How To Choose A Writing Desk

Getting the perfect writing desk for your home or office can significantly influence the way you work. You tend to do more work in a shorter time, producing a higher output when you use the right furniture.

But knowing this isn't enough! You need to take the right step. Find out the most suitable writing desks for you. Not to worry! That's what this post is all about. We'll be showing you the factors to consider before choosing a writing desk.

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What Are the Major Types of Writing Desks You Can Choose From?

Here are the three major types of writing desks you should know.

Standard Writing Desks

These writing desks come in different sizes, materials, shapes, styles, and finishes. Typically, they look like regular tables with smooth work surfaces, depending on the style of the manufacturer.

Some come with drawers, while some don't. Nonetheless, it's wise to go for a standard writing desk that comes with hidden storage for your laptop if you work from home. That way, you'll be protecting your laptop when you're not using it, especially if you have kids running around the house.

Most standard writing desks are wooden, and they give your home a classic and timeless feel. No doubt, having these desks will keep your space in a ship-shape - making it the perfect accent piece of furniture for your space.

Brown Modern Manufactured Wood Desk
Light Brown Classic Manufactured Wood Writing Desk
Brown Traditional Manufactured Wood L Shape Desk
Black Modern Manufactured Wood Writing Desk
Black Stylish Solid Wood Writing Desk
Brown Traditional Manufactured Wood Desk

Roll Top Desks

These writing desks are ideal options for office space, and they are great for storing documents discreetly. The desk comes with a cover that rolls out from the internal part of the top cabinet - giving more protection to your saved items.

If you like classic based designs, then you'd love the roll-top desks. They are made from wood and have carved accents with file organizers and hidden compartments.

It's advisable to go for roll top desks that accommodate a computer and its add-on parts. And when it comes to style, you won't be disappointed with the vintage touch the desks will add to your office.

Brown Traditional Manufactured Wood Office Desk
Light Brown Traditional Manufactured Wood Desk
Brown Vintage Solid Wood Roll Top Desk
Brown Traditional Solid Wood Desk
Brown Classic Manufactured Wood Roll Top Desk

Secretary Writing Desks

Also known as drop-front desks, the secretary desks are more compact than other writing desks listed in this post. The desks also come in different sizes.

If you're looking to deal with dead space in your hallway or that gawkily shaped room, then you should consider going for the secretary writing desks.

Typically, secretary desks are mostly wooden, and they have a fold-down mechanism at their anterior position. This mechanism enables them to convert into a well-fitting writing surface.

One great benefit of choosing this writing desk is the fact that its work area gets hidden from plain sight when you close the upper lid.

A rule of thumb is to go for secretary writing desks that come with drawers, which provide enough storage space with less floor space. Finding one with additional features like adjustable shelves, extra smaller drawers, and letter organizers will be a great plus.

Brown Traditional Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
Brown Vintage Solid Wood Desk
Brown Classic Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
White Simple Manufactured Wood Desk
Brown Classic Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
Black Traditional Manufactured Wood Drop Front Desk

What Things to Consider Before Choosing a Writing Desk?

Of course, there are factors to put into consideration before choosing a writing desk.


Before you make your choice, you must know the primary purpose of getting a writing desk. Is the desk solely for writing? Do you intend to use it for other activities like editing or paying bills? You need to answer these questions before making the next move.

Size and Location

The size and location of the space you're going to be placing your writing desk is critical. Hence, you need to do proper measurements before you start your quest.

For instance, if you're going to be placing the desk in a small space of about 40 - 70 sq.ft., it's advisable to go for a desk that's at most 10 percent of the room space.

For ease of use, you can decide to place the desks near a power source, especially if you plan to use your computer on the desks sometimes.

Add-on Features

It won't be a bad idea to check if your desk comes with an integrated pull-out keyboard tray and power source. That way, you can have a more organized desk free from clutter.

Material and Color

The material and color of a desk are two essential factors that you shouldn't neglect when you're conducting your search.

It's best to go for desks with light color shades if your home colors are warm. That way, you'd be complementing your colors correctly.

You can also decide to use a plain white desk with an all-white home interior. This idea will come in handy if you intend to lighten up your space - especially in a place with less light.

Dark wood tones are more to the formal side and tend to add classic elegance to you workspace. Be careful if you're getting a desk for a contemporary space. Minimalism and dark wood may not be best friends in this context. If you do like dark finishes, go for a combination of wood and metal, e.g. dark walnut, espresso or ebony top paired with simple black legs with a matte finish.

How to Select the Style of a Writing Desk?

Here are three writing desk styles you can take a cue from:


From its name, this style makes a bold statement for people that love fresh and eccentric designs. They usually come with geometric profiles and clean lines.

White Contemporary Manufactured Wood Desk
Gray Contemporary Manufactured Wood Writing Desk
White Contemporary Manufactured Wood Desk
White Contemporary Wooden Writing Desk
Silver Contemporary Glass Writing Desk
White Contemporary Glass Metal Desk


Mostly made with wood, the traditional desk styles speak class and reflect accent and social designs - based on past historical eras, might be richly ornamental.

Brown Traditional Wooden Writing Desk
Brown Traditional Solid Wood Desk
Brown Traditional Wooden Writing Desk
Brown Classic Solid Wood Desk
Gray Traditional Wooden Rectangular Desk
White Traditional Glass Writing Desk


This style is a fantastic fusion of contemporary and traditional styles. In other words, it's the perfect blend of the sophistication of the classical and the urban allure finishes of the modern.

White Classic Manufactured Wood Writing Desk
Brown Modern Manufactured Wood Writing Desk
Brown Stylish Manufactured Wood Desk
Gray Modern Solid Wood Writing Desk
Black Classic Manufactured Wood Writing Desk
Brown Stylish Manufactured Wood Desk
Brown Stylish Manufactured Wood Desk

Which Materials are Best-suited for Making Writing Desks?

Wood, laminate, and metal are all great materials. However, wood-based desks tend to be lighter and can accommodate both conventional and traditional designs better than the other two materials.

Making the right choice for the most suitable writing desks has just gotten easier. Now, you can go ahead to choose the exact writing desk you desire - based on the style, budget, type, and color.