How To Choose Baby & Kids Dressers

Baby & kids dressers are essential equipment for keeping your child’s room neat and clean. Dressers are a handy place for keeping clothing, extra bedding, and all sorts of baby equipment. Some dressers double as a changing table, while others mimic mom or dads mirrored vanity.

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What are some key things to look for in baby & kids dressers?

Things to look for in dressers that are going to be used in your child's room are:

  • Sturdiness

As children grow, the furniture in their rooms can get a real beating. Even good kids who are not trying to be rough and tough can put extra stress on home furnishings. So, a dresser for a child’s room needs to be well built.

  • Possibility to be secured to the wall

Human children climb. They are exploring their capabilities, frequently without regard to personal safety. Toddlers can manage to get themselves into the most unexpected places, even when well-supervised. Anchoring their dresser means one less potential hazard.

  • Well-made drawers

Drawers are frequently the downfall of dressers for users of any age. Look for drawers that are made of real wood, that have the corners reinforced, and that have extra bracing underneath.

  • No-stress tracks for easy drawer use

Easy glide drawer pulls make it easy to open and close dresser drawers. Look for the kind that has stops at the end of the pull to prevent the drawer from being pulled all the way out.

  • The right height

If you are a small adult, you know exactly what we are talking about here. There is nothing as frustrating as having a drawer for everything, but not being tall enough to look into the drawer. If you want to begin training your child to put things away, have drawers for his or her things that are well within reach.

  • Bright colors

While all kids have individual tastes, bright primary colors are often recommended for children’s rooms.

  • Lead free materials

Legally mandated in many places, all children’s appliances and toys should be lead free. Teething children, and sometimes even older children, have an unfortunate tendency to gnaw on the strangest things – and that can include the corners of dressers.

Solid Drawer Double Dresser
Black Manufactured Wood Double Dresser
Natural Wood Grain Drawer Double Dresser
Black Pine Drawer Dresser
Solid Poplar Plywood Drawer Dresser
Solid Pine And Composite Double Dresser

What are the best materials for kids dressers?

Dressers come in all sorts of kinds, sizes, and styles. They might be standard wooden dressers, similar to the ones in rooms for older people, but they might also be wooden frames for wicker basket weave.

These wicker drawers are often a little deeper while being more like small boxes placed on a shelf than ordinary dresser drawers.

You can even purchase temporary dressers that are made of cardboard. With care, these cardboard dressers can last quite a long while.

What are the benefits of getting a dresser for your kid?

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • An opportunity for children to develop a sense of ownership for their things.

  • Early training for children on how to keep their things neat and safe.

  • A place for clothing, diapers and other baby accouterments.

  • A way to make your child’s room attractive.

Wicker Drawer Chest With Cubbies
Solid Hardwood Drawer Combo Dresser
Red Black Manufactured Wood Drawer Chest
Steel MDF Fabric Drawer Dresser
Solid Manufactured Wood Drawer Chest
Brown White Solid Drawers Dresser

Children are not naturally organized or tidy. Those are learned skills. Like most learning, it is easier to acquire if the student has the tools at hand to achieve the goals. A well-made dresser for your child just makes everything go a little bit better. Share the joy of organization with your child!