How To Choose An Indoor Fountain

Indoor fountains are like a piece of nature brought home with loving care. They have a therapeutic, calming effect on the environment, and add a touch of sophisticated elegance to the interiors.

You have already made the right choice by deciding to install a home fountain. Now make a wise choice by following this "How-to" guide.

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What Are the Benefits of Indoor Fountains?

Apart from beautification and serenity benefits, these benefits will surprise you:

  • Increases humidity -- Indoor fountains increase humidity which helps the indoor flora to flourish, and you don't need separate humidifiers
  • Improves skin -- by increasing humidity, indoor fountains reduce dryness in the cold or hot air, which has proven benefits for skin health
  • Improves air quality -- How? Indoor fountains release negative ions in the air which act as dust busters and they will also calm your mind
  • Blocks noise -- the gentle cascading sounds of a fountain will suppress the decibel levels of other annoying noises
  • Controls temperature -- They act as natural temperature control systems 
  • Provides running water source for pets -- They love to drink running water -- garden hose, faucets, and the indoor fountain

Which Types of Indoor Fountains Are In Vogue?

These are the top-5 styles of indoor fountains in current circulation:


These fountains could be 3D structures such as a rocky waterfall or a 2D experience of a paneled water cascade.

The trending style in this category is genuine rocks and pebbles assembled in an artistic manner and drilled into the wall with heavy-duty screws. The other popular style is paneled fountains with a glass, fiberglass, or acrylic panel mounted on the wall and water gliding on it with quiet serenity. You will also come across steel, copper, or aluminum panels used for this style. 

You will choose a wall-mounted fountain if you want to conserve floor space, avoid cumbersome floor plumbing, and prevent hazardous electrical wiring through the floor. Also, if you want a unique substitute for wall art!

Wall-mounted indoor fountains are best fits for compact-to-medium-sized rooms that are modern or post-modern in their décor. Airy interiors with flowing curtains, light furniture, and pastel carpets on vinyl flooring -- that's the type of ideal interior for these fountains.

Fiberglass Tiered Colorful Pots Wall Fountain
Resin/Metal Cleopatra's Chamber Fountain with Light
Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light
Natural Stone/Metal Wall Fountain with Light
Resin Lion Fountain
Acrylic Wall Fountain with Light


Also known as floor fountains, they stand proudly in a corner or at the center of your living area, adding a touch of grace, elegance, and tranquil calmness.

They are larger than the wall-mounted fountains and are available in a vast range of designs and materials. Some contemporary style hacks are:

  • Real river and ravine rocks and sea pebbles
  • Cascading glass panel waterfalls
  • Fiberglass designer fountains
  • Multi-level waterfalls from pots or animal mouths
  • Ornate decorative art fountains

These fountains have a concealed water reservoir at the base whose sturdy foundation gives them stability. 

Free-standing fountains are usually placed in a corner or at the center of the room. Visually, they are imposing and tend to grab attention by overpowering the other room décor. You will want them in your home if you have a relatively large space, a lot of indoor flora, and not an extravaganza of other décor and furniture.

Polyresin Floor Fountain with Light
Resin/Fiberglass Tiered Modern Bowls Fountain
Floor Fountain with Light
Metal Floor Fountain with Light
Fiberglass/Resin Boy and Girl Drinking Fountain with LED Light
Resin Buddha Fountain with LED Light


The smallest and the lightest of indoor fountains, but no less elegant and enchanting -- that's your tabletop fountain. Be it a flowerpot fountain, an ornate floral design, a water bowl, an abstract form, or a 3-level cascade from one fish's mouth to the other… you will get to choose from a great diversity of designs. 

Tabletop fountains are good as a décor accessory and not as a primary piece of décor. You will need complementary artworks, wall paintings, sitting arrangement, planters, and corner décor to go with it. Hence, select a tabletop fountain as if you were choosing a tabletop lampshade or statuette. You will need a dedicated tabletop and that much of space at a strategic location in the room.

Natural Stone Aquifer Indoor Table Fountain
Metal Lotus Flower Fountain
Resin Fiberglass Fountain with Light
Resin Waterfall Portable Tabletop Fountain with Light
Resin Relaxation 3 Step Little Water Fountain with Light

How Can You Power an Indoor Fountain?

There are two ways:

  • Plug into the main electricity supply for the larger models
  • Power the smaller fountains with batteries. Although the most costly option, it provides for mobility. You can even shift your favorite tabletop fountain to your gazebo or by the pool-side.

Should I get an Indoor Fountain with a Lighting System?

Lighting is to indoor fountains, what fine jewelry is to a young lady's vanity. It is the fourth dimension of beauty. Lighting adds to the intangible elegance of these fountains. You can experience its spell when you dim all the other lights in the room and with a glass of champagne, start playing your favorite music. 

That is why many indoor fountains come with dramatic lighting arrangements. Some of them are:

  • Random LED lights
  • Concealed incandescent lights
  • Focused lighting from an external source

You can use your innovative ideas to light up your fountain. How about putting a floor lamp and letting it light up the fountain from a low angle? It will dramatize the cascade or waterfall and transform it into a dynamic, lively fountain. Or, just garland the fountain with a string of tiny, twinkling LED bulbs!

Resin/Acrylic Column Tabletop Fountain with LED Light
Ceramic Fountain with Light
Relaxing Tabletop Water Fountain with Light
Resin Buddha Fountain with Light
Natural Stone Slate 5 Tiered Flowing Tabletop Water Fountain with Light

Which Are The Safety Standards To Check for Indoor Fountains?

Look for the manufacturer's compliance with product safety and performance standards in the product manual. Especially check for theNFPA 70 or the National Electrical Code (NEC) code compliance. On the sidelines, also confirm the comprehensive product warranty offered by the manufacturer.