How To Choose A Wine Carrier & Tote

Whether you're off to a party or a picnic, it can help to have something to carry wine in. Being glass, wine bottles can break while on the go. Wine carriers & totes are specifically designed to keep those bottles safe and are often insulated to keep them cool.

Below we'll look at the different materials, styles and organizational options that are common in wine carriers & totes so you can make the right selection for your needs.

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6-Bottle Wine Carrier & Cooler Tote
Practical Material Wine Tote Carrier
White Cotton Single Wine Bag
Tabak Rubber and Eucalyptus Wood Wine Tote
Brown Leather Wine Tote and Carrier
Printed Canvas Wine Bag Carrier

Which Materials Do Wine Carriers & Totes Come In?

You can start by assessing which materials work best for you, since the material imparts both style and function.

  • Thermal foil: This is the shiny silver material you'll often see lining lunch bags. Thermal foil lining is a useful material if keeping your wine cool is a top priority. Designs like this often have added padding under the thermal foil, such as foam, to help further keep bottles cool.

  • Classy materials: It's also common to find the outside of the tote in a type of suede or leather. These smooth materials add a feeling of class for upper-scale gatherings.

  • Casual materials: You'll also see wine carriers & totes in materials that give a more casual texture, like canvas or neoprene. These are good for taking to casual parties or picnics.

  • Eco-friendly materials: If being green is a must, many wine totes come in materials like vegan leather with cork accents. The cork also fits the wine theme.

  • Wood: Wood bottle carriers are a convenient solution if you need to carry two or more bottles. They offer separate compartments for each bottle ensuring you will safely carry your wine to your destination. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that these types of carriers will be normally heavier than those made of leather or canvas for example. Wood carriers are often taken to a picnic or a garden party.

Elegant Double Wine Tote Carrier
Picnic Material Wine Carrier for Two
Elegant Brown Leather Single Wine Bag
Stylish Patterned Wine Carrier and Purse
Practical Deluxe Wine Holder with Glasses
Vintage Galvanized Metal Tabletop Wine Carrier

How to Choose the Organizational Style in a Wine Carrier?

There are a few main designs to choose from, each of which should match your goals.

  • One bottle vs. multiple bottles

    A key consideration is how many bottles the holder can store. Many styles were made for only one bottle in mind. Others have compartments to hold two, three or more bottles. If you tend to only take one bottle out for a picnic, the one-bottle design can be easier to carry and provide a snugger fit and tighter insulation. However, if you take multiple bottles to a party, opt for a design that can hold multiple bottles, ideally separated by compartments so the bottles don't bang into each other.

Printed Canvas Wine Bag Carrier
Eco Cotton Wine Bag Carrier Set
Sporty Black Two Bottle Tote
Stylish Fur Wine Bag Carrier
Urban Canvas Wine Tote Carrier
Single Cork Wine Bottle Tote
  • Compartments for additional food and tools

    It also common to find additional pouches in wine carriers and totes that can hold wine accessories or other food. For instance, some totes even come with glasses, a corkscrew, a cheese knife and a cutting board. If you tend to take food with you or want additional accessories, compartments are great options. They work especially well if you plan on eating out at a picnic.

    Sizes vary based on how much you want to hold. A larger bag style could be about 13 inches high by 10 inches wide by 5 inches deep.

Picnic Wine Carrier with Wine Accessories
High Quality Black Wine Bottle Carrier
Picnic Backpack Cooler Wine Tote
Elegant Practical Wine Tote Cooler Carrier
Floral Insulated Wine Tote Cooler
Mobile Rolling Wine Bottle Cooler
  • Bar carriers

    A bar carrier is usually shaped like a box and has a compartment for wine and a place to put ice. It can often also store bar accessories like tongs. The dimensions on a bar carrier could be around 13 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 14 inches high.

Weekend Picnic Wine Bag with Ice Pack
Vintage Wine Bar Carrier to Go
Wine and Multi Purpose Picnic Cooler
Picnic Bar Carrier with Thermal Shield insulated

How to Choose the Right Strap Style in Wine Carriers and Totes?

Another important feature to consider is how the tote carries. You have several options here as well.

  • Shoulder strap: These are often long enough to go over one shoulder. The best designs will have some kind of padding to adjust on the strap itself for added comfort.

    Choose shoulder straps if you don't have long to walk, as carrying a tote over one shoulder can be cumbersome after a while.

  • Handle: Some straps only allow you to carry the tote in one hand. Choose these if you're taking the wine from the car into someone's home.

  • Long strap: These often go over the chest and the tote itself sits at the hip like a messenger bag. These are good if your destination involves a bit of a hike.

  • Backpack style: Backpacks are the best possible style if you plan to take your wine on an outdoor excursion. The wine slings right over the back with these wine carriers & totes.