How To Choose A Wreath

An attractive wreath can do wonders in regards of adding an extra touch of style to your space. With so many wreaths on the market, you might find it hard to find the right one.

Our guide will provide you with all the necessary information such as different styles and materials to help you pick the perfect wreath.

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What size wreath should I get?

There are two questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on the size of your wreath. Do you want a festive or minimalist look? And what is the area where the wreath will be displayed?

  • A small wreath (20-30 inches in diameter) would look good on a 36-inch wide door.
  • However, oversized front doors will need to be adorned by a bolder and larger wreath with a diameter of between 30-36 inches.
  • The bigger the wreath, the higher it should be hung. Also, larger wreaths are usually considered more festive.

What are the Different Types of Wreaths?

Fresh Wreaths

These are usually made of fresh boxwood, juniper and balsam. They are suitable for cooler weather.

Cedar Red Ribbon Fresh Evergreen Wreath
Magnolia Leaf Fresh Wreath
Bright Faux Sunflower Fresh Wreath
Lavender And Flower Twig Fresh Wreath
Colorful Summer Mix Fresh Wreath

Silk Wreaths

Silk wreaths will last you the longest and can be displayed in any environment. They are created using a grapevine base with silk flowers attached. Silk wreaths are easiest to maintain, but colors may fade if exposed to direct sunlight. They can be cleaned using a blow dryer on low setting or using a basic dust brush.

Violet Artificial Lavender Silk Wreath
Southern Charm Magnolia Silk Wreath
Artificial Cherry Blossom Silk Wreath
Gray Dried Bunny Tail Silk Wreath
Red Artificial Peony Flower Silk Wreath
Blue Artificial Hydrangea Silk Wreath

Natural Dried Flower Wreaths

Made of dried flowers, these wreaths are a must during spring. They give off the most natural charm and are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. However, humidity is dried flowers' worst enemy since it can cause the florals to turn brown and limp.

Dried Cascade Floral Wreath
Peaceful Artificial Daisy Dried Wreath
Hydrangea And Salal Dried Wreath
Colorful Magnolia Strawflowers Dried Wreath
Lavender And Artemisia Floral Dried Wreath
Sunny Lavender Wheat Salal Dried Wreath

Preserved Dried Flower Wreaths

As summer comes to an end, wreaths made of preserved flowers such as salal and eucalyptus are a great way to welcome fall. They are best for indoors to prevent bleeding of colors and low humidity environments.

How to choose wreath style?

The style of your wreath should depend on where and when you are going to display it. Here are the most popular options to consider:

Front Door

If you intend to hang your wreath on your front door, notice the color of the door and interior of your home. Dark colored wreaths will not be seen from afar if hung on dark brown or black doors. Choose bright colors to bring your front door to life. The same would apply with white or cream doors. Focus on contrasting accents.

Blue Pink Artificial Hydrangea Wreath
Artificial Hydrangea Forsythia Silk Wreath
Artificial Cherry Blossom Polyester Wreath
Blue Artificial Hydrangea Polyester Wreath
Bright Artificial Tulip Polyester Wreath
White Blue Red Artificial Wreath

Seasonal Wreaths

As much as you would like your wreath choice not to be affected by the season we are in, an evergreen wreath during spring would not look good. You should keep this in mind when choosing a wreath. Spring begs for the brightness of Forsythia and Peonies. As for summer, choose the beauty of Amaranthus or Canna Lilies. Fall is all about yellows and oranges, so you should incorporate those colors in your wreath. Suitable flowers for fall would be Helenium and Chrysanthemums.

Colorful Winter Palette Preserved Wreath
Artificial Pinecone Glitter Winter Wreath
Bright Artificial Sunflower Geranium Spring Wreath
Colorful Artificial Rose Hydrangea Fall Wreath
Red Berry Vibrant Fall Silk Wreath
Colorful Artificial Summer Floral Wreath

Home Interior

If you would like to hang your wreath indoors, you need to determine the style of your home.

  • For rustic décor, a grapevine or twig wreath will capture the essence of your home.
  • Traditional styled homes are ideally complemented by wreaths made of bundles of flowers.
  • County styled homes should go for a wreath that includes fruit such as apples or grapes.
  • Flowers and fruit will look out of place in contemporary interiors; you should opt for a wreath made of unusual materials such as wooden dowels, metal or paper.
Bright Artificial Floral Polyester Wreath
Country Artificial Lavender Wreath
Pink Artificial Peony Polyester Wreath
Violet Real Lavender Preserved Wreath
Artificial Eucalyptus Gooseberry Wreath

Holiday Wreaths

A holiday wreath is a must in any home, and it is a simple yet elegant decoration to welcome guests and family.

  • For Christmas, you should keep it simple and choose one that incorporates red and green.A traditional choice would be a twig wreath with berries and pine greenery. Youcan also find ones that have red or green ribbons attached to it or have had fake snow sprayed for a more festive look.

  • Depending on your personal taste (simple or colorful), there are two recommended choices for an Easter wreath. For a simple Easter wreath, a bunny shaped wreath made of vine with different neutral-clolored ornaments attached at the bottom will look fabulous. If you would like something brighter, which would attract more attention, choose one with an abundance of ribbons and spring flowers in a color combination of pink and green or yellow and purple.

  • Halloween and Thanksgiving wreaths should interpret colors of fall such as orange, red, yellow and brown. If you choose a simple wreath with no other additional ornaments, you can use it for both holidays.

  • Holidays like 4th of July are all about being patriotic, so choose a wreath with blue, red and white elements. A simple decoration yet one that makes a clear statement can be a wreath with blue, red and white Chrysanthemums. For a more festive look, pick a wreath completely made of ribbons in these three colors. An extra touch to both of these wreaths would be decorative stars attached to them.

Classic Artificial Pine Berry Lighted Wreath
Dim Artificial Burgundy Pomegranate Vine Wreath
Artificial Grapevine Floral Wreath
Artificial Valentine Heart Tinsel Wreath
Halloween Hocus Pocus Eyeball Mesh Wreath

Funeral Wreaths

Choosing an appropriate funeral wreath can seem difficult, especially if you are not the organizer. Inform yourself of the color scheme or particular styles of the funeral. A safe option is to choose a classic white wreath made of white roses or carnations since it offers an elegant design. For a more personalized design, you can choose a rose trio heart, which comprises of red, pink and white roses. Other flowers that are most commonly used at funerals include: lilies, daisies, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum and Delphinium.