How To Choose A Vanity Stool


If you need luxurious space to get ready at your vanity, choose a vanity stool to match! This article shows you how to choose the perfect makeup chair for a bedroom or bathroom.

For many women, the process of getting ready is almost sacred. That's why it is important to pick the perfect vanity stool! Although it seems like a small detail in the overall design of your bedroom or bathroom, a vanity stool is a perfect opportunity to search for accent furniture as it does not need to match any other chairs.

To help you choose the right vanity stool, this blog post will explain:

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How to choose a vanity stool for the bedroom or bathroom?

It is worth putting some thought into your vanity stool if you are curating your whole space. As an accent furniture piece, your makeup chair could pull the room together or look completely out of place.

Golden Armchair Vanity Stool
Vanity Stool with Small Arms
Elegant Gold Round Vanity Stool
Round Vanity Stool with Fur
White Metal Vanity Stool with Back
Brown Bench Vanity Stool with Back

What style vanity stool should I choose?

Looking for inspiration to choose your vanity stool? Here are a few of our favorite styles!

Traditional Bathroom/Bedroom Vanity Stool
Wooden Classic Small Bedroom Vanity Stool
Elegant Accent Vanity Stool with Back
White Vanity Stool with Pink Cushion
Rope Twisted Legs Bedroom Vanity Stool
Classic Wooden Vanity Stool with Cushion
Elegant Bathroom Vanity Stool with Gold
Bamboo Legs Styled Bedroom Vanity Stool
Fluffy Modern Bedroom Vanity Stool
Industrial Silver Bedroom Vanity Stool with Fluff
Acrylic Legs Bedroom Vanity Stool
Acrylic Full Legs Vanity Stool

Should I get a vanity stool or ottoman?

A vanity stool is a chair that allows you to sit up at your vanity or desk. An ottoman is a low, round or square footstool that can be used a decorative seating.

Both vanity stools and ottomans can add elegance and interest to your bedroom or walk-in closet, however, it will depend on your needs and habits.

For example, if you sit at your vanity applying for makeup for long periods of time, an ottoman will be uncomfortable even if it is aesthetically pleasing. It would be better to find a chair with a back that lets you sit up comfortably.

On the other hand, an ottoman is a chic choice for a modern bedroom. They can act as extra storage, extra seating, and give the feeling of being in your very own dressing room.

Make sure that you already know what furniture is going to be in the space and what you are primarily going to use the vanity stool for before you choose the perfect one!