How To Choose An Apron


Aprons are significantly useful in the kitchen when it comes to keeping your clothes free from stains. Although they are simple, they come in a wide selection of materials, styles, and colors. Aprons can be both versatile and effective if you choose the right one.

Before purchasing an apron, there are certain aspects you should consider. A great apron has more to offer than keeping your clothes clean from food, such as storage and comfort. In this guide, you'll find practical tips to help you choose the best option for you and your kitchen.

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What types of aprons are there?

The style of your apron will depend on the amount of coverage you need and the type of kitchen you're cooking in.

Bib aprons, also known as chef aprons, are the most popular ones. They offer full-body coverage from the torso to the knees, may feature pockets, and have ties that go around the neck and torso.

These types of aprons are suitable for dealing with spills and heat but can feel restricting when you move around the kitchen.

Basic Red White Striped Apron
Sophisticated Functional 100% Cotton Kitchen Apron
Chef Stripe Black Apron with Pockets
Cooking Baking Cotton Blend Kitchen Apron
Red Checkered Fringed Chef Kitchen Apron
Printed Plant Pattern Green Brown Apron

Waist aprons cover the hips which allow easy leg movement. They also come with front pockets.

Simple Minimalistic Linen Bistro Apron
Multi-colored 100% Cotton Floral Print Half Apron
Organic Red White Black Apron
Vintage Style Love Pattern Half Apron
Cotton Striped Bon Appetit Half Apron
Patterned Blue Green Half Apron

Crossback aprons are versatile, doesn't feature straps, can fit different body types, and are easy to move in. These types of apron provide full-body coverage.

100% Linen Machine Washable Crossback Apron
Adjustable Cross Back Straps Apron with Pockets
Cross Back Striped Cotton Apron
Colorful Cross Back Cotton Apron
Classic Cross Striped Linen Apron
Machine Washable Cross Back Cotton Apron

Vintage aprons often look like dresses, can protect your clothing, and are chic enough to be worn in front of guests. They also come in a wide variety of retro patterns and colors.

Stylish Cotton Blend Cherry Vintage Apron
Vintage Style Long Cotton Kitchen Apron
Floral Polka Dot Vintage Apron
Green Cotton Simple Vintage Apron
Cute Vintage Cats Meow Cotton Apron
Simple Black Long Vintage Apron

Which material is best for an apron?

The apron's material is the most important aspect to consider. It determines your apron's effectiveness and durability. Here are the most common fabrics:

100% Cotton Blue Gray Apron
Stylish Original Rubber Duck Apron
Handcrafted Heat Resistant Dutch Leather Apron
Synthetic Machine Washable Water Drops Apron
Synthetic Patterned Folk Art Apron
Holiday Party Kitchen Linen Apron

What are the best colors and patterns for aprons?

Multicolor Stylish Floral Synthetic Apron
Black Simple Functional Apron with Pockets
Botanical Fresh 100% Cotton Apron with Pocket
Floral Pastel Colors Girlish Apron
Simple Cream Canvas Kitchen Apron
Modern Printed Urban Style Apron

Other important features to consider when buying an apron: