Flower arrangements are a perfect way to liven up any interior. However, you'll also need a pretty vase to go with your flowers. Keep in mind that not all vases complement certain types of flowers. With so many styles, sizes, and shapes available, choosing a vase that will match well with your bouquets can be quite overwhelming.

Whether you're picking out vases for your living room, bathroom, or bedroom, you can refer to this guide to help you select the best option based on your display of flowers and room settings.

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What are the different types of vases to choose from?

There is a wide selection of vase designs that you can experiment with in different rooms and with various flowers. Here are the most common types of vases:

Ceramic Column Basket Weave Table Vase
Two Color Cylinder Ceramic Vase
White Cylinder Floor Vase
Yellow Column Ceramic Table Vase
Small White Cylinder Table Vase
Light Color Cylinder Wood Vase
3 Piece Blue and White Bud Vase Set
Blue Ceramic Bud Vase Set
Blue Glass Bud Table Vase
White Bowl Vase Set
Long Bud Vase in Blue
Sparkle Medium Bud Vase
Rectangular Bottle Styled Glass Vase
Rectangular 3 Piece Table Vase Set
Blue Ceramic Rectangular Vase
Long Rectangular Glass Table Vase
White Rectangular Ceramic Wall Vase
Iron Styled Rectangular Vase

How to select the best vase for different decors and rooms?

Vases can be placed just about anywhere from the table to floor, or even hanging on a wall. The vase you should buy can be determined by the location you're going to place it in.

Small 3 Piece Table Vase Set
Golden Large Ceramic Table Vase
Brown and Red Bottle Floor Vase
White Long Ceramic Floor Vase
Clear Glass Wall Vase Set
2 piece Tube Glass Wall Vase
2 Piece Modern Art Golden Vase Set
Blue Small Round Vase
Ballon Styled Glass Floor Vase
Modern Colorful Ceramic Vase Set
Silver 2 Piece Table Vase Set
Big Golden Round Vase

Additional aspects to consider when purchasing vases