How To Choose A Smoking Urn & Ashtray


Having a tray specifically made to stamp out cigarette butts is not only cost-effective, but you will be doing something good for the environment. Where do you begin the journey of choosing the right smoking urn or ashtray for your home or business?

Our guide will go through the important points for you to consider to successfully select the perfect ashtray and urn.

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Which materials are best for ashtrays and urns?

Classic Round Glass Ashtray
Italian Design Glass Cigar Ashtray
Clear Glass/Crystal Cigar Ashtray
Black Ceramic Oval Cigar Ashtray
Black Square Ceramic Ashtray
Blue Washable Silicon Ashtray

Which type of ashtray should I pick?

Business Use

Smoking Urn for Lobby
Black Design High Smoking Urn
Trash Bin Smoking Urn with Ashtray Top
Graphic Pattern Large Smoking Urn
Stylish Smokers Outpost Smoking Urn
Classic Metal Smoking Urn Box

Home Use

Classic Metal Home Use Ashtray
Simple Black Home Use Ashtray
Square Metal Home Use Ashtray
Ancient Styled Home Use Ashtray
Golden Plastic Home Use Ashtray
Stainless Steel Cigarette Home Use Ashtray

Travel Use

If you are always on the go and find yourself struggling to find a nearby ashtray, there are three kinds of ashtrays that can prevent you from littering.

Which ashtray designs should I consider?