How To Choose A Window Mirror


Window mirrors look beautiful, make your home more luminous and give the impression of extra space. They work with any design style and can instantly improve even the dullest of rooms. Here's our guide to choosing your new window mirror.

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How to Choose the Best Window Mirror for Your Style?

To choose the very best window mirror for your home, you'll need to consider how it will fit in with your decorating style. Here are the best models to complement different styles.


Warm and inviting, composed of various elements from different styles, traditional decors are both elegant yet comforting. Dress up your traditional living room with an elegant window mirror to harmonize your style.

White Traditional Window Mirrors
Wall Traditional Window Mirror in Grey
Long Traditional Window Mirror in Grey
Gold Metal Traditional Window Mirror
Rose Gold Metal Traditional Window Mirror
Traditional Arched Window Mirror


A modern style home tends to focus on the style trend of the moment, with a focus on graphic lines and sometimes a striking use of various different materials juxtaposed.

Modern Rustic Round Window Mirror
White Round Accent Window Mirror
White Round Modern Window Mirror
Modern & Contemporary Window Mirror in Black
Modern Rectangular Window Mirror
Modern Blue Armoire with Window Mirror


It can be difficult to find items to decorate your minimalist home, without destroying your minimalist effect. Window mirrors are an ideal choice if you like an uncluttered look and as they are wall hung, they won't destroy your clean lines or add distraction.


If your style is truly your own and incorporates a mix-match of various different styles, then you need a window mirror that will also stand out.

Brown Wood Eclectic Window Mirror
Blue Wooden Eclectic Window Mirror
White Eclectic Arched Window Mirror
Wooden Eclectic Arched Window Mirror
Geometric Eclectic Window Mirror
Light Wood Eclectic Window Mirror


Exuding masculinity with factory and warehouse elements, use a window mirror to easily complement your industrial decor without overdoing it.


Rustic decors combine farmhouse style elements, with the occasional touch of industrial, favoring natural and raw finishes. There are a lot of farmhouse style window mirrors that perfectly complement this style of decor.

Industrial Sun Styled Window Mirror
Black Modern Industrial Window Mirror
Square Industrial Window Mirror in Pieces
Gold Shabby Chic Window Mirror
Brown Wood Rustic Window Mirror
Grey Wood Rustic Window Mirror

Shabby Chic

If you have a romantic, antique or vintage French style home, you'll want to opt for an elegant, well-proportioned window mirror.

How to Choose the Best Window Mirror for Each Room?

You'll also need to bear in mind where you are planning to place your mirror. Your choice of room will have a strong influence on what style of window mirror you choose.

Living room

A window mirror for your living room should be simple in design. The living room is the one of the most frequented rooms in the house, designed for family moments and relaxation. It is also generally one of the largest rooms, so you can opt for larger and wider window mirrors than in other rooms.

Dining room

Generally, more formal than your living room, dining rooms look best with more elegant window mirrors. Opt for vertical models with or without top arches. You can also add to the classic, formal style of a dining room by placing your window mirror over a mantel or console table.


Sadly, a lot of bathrooms don't have enough natural light, so it's a great place to add a window mirror, reflecting that precious amount of natural light and giving you the impression of extra space. At the same time, however, you don't want an oversized bathroom window mirror that will detract from the rest of your decor.

Place a window mirror the same size as your regular window on a neighboring wall for a harmonized design or use a round or fun-shaped window mirror as an alternative to your traditional rectangular mirror above your washbasin.


Arched window mirrors are popular choices for the bedroom. Select a model to suit your style, but don't choose one that is too large as it could overpower your decor. As bedrooms are typically private rooms, you should look for small to medium sized window mirrors with smooth shaping and clear lines.

Wooden Rectangular Wall Window Mirror
Classic Arched Window Mirror
Big Round Window Mirror
Golden Octagon Modern Window Mirror
Small White Round Window Mirror
Decorative Square Wooden Window Mirror

What Size Window Mirror is Best?

Here are our tips for choosing the best size window mirror for your room: