How To Choose An Outdoor Clock


Is it 'drinks-in-the-garden' o'clock, already? Probably! While they're obviously helpful to keep track of the time especially when you're enjoying a phone-free break, outdoor clocks can be turned into conscious decorative statements.

Combining style and functionality, they'll be the first thing your guests see when walking towards your front door. Here's how to choose an outdoor clock that ticks all the boxes!

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What Type of Outdoor Clock Is Best for Me?

Traditionally, outdoor clocks are analogues. Digital clocks that are specifically suited for your external walls are extremely difficult to find, and it's even rarer to see them around (other than in professional settings). After all, they do leave out the decorative element that characterizes outdoor clocks!

Not all analogue clocks are the same, though! Here's what you can choose from.

What Are the Different Power Sources for Outdoor Clocks?

Two Colored Battery Outdoor Clock
Battery Outdoor Clock and Thermometer
Battery Outdoor Wall Clock
Solar Powered Wireless Clock
Solar Powered Weather Clock System
Bronze Battery Thermometer Clock

Are There Any Other Special Features for Outdoor Clocks?

What's the Right Outdoor Clock for my House Exterior?

Settling for an outdoor clock that's got nothing to do with the theme of your garden or that doesn't stand out against your wall is a waste of… well, time (and money!). Here are a few things that we recommend considering when choosing your outdoor clock:

Old Fashioned Black Outdoor Clock
Outdoor Clock Thermometer in Creme
Outdoor Clock in Gold and Black
Bronze Nature Outdoor Wall Clock
Classic Grey Outdoor Wall Clock
Floral Outdoor Wall Clock
Black Modern Outdoor Clock
Country Styled Metal Outdoor Clock
Industrial Outdoor Wall Clock with Lights
Industrial Natural Stone Floor Outdoor Clock
French Country Styled Outdoor Clock
French Country Rustic Outdoor Clock
Black and White Retro Styled Outdoor Clock
Retro Anchor Outdoor Wall Clock
Mid Century Modern Glass Outdoor Clock
Mid Century Modern Outdoor Clock
Bohemian White Outdoor Wall Clock
Bohemian Outdoor Wall Clock

Quick Tips

Let's not lose track of time or of the most important tips! When choosing an outdoor clock, keep these points in mind: