How To Choose A Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders were designed to keep your toilet paper within easy reach. However, their purpose does not end there as they can also add extra style to your bathroom.

They come in a variety of materials, shapes and styles to match any taste. Follow our guide to learn the gritty details to help you choose the ideal toilet paper holder that meets your needs.

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What is the Best Material for a Toilet Paper Holder?

Toilet paper holders usually come in four different materials:

  • Resin - easiest to clean, maintain and is very durable

  • Stainless-steel - most reliable since it is hard-wearing and has strong properties.

  • Wood - might be unconventional for some to choose, but it brings charm to a space and makes for a sturdy toilet paper holder.

  • Plastic - it might not be as durable as the others, but it is a cost-effective option that comes in many interesting colors.

White Plastic Toilet Paper Holder
Toilet Paper Holder with Natural Wood Storage
Stainless Steel Toiler Paper Holder
Stainless Steel Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf
Wooden Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder
Onyx Finish Steel Toiler Paper Holder

What are Different Types of Toilet Paper Holder Based on Installation?

The most common options on the market would be wall-mounted, free-standing or one with a suction cup.

Free-standing toilet paper holders

Free-standing toilet paper holders might take up some space, but they compensate with the numerous unique designs you can find. They can be moved around and are stored easier.

Freestanding Square Base Toilet Paper Holder
Rose Gold Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder
Elegant Silver Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder
Round Base Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder
Simple Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder
Twisted FreeStanding Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders with a suction cup

They are best if you are one that hates drilling in holes in bathroom tiles and does not want them to take up extra space. Keep in mind that poorly designed suction cups can sometimes disappoint if they succumb to gravity. Much like the free-standing holder, this type of holders can be moved around if primarily fixed in an awkward spot.

Simple Silver Toilet Paper Holder with Suction Cups
Square Toilet Paper Holder with Suction Cups
Plastic Toilet Paper Holder with Suction Cups
Acrylic Toilet Paper Holder with Suction Cups
Round Base Toilet Paper Holder with Suction Cups
Straight Toilet Paper Holder with Suction Cups

Wall-mounted toilet paper holders

Wall-mounted holders can be a better alternative because there is no risk of falling and can look more stylish and tidier. However, keep in mind that the position of the toilet paper holder is key. Once the wall-mounted holder is fixed, you have to stick with it, unless you want to have a random hole in the tile.

Bathroom Organizer Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder
Simple Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder
Black Stainless Steel Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder
Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf
Creative Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder
Classic Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder

What Styles of Toilet Paper Holders are There?

Depending on the style of your bathroom, you will find a huge variety of toilet paper holder designs, ranging from industrial to modern.

  • A brilliant choice for a vintage styled bathroom is a bronze colored brass holder that is simple but has little engravings on the sides.

  • Do not be surprised if you come across a copper wall-mounted toilet paper holder. With its traditional and simple design, it will perfectly match an industrial style bathroom.

  • Contemporary interiors beg for stainless-steel or aluminum holders that have a sleek and simple design and are wall mounted or with a suction cup.

  • With the digital age taking over the world, designers come up with new concepts to accustom to your daily life. You can now find a toilet paper holder that features a storage shelf for you to secure your phone whilst in the bathroom.

  • For a tidy look, you can choose an elegant stainless-steel toilet paper holder that is free-standing and offers a storage basket at the bottom to keep magazines or extra toilet paper.

  • You can also find a tall free-standing toilet paper holder that allows you to store up to four toilet rolls without needing extra storage. Choose one made of stainless-steel with a chrome finish, so it lasts you forever and is easy to clean.