wood Contained Bar Cabinets
Brown Black Wood Contained Bar Cabinets
Durable Laminate Contained Bar Cabinets
Solid Manufactured Wood Contained Bar Cabinets
  • Open Bar and Wine Cabinets

For houses that have dedicated areas reserved for drinking and entertaining, open style bar cabinets provide a number of advantages.

Open bar and wine cabinets display beautiful glassware, your collection of wine and liquor, and colorful napkins. They appear more inviting as well, which allows guests to approach the bar and serve themselves.

Open bar cabinets are the focal point of any room, so it is crucial to select a style that matches your home décor. Choose an open bar cabinet with clean lines and plenty of storage for minimal, urban homes. Consider ornate woodwork and dark wood finishes in open bar cabinets for traditional homes.

Glass Solid Manufactured Wood Bar With Wine Storage
Hard Woods And Birch Home Bar
Faux Black Marble Bar With Wine Storage
Curved Manufactured Wood Bar With Wine Storage
Solid Manufactured Wood Brown Home Bar

What features to look for in bar and wine cabinets?

Some of the best features for bar and wine cabinets are the following:

  • Wine Rack

Make sure your bar and wine cabinets include the number of wine racks that you need for wine storage.

Espresso Floor Wine Bottle And Glass Rack
Black Manufactured Wood Floor Wine Bottle and Glass Rack
Black Metal Hanging Wine Glass Rack
Cappuccino Manufactured Wood Floor Wine Bottle And Glass Rack
Pewter Metal Floor Wine Bottle and Glass Rack
Natural Pine Black Solid Wood Floor Wine Bottle And Glass Rack
  • Wine Glass Storage

It is better to have wine glass storage as not only will it complete the look of your home bar, but it will also ensure your wine glasses are easy to reach.

Antique Nutmeg Manufactured Wood Wine Glass Storage
Silver Solid Manufactured Wood Wine Glass Storage
Metal Black Champagne Wine Glass Storage
Cappuccino Manufactured Wood Wine Glass Storage
Clear Chrome Curved Wine Glass Storage
Metal Brown Black Wine Glass Storage
  • Space for a Mini Refrigerator

This is not very common but is good to have as it will ensure your drinks are chilled and ready when you need them.

Solid Wood Antique Walnut Cabinet with Wine Storage
Solid Wood Dark Brown Bar With Wine Storage
Solid Manufactured Wood Antique Walnut Cabinet With Wine Storage
Solid Wood Veneers Brown Home Bar
Solid Manufactured Wood Brown White Home Bar
Laminate Antique Walnut Home Bar
  • Closed Storage (with Locks)

If you wish to lock up the liquor in your collection, then look for a locking home bar cabinet. A locking feature will let you rest assured your collection is safe and properly protected, which might be important when there are kids around.

Dark Tobacco Solid Manufactured Wood Corner Closed Storage
Solid Manufactured Wood Gray Closed Storage
Rustic Brown Embossed Metal Closed Storage
Indonesia Galvanized Metal Closed Storage
Birch Veneers Solid Manufactured Wood Closed Storage
  • Built-In Ice Bucket

This is not a bad feature to have, especially for the ultimate home bar. Make sure you read the specifications for this feature as most built-in buckets have to be on a prep counter.

Curved Manufactured Wood Mini Bar
Black Leatherette Ice Bucket
Silver India Ice Bucket
Spicy Orange Chrome Ice Bucket
Antique Copper China Ice Bucket
  • Foot Railing

It is an incredible feature to have as it makes enjoying drinks while sitting on stools a lot more comfortable. Also, it will add authenticity to your home bar.

Metal Silver Bar With Foot Rest
White Solid Manufactured Wood Bar With Foot Rest
Cherry Wood Bar With Foot Rest
Brown Wood Cherry Bar With Foot Rest
Glass Foot Rest Wine Bar Set
Brown Manufactured Wood Metal Chrome Foot Rest Bar With Wine Storage

Take Your Time to Pick a Style

When buying furniture, always consider the finish, style, and decorative details. As your home bar will naturally be a favorite hang out spot in your house, this is all the more important.

Think about the theme and décor of the room where the cabinets will be added to make the right decision. Your cabinets have to blend into the room’s existing décor, rather than clash with it.

Consider where the glasses will be placed, and the colors you would want to be in the room.

How to Store Wine in a Bar Cabinet?

The way you store and position the bottles in your bar cabinet directly impacts the flavor of your wine.

Always store your wine bottles sideways with the wine touching the cork. This keeps the cork moist to prevent air from entering the bottle and causing oxidation, which can sour the wine. The only exception is screwtop bottles, which naturally keep out more air than corks.

Never leave bottles upside down in the case they came in because sediment collects around the cork, which can taint the taste of the wine.

Finally, use your bar cabinet racks and doors to avoid exposing your bottles to direct sunlight. The UV rays cause a reaction with the wine that causes it to develop an unappetizing chemical aroma.