How To Choose A Teen Accent Chair

Accent chairs are a great way to add a pop of color and a sleek touch to any teen’s room. No matter what color your child’s room is, you can find an accent chair that best matches the room’s aesthetic according to the different colors, sizes, and materials you can experiment with.

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There are various aspects you should consider when purchasing a teen’s accent chair, especially if it’s pricey. You wouldn’t want to regret your decision. Without further ado, here are tips that can help facilitate your decision-making.

What are the different teen accent chair designs to choose from?

It all depends on what the accent chair is going to be used for. You can ask your child if she/he is going to actually utilize the chair, or if it’s just going to be used as a versatile decor piece for their bedroom.

Start by assessing which models suit their needs and preferences. Since the accent chair is going to be in your teen’s room, it’s important to make sure they like it before making any purchases. There are countless numbers of teen accent chair models.

Here are some to name a few:

  • Bean bags are very casual and comfortable teen accent chairs. If your child enjoys lounging and relaxing on the floor, you can opt for a bean bag. Bean bags are available in every color whether vibrant colors such as red or pastel colors such as peach puff. Materials include faux fur (a trendy material for teens), or polyester for water resistance. Very soft and easy to clean.
Gray Modern Corduroy Bean Bag Chair
Gray Furry Poliester Bean Bag Chair
Red Classic Fabric Bean Bag Chair
White Classic Fabric Bean Bag Chair
Blue Classic Cotton Blend Bean Bag Chair
Gray Classic Cotton Twill Bean Bag Chair
  • Hanging egg swing chairs are favorable for teens with a boho chic style. This unique and eye-catching teen accent chair has a soft cushion and a durable stand. Teenagers can relax suspended in the air as they read a book or even take a nap. Comes with a stand or can be mounted on a ceiling.
White Modern Wicker Plastic Swing Chair
Black Modern Woven Swing Chair
Gray Classic Wicker Rattan Swing Chair
White Classic Wicker Teardrop Swing Chair
Black Stylish Wicker Rattan Swing Chair
Brown Traditional Wicker Swing Chair
  • Papasan accent chairs are versatile and come in various models both suitable for girls and boys. Models include Clarissa (faux fur), Decker (circular cushion upholstered microfiber polyester) and Swivel papasan chair (modern and can swivel).
Black Classic Wicken Papasan Chair
Brown Traditional Rattan Papasan Chair
White Modern Metal Polyester Papasan Chair
Brown Traditional Rattan Papasan Chair
Rainbow Modern Metal Papasan Chair
Black Classic Metal Fabric Papasan Chair
  • Hang-a-Round chairs are sturdy and comfy. Ideal for studying, reading, or lounging around. Their sink-in form makes them suitable for relaxation.
  • Bender armchair, a sleek and modern teen accent chair that rounds out your teen’s decor while providing a neat seating arrangement for small spaces. Creates a mid-century-inspired style to your teen’s room.
Blue Modern Velvet Bender Armchair
Yellow Modern Velvet Bender Armchair
Baby Blue Classic Polyester Bender Armchair
Blue Modern Velvet Armchair
Gray Classic Velvet Bender Armchair
Green Classic Velvet Bender Armchair

How to choose teen accent chairs based on lifestyles?

  • Traditional accent chairs can fit into any teenager’s bedroom’s aesthetic because of its classic and elegant look. These accent chairs come in various colors and fabrics depending on your preferences.
  • Casual accent chairs (armless chairs with neutral colors) creates a relaxed atmosphere. Casual chairs are also very comfy.
  • For a modern look, you can choose armless accent chairs with vibrant colors, such as red, blue, or yellow. Modern armless chairs are modest yet can totally transform a teen’s bedroom.
  • Those who prefer a luxurious style can choose sculptural accent chairs. These luxury chairs create a fancy look because of their artistic appearance rather than convenience.

How to choose your teen accent chair's size?

  • Consider the room’s space. Is your teen’s room large enough to accommodate the accent chair they’re interested in? Or will it make their room look too cramped?
  • It’s better to measure the width and depth of the space in order to know which size fits best before making any purchase. You don’t need an accent chair that takes up so much room if the room is small. Remember that there should be enough space to move around in front of the chair. If the chair’s dimensions are the same as the available space’s measurements, try making more space or opt for a smaller teen accent chair.
  • Accent chairs should sit at the same height as the sofa and other chairs.
  • Try to sit on the accent chair for a while before purchasing it. Make sure the chair is comfortable enough for your child’s height. Those who are tall should choose an accent chair with more legroom. If they want to curl up in their chair, choose a deep and wide one.
  • Larger accent chairs are heavier and harder to move. This might not be a good option if you live in an apartment.

What material is preferable for teen accent chairs?

To help decide which fabric is best for your teen, think about what’s most important to them: the physical comfort or the appearance?

  • Natural and synthetic leather: long-lasting for daily usage; synthetic varieties are available in all sorts of attractive colors.
  • Accent chairs with materials such as wood, metal, and plastic are easier to wipe clean. However, they feel colder than others.
  • Soft materials like cushy upholstery and velvet leather have a warm and pleasant surface.
  • Robust wool-based materials are more resistant to stains and can easily be cleaned, unlike polyester blends.
  • If their room already has upholstered furniture, you can opt for a different material such as faux fur for a unique contrast.

How to pick the right color for your teen accent chair?

Colors play an important role when choosing teen accent chairs, just like designs and materials.

Complementary Colors

The easiest way to pick an accent chair color is to base it off of the different colors in your child’s room. You can use the color wheel to help you figure out the complementary colors of their bedroom.

  • Examples of complementary colors include red and green, yellow and violet, and blue and orange.
  • If they have various green decor and furniture in their room, like a lamp, a plant, and a nightstand, try going for a red accent chair.

Statement Colors

If you’re looking to purchase a teen accent chair to add more charm and design to your teenager’s room, you can opt for accent chairs with statement colors or patterns. These colors create an exhilarating statement. For instance, you can try out a color they like but don’t usually have.

  • Jewel-tones such as sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, and emerald green work with a neutral-toned bedroom.
  • Patterns: chevron stripes and floral prints bring attention to the chair. Patterns are good for hiding dirt, such as pet fur.
  • Other colors that make a statement include cobalt green, red, purple wine, and yellow.

Matching room decor colors

Another easy way to pick an accent chair’s color is to match it with their existing bedroom items. Match the chair with their duvet, wardrobe, or other decor patterns and colors they already have.

  • If they have a gray duvet, you can easily pick gray as an accent chair color.
  • If they have black and white curtains, you can go for an accent chair with a black and white pattern.

Matching the accent chair with other decors or furniture will keep symmetry in their bedroom.

Quick Tips

  • Accent chairs are versatile and display contrast in color and style compared to other items in your teen’s room. You can spice up their space by adding a modern accent chair if the interior is more traditional.
  • It can be disappointing to realize that the chair you just bought isn’t the right size for their space. Measuring the available space is an important step.
  • Teen accent chairs can be used to reinforce a bedroom’s color palette or introduce a new pattern.
  • Buying an accent chair is a great way to discover the different styles your child may like. Don’t be too hard on their choices, and have fun discovering their tastes.