How To Choose A Secretary Desk

Many people work from home these days so secretary desks are becoming more and more sought after pieces of furniture. Whether it’s having a home office or just a laptop to catch up on emails and other work-related stuff, we are always looking for ways to be as productive as we can at home.

Finding enough space for a traditional desk can be difficult. In some cases, you may have the space but for some reason, you may not need a large workspace. This is where secretary desks come in.

Designed to be relatively more compact than traditional office desks, secretary desks are innovatively designed to offer reliable workspace and extra storage without taking too much floor space. They can be placed in any room, including along the hallway or the foyer. In this post, we are going to give you a detailed guide on how to buy the perfect secretary desk.

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What Factors to Consider When Buying a Secretary Desk?

Before we get to the specific factors to keep in mind while looking for a secretary desk, it’s important to create a checklist of what’s important to you. Secretary desks have many features, and they come in different sizes too and different designs.

So, what is the most important thing to you? Is it the desk space, the storage options offered by the desk, the aesthetic or décor value, or the vintage and modern appeal that the desk brings to your space?

Either way, you need to decide what works best for you and that way, it will be easier to find the desk that you want.


Just like with any other piece of furniture, size is a huge factor when buying secretary desks. Keep in mind that secretary desks are supposed to be accent furniture pieces. In other words, they are not meant to be the main center of attention in a room. It’s actually because of this that they are more compact and smaller than normal office desks.

Secretary desks are placed along the wall or in one corner of the room or home office. Start by measuring the wall along which the desk will be placed. After that, get a secretary desk that fits at most a third of that wall. You can place it in one corner or just in the middle of the wall.

Small Rectangular Distressed Gray Solid Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
Small Black Rectangular Metal Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
Medium Rectangular Solid Manufactured Wood Fiberboard Secretary Desk
Medium Rectangular Solid Wood Secretary Desk With Hutch
Large Rectangular Manufactured Wood Salt Oak Secretary Desk With Hutch
Large Rectangular Solid Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk With Hutch


Versatility in furniture design has become a huge thing these days. It’s not just about getting a desk to work on. You also want to get a desk that comes with ample storage and a great design. In this day and age, we are always running out of space to put our stuff.

Any piece of furniture that comes in must help address that problem in some way. This is why you must consider the storage capacity that you will need from secretary desks.

  • Do you need large drawers to store documents?
  • Will small drawers or cubbies for stationery items come in handy?
  • Will a keyboard tray be useful?
  • Do you need a shelf to store your laptop when not in use?
  • Do you need space for the printer?

You will need to answer all these questions before buying the desk. Ultimately, you want to buy a secretary desk that offers plenty of storage without necessarily taking a lot of space at home.

White Bark Gray Solid Manufactured Wood Rectangular Secretary Desk With Hutch
Black Rectangular Engineered Wood And Birch Veneer Secretary Desk With Hutch
Rectangular Manufactured Wood Oak Secretary Desk With Hutch
White Light Brown Solid Manufactured Wood Rectangular Secretary Desk With Hutch
White Rectangular MDF Solid Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
Rectangular Pine Solid Wood Dove Tail Gray Secretary Desk With Hutch

Finishing and Design

The aesthetic value of the secretary desk is also very important. You are not just buying a workspace here. The desk will become an integral part of your décor and must, therefore, have that appeal.

There are several things to consider when choosing the design and finishing.

  • What is your existing décor scheme? In case you have a modern décor with a little bit of flair, consider getting modern secretary desks. White finished desks with gold or brass accents will bring a vibrant appeal to a modern home décor scheme.

  • Pay attention to the wall paint. If your home has bold bright colors on the wall, consider going for neutral desks. This works best if you are going to place the desk on the foyer or hallway.

    Secretary desks can offer great accent value to bare walls, too. For example, a walnut or natural grain finished desk will add immense character to a bold and brightly colored wall.

  • Check the intricate patterns and craftsmanship on the desk. Does it feature extra unique carvings? Is the desk handcrafted? In most cases, handcrafted desks tend to be unique. They bring a certain authentic décor appeal that you won’t get with machine produced desks.

Rectangular Dark Light Brown Solid Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
Rectangular Cherry Solid Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
White Rectangular Metal Solid Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
Rectangular Metal Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
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Dark Cherry Solid Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk With Hutch


Traditionally, secretary desks are constructed from wood. Wood is readily available and can easily be customized to meet various design tastes. But you can still find desks made from metal, laminate, and even plastic.

In case you are looking for something elegant and classy, you have to choose wood. It’s such a versatile material that can blend into any décor easily. Besides, even though wood is not nearly as strong as metal, it’s still durable. With the right maintenance, it can last for years.

Elm Solid Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk With Hutch
Fiberboard Manufactured Wood Rectangular Desk
Western Rectangular Dark Brown Solid Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
Crossing Legs Brown Engineered Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk
Brown MDF Manufactured Wood Modern Secretary Desk With Hutch
Rectangular Laminated Manufactured Wood Secretary Desk With Hutch


The height of your secretary desk is determined by the kind of storage it has. In most cases, the extra vertical space will often feature shelves or additional drawers. However, if you are going to pick taller desks, at least make sure they have an open shelving design at the top. This will be a great display platform for your antiques, art, and even books, and the piece will appear less bulky.

Additionally, if you are picking a shorter desk, make sure it has a usable countertop. You can place a vase there or use that space for displaying your precious stuff.

As for the** height of the work surface**, most are *28" to 30"*, which is an optimal height for people between 5'8" and 5'10" tall, provided they use a conventional task chair.

The guide above should help you determine the most important features of your desk so that you can pick something that works for you in the end.

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