How To Choose A Smoking Urn & Ashtray

Having a tray specifically made to stamp out cigarette butts is not only cost-effective, but you will be doing something good for the environment. Where do you begin the journey of choosing the right smoking urn or ashtray for your home or business?

Our guide will go through the important points for you to consider to successfully select the perfect ashtray and urn.

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Which materials are best for ashtrays and urns?

  • Glass ashtrays are most popular and are a classic option for smokers. They can be cleaned and maintained easily, especially crystal ones.

  • Other materials such as ceramic are also easy to clean. They are quite fragile, but they emit a more contemporary and casual look unlike crystal.

  • Silicone ashtrays are the newest trend amongst smokers since they are practically indestructible. And due to their recent popularity, the market is booming with various designs and colors. You can even find ones with features such as holes for your lighter or attached holders for your rolling papers or loose tobacco.

Classic Round Glass Ashtray
Italian Design Glass Cigar Ashtray
Clear Glass/Crystal Cigar Ashtray
Black Ceramic Oval Cigar Ashtray
Black Square Ceramic Ashtray
Blue Washable Silicon Ashtray

Which type of ashtray should I pick?

Business Use

  • Depending on the number of smokers using the area, you need to consider a certain sized outdoor ashtray and the frequency of maintenance. However, oversized ashtrays might result in cigarette waste lying it for months, which can cause a stale cigarette smell.

  • As for aesthetics, you need to think about the overall look of the building. If it is a modern one, choose a polished aluminum and brass ashtray or black glossy smokers post. Restaurants would prefer a sandy stucco look, so a concrete ash urn would better match the style.

Smoking Urn for Lobby
Black Design High Smoking Urn
Trash Bin Smoking Urn with Ashtray Top
Graphic Pattern Large Smoking Urn
Stylish Smokers Outpost Smoking Urn
Classic Metal Smoking Urn Box

Home Use

  • From simple ceramic designs, to elegant leather-coated options or funky design made of Murano glass, at home, you're only limitedby your imagination.

  • Smokeless ashtrays showcase the evolution of ashtrays and their purpose is to eliminate the cigarette smell. They tend to have a fan that draws out smoke and you can find ones that turn on automatically.

  • A cigar ashtray mainly differs in size when compared to other ashtrays. Many of these are square or round shaped with several grooves to hold more than one cigar. For solo use, you can find a long, rectangular one.

Classic Metal Home Use Ashtray
Simple Black Home Use Ashtray
Square Metal Home Use Ashtray
Ancient Styled Home Use Ashtray
Golden Plastic Home Use Ashtray
Stainless Steel Cigarette Home Use Ashtray

Travel Use

If you are always on the go and find yourself struggling to find a nearby ashtray, there are three kinds of ashtrays that can prevent you from littering.

  • A pocket ashtray is a handy pouch with a snap closure for you to store several cigarette buds until you find a bin to dispose of them properly. It can fit in your pocket, purse or wallet. The materials they are made of will also extinguish your cigarette.

  • Portable ashtrays are another way to stop people from littering and are a similar size to the pocket ashtray. The most common option is small, round container made of flame-retardant materials. Others might be cylindrical with individual slots to deposit butts. You can also find a portable ashtray with a keychain attachment to conveniently hook it to your keys.

  • You need to think about an ashtray for your car as well. They tend to be in the shape of a cup to fit in the cup holder. You can find a variety of car ashtrays with different features to match your taste. Some of these include a removable design liner system, which makes it easier to clean, and others will extinguish your cigarette butts without you needing to stub them.

Which ashtray designs should I consider?

  • If you want an authentic 40s elegant ashtray, choose a large, round cut-glass ashtray. Keep in mind it will be heavy weight, therefore you need to use it with care.

  • For all the ladies who want a creative and bright ashtray, you can find ashtrays interpreting your favorite animal or featuring your favorite color. You can also use them as a home decoration when not in use.

  • Square, elaborately carved silvery ashtrays or crystal bowls with decorative brass footing will make an elegant addition to traditional and vintage homes.

  • Find yourself a windproof ashtray for your garden. They are typically made of metal and are in a round shape. Because of their semi-closed lid design, ashes will not be blown out by the wind.

  • For a one-of-a-kind design, you can find online services that will customize an ashtray for you. You will not have as much choice in materials; however, you can have any image printed to match your taste.