How To Choose An Accent Stool

When you picture a stool, it's easy to see the standard bar stool and assume it only belongs in drinking establishments. But accent stools are a handy way to add some style to any room thanks to the wide variety of looks they come in. 

Below we'll cover some of the top materials, colors and styles of accent stools. And we'll help you select a piece that can add just the right style and function to your home.

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What color should an accent stools be?

Stools come in so many different colors that this can be a good place to start in considering different looks.

  • One of the most popular ways to add an accent piece to any room is to work with bright colors. Accent colors are bold shades that pop in the space. They are placed sparsely but evenly around the room.

    Generally speaking, neutral rooms give you the freedom to choose any color you like. If you already have other bright colors present in your furniture or accessories, it's best to work with the color wheel to determine the most attractive, complementary or analogous pairings.

  • You might see stool designs in baby pink or sage green. Pastel colors tend to work with lighter and softer room designs, as well as in nurseries.

  • If you want a stool that can work in different room designs, go with neutral shades. Black and white go well in modern spaces. White and tan shades pair well with timeless transitional designs.  

  • Some styles have metallic shades, usually as accents on the stool legs. Choose metallics for high-class styles, glam or industrial looks.

Modern Design Black Accent Stool
White and Wood Accent Stool
Black Wood Accent Stool
Elegant Metal Blue Accent Stool
Sea Blue Ceramic Accent Stool
Beige and Gold Accent Stool

A big part of why accent stool stands out is the right choice of materials they are made of. Some popular options include:   

  • Woven: Many stools have a woven texture to them, often created by a yarn crochet pattern or twine texture. Choose woven textures for classic and rustic styles in the home.

  • Fabric: You'll also often see the seat covered in leather, velvet, polyester or some other upholstery material. Tufted styles are common. Choose fabric if you are trying to match other furniture in the space.

Brown Faux Leather Accent Stool
Green Polyester Blend Accent Stool
Fabric Polyester Blend Accent Stool
Dark Brown Genuine Leather Accent Stool
Polyester Blend Accent Stool with Wooden Legs
Tan Polyester Fabric Look Accent Stool
  • Metal: Many stools have an austere metal design. These look good in industrial spaces or high-class styles if you're choosing a golden metal.
All White Metal Accent Stools
Industrial Round Metal Accent Stool
Simple Metal Accent Stool
Metal Accent Stool with Grey Cushion
Golden Metal Legs Accent Stool
Golden Metal Accent Stool with Cushion
  • Fur/shag: A trendy piece is a stool with a long fur or shag texture on the seat of the stool. These are great for artistic, boho or mid-century styles that make use of tons of texture.
Metal Faux Fur Accent Stool
Small Grey Faux Fur Accent Stool
White Fur Small Accent Stool
Grey Fur Accent Stool with Silver Legs
Faux Fur Accent Stool with Iron
Brown Faux Fur Accent Stool
  • Wood: A classic standby, this type of stool often has textured wood patterns. It works great in classic and rustic styles.
Wooden Rectangular Accent Stool
Light Solid Wood Accent Stool
Drum Shaped Wood Accent Stool
Wooden Cylinder Legs Accent Stool
Willow Solid Wood Accent Stool
Simple Wood Accent Stool Set
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is a surprising accent stool material. It offers a sleek, quality sheen, often paired with bold coloring and patterns. A versatile material, ceramic stools work great in artsy, classic, luxury or modern spaces depending on the color and pattern.
Hexagon Ceramic Accent Stool
Orange Ceramic Accent Stool
Decorative White Ceramic Accent Stool
Blue Oriental Porcelain Accent Stool
Drum Shaped Ceramic Accent Stool
Silver Ceramic Accent Stool

What styles of accent stools are there to choose from?

Beyond the basic color and materials, you should also consider the overall style of the stool. The main categories are:

  • Theme shape: Many stools are shaped to fit a theme. For instance, a whole stool could be shaped to look like an owl and would fit into an animal theme. Theme styles are great for eclectic arrangements or matching a specific theme.

  • Geometric: These accent stools focus on shape over everything else. The stool itself is usually in a creative style like an hourglass shape or might have a geometric drum shape. They go best in contemporary spaces, which tend to play with stark geometry.

  • Classic: A bit of a general term, this covers anything that has a very traditional style to it, and as such, fits into a traditional home style. The stool might have lush fabrics, ornamented carved legs or detailed patterns.

  • Rustic: Anything that looks like it belongs in a country home fits into this category. Textured wooden seats and unornamented metal legs are common.

  • Vanity: Vanity stools cover smaller designs that usually look like they belong in front of a makeup table or inside a walk-in closet. They often have very understated styles like a basic white design with little ornamentation or a tufted look because they are more functional than based in style.

  • Modern: These styles tend to look very austere. They're defined by stark lines and no ornamentation. You'll often seem them in black and/or white styles.

Quick Tips

Accent stools are one of those furniture pieces that have many different categories based on which aspect you're talking about. To help you make the decision, below are some key points to keep in mind.

  • Start by assessing the overall goals for your space. What is the style of the room? Are you working with an accent color? Is there a theme to the room? 

  • The answers to the questions above will help you pick out the overall style, material and color of the stool. For instance, if you realize you want to work with a red accent color, you'll look for a bright red accent stool. A rustic space would do well with a sparse wooden stool. Or an animal-themed room could use a stool with an animal printed on it.

  • With something like an accent piece, often you'll know when you see the right item. If it leaps out at you, odds are it fits your style tastes. 

  • Don't stress about the stool matching everything to the point of blending in. Often, an accent piece can also get away with a bit of a unique style since it's meant to stand on its own while complementing other pieces.