How To Choose A Stained Glass Panel

Are you looking for stained glass panels to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home? In this guide, we'll show you how to naigate through a variety of options.

Stained glass windows have been around for ages. They first became fashionable in the Gothic times where they were used to decorate churches but are still used today to add a touch of color and unique architectural details to any home. Stained glass is also popular in colored glass doors, especially in homes built during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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What Are Stained Glass Panels?

Stained glass panels are designed to add charm and color to your windows, doors, and cabinet doors. You can get them from stained glass companies, online sellers, craft fairs, and architectural salvage shops.

The panels are usually suspended from a window using a thin chain making it easy to remove the panel for cleaning or change to a different panel depending on the season or personal preferences.

Birds Red Orange Green Brass Iron Horizontal Glass Window Panel
Floral And Plants White Orange Square Horizontal Stained Glass Window Panel
Rectangular Geometric Vertical Stained Glass Mission Window Panel
Blue Red Yellow Birds In The Night Sky Round Stained Tempered Glass Window Panel
Blue Purple Rectangular Horizontal Stained Glass Window Panel
Green Blue Vertical Rectangular Geometric Window Panel

Stained glass is available today in a wide range of designs including avatar, angels, stars, saints, and the traditional abstract styles. It comes in brilliant colors and can be bought in contrasting pieces or subtle shadings of a single color.

Whichever design you choose or wherever you place it, you can rely on stained glass to showcase the unique decorative style of your home. Stained glass looks incredible when it is lit up from the other side.

Blue Green Orange Novelty Vertical Glass Butterfly Window Panel
Butterfly Tempered Glass Both Circle Window Panel
Orange Red Round Both Glass Sunflower Window Panel
Blue Green Yellow Rectangular Vertical Tempered Glass Tree Of Life Window Panel
Blue Purple Green Both Round Geometric Heart Window Panel
Black Blue Pink Novelty Both Hummingbirds Window Panel

What Important Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Stained Glass Panels?

If you are just starting out with stained glass panels, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of options available today.

There are many issues to consider when choosing the right stained glass for your home such as the cost, color, opacity, and texture. Your choice will largely depend on the location of your home, the function or purpose for the stained-glass panels, and the size of your window, door, or wherever you plan to install the panels.

Some of the most important questions to ask before you buy stained glass panels include the following:

What Kind of Stained-Glass Panel Opacity Do You Need?

Opacity is all about the transparency of the glass. There are generally two categories of glass transparency and more options made from a combination of the two.

Stained glass is categorized as:

  • Opalescent Glass or Opals: This type is more opaque which means that you cannot see directly through the dense glass. Opals are great for areas where you want to conceal an unsightly view with a more decorative glass panel.

  • Cathedral Glass: This type is more transparent but can still be used to create beautiful artistic colors that you can see through. It is a great option for decorative windows where you still want sufficient light to pass through and still enjoy great views.

When considering the opacity of stained-glass panels, think of how much light you want to pass through the window or door. Go for an almost opaque glass if you want to dampen or reduce the intensity of light or mask an unsightly view. Opalescent glass can also be used to enhance the privacy of your bathroom or bedroom window.

You can easily check the transparency of the glass by holding your hand behind the glass about 6 inches and check how visible and defined the hand is. Can you see the exact shape of the hand? If you do, try a more opaque glass for better privacy.

Rooster Horizontal Round Red Yellow Green Tempered Glass Window Panel
Multi Colored Both Geometric Glass Rectangle Window Panel
Beige Green Floral And Plants Vertical Rectangular Stained Glass Window
Light Blue Floral And Plants Rectangular Horizontal Stained Glass Window Panel
Floral And Plants Lead Copper Foil Vertical Rectangular Stained Glass Window Panel
Brown Beige Vertical Round Glass Window Panel

Does the Glass Panel Have Texture or Not?

Another important factor to consider is whether you want the glass to have texture or not. Some types of stained-glass panels are smooth on both sides while others have a smooth texture on one side and patterned texture on the other side. Others are textured on both sides.

Ultimately, your decision will depend on your personal preferences and where you intend to install the glass. Stained glass panels with texture on both sides are ideal for more private areas of the home such as bathrooms.

Multi Colored Floral And Plants Tin Copper Foil Bronze Rectangular Vertical Stained Glass Window Panel
Friendly Owls Novelty Orange Green Purple Stained Glass Window Panel
Birds Green Orange Rectangular Vertical Stained Glass Hanging Window Panel
Red Orange Yellow Rectangular Horizontal Stained Glass Rays Of Sunshine Window Panel
Horizontal Rectangular Novelty Single Pane Stained Glass Window Panel
Blue Cream Purple Geometric Arch Horizontal Half Moon Stained Glass Window Panel

Where Do You Plan to Install the Stained-Glass Panels?

Your choice will also depend on where you want to install the stained-glass panels in your home.

  • If you have a bathroom window that opens straight into your neighbor’s window or to a busy alley, you may consider getting a full pane panel that can let in light and maintain your privacy.

  • You may also want to add light and a touch of colorful interest to your patio door by hanging a stained-glass panel on the inside frame of the door.

  • It’s also quite possible to add a small stained-glass panel to a section of the door using suction cups and create a beautiful piece that not only enhances the beauty of your patio but also cautions people that there is glass in that section of your home.

  • A small piece of stained glass** adds color to your room when sunlight passes through**.

  • Do you want to make your cupboard door more decorative? Just fit a stained-glass panel on the cupboard’s glass or wood paneling. For a more dramatic effect, place a candle lamp inside the cabinet and use it as a beautiful and secure night light.

Is the Stained-Glass Panel Easy to Clean?

Ease of cleaning is another important factor to consider in your choice of stained-glass panels.

  • If you plan to use the panel for your kitchen cupboards, we recommend keeping the textured side inside the cupboard so you can clean it easily.

  • If the textured side is facing out, the panel will collect grime and grease and could even get damaged when you need to scrub it hard while cleaning.

Best Tips

  • The right stained-glass panel adds color and aesthetic appeal to your home.

  • You can either choose a one side textured panel, double textured panel, or a panel with smooth surfaces on both sides depending on your preferences.

  • Consider transparency when choosing a stained-glass panel. Opalescent glass panels are ideal for places with privacy requirements such as a bathroom window facing a busy alley or a neighbor’s window.

  • Get a transparent panel if you want to install it for decorative purposes in a place where you want to add color to the room while still letting in enough light.

  • For cupboard doors, keep the textured side of the panel inside for easy cleaning.

Glass stained panels are richly hued glass panels that not only add a unique style to your home but also help to filter light entering through large windows and doors. They add color and change the interior light quality in any room. You can also use stained glass panels to conceal unattractive outdoor features from your view or even to keep the contents of your interior cabinet well hidden.The tips discussed above will show you how to choose glass stained panels that suit your personal needs.