How To Choose A Santa Figurine

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Anticipation is a large part of your enjoyment of the season, so spending time decorating with your loved ones can certainly add to your holiday cheer.

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Santa figurines are whimsical and timeless decor items which will be beloved by all who see them, year in and year out! In order to hit those maximum holly jolly vibes, however, you'll want to choose your statuette carefully.

What types of Santa figurines are there?

While simply having a Santa figurine in your house or yard during the holiday season is certainly merry enough, it might just add that little extra bit of magic to purchase a Santa with features special for you and yours. There are many different types of Santas, but the ones we've seen most frequently are:

Life size 

Imagine the excitement of young ones walking by on the road when they see a true-to-scale Santa in your yard! As an additional bonus, these larger Santas can be seen all the way from the road if you have a deeper yard.

Huge 6' Standing Plush Santa
Large Jolly Santa Claus Statue
African American Life Size Santa Figurine
Life Size Santa Claus Figurine Decoration


Powered by LEDs for ultimate ease, these Santa figurines can be seen chuckling and delivering toys even in the middle of the night! Your festive curb appeal knows no hours with a lighted Santa!

Lighted Jewel Tone Santa
Lighted Musical Christmas Santa Claus Figurine
Lighted Snowy Stroll Santa Christmas Figurine
Lighted Tartan Santa Claus Christmas Figurine
Pre Lit Tinsel Santa Christmas Figurine
Lighted Wine Days Santa Claus Christmas Figurine

Outdoor use

Some Santas are specifically engineered and covered with specific coatings so they can withstand the rough weather the winter months often display. If you're planning on putting your Santa figurines outdoors, purchasing ones specifically rated for outdoor use may help them last longer.

Large Light Up Music Outdoor Santa Figurine
Large Resin Santa Figurine
Resin Santa with Deer Figurine

Animated and Musical

For extra holiday cheer, consider purchasing a Santa that moves! Depending on what you're looking for, you can find Santas that swing, that dance, and even ones that ride along a track on vintage bicycles! 

In the mood for a serenading Santa? Luckily, you can find Santa figurines containing music boxes which play a wide array of holiday music.

Animated Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Winter Scene Rotating Music Box
Graceful Standing Santa Claus Christmas Figure
Standing Santa Claus Christmas Figure with Gift Bag
Lighted Musical Christmas Santa
Musical Standing Santa Claus Christmas Figure with Nice List
Musical Animated Sports Santa Figurine

Incense Holder

If you're searching for something that smells like the holiday season, you're in luck---Santa figurines which double as incense holders can be just the thing to combine ultimate decor, productivity, and aromatherapy.

Santa Clause Incense Burner
Santa Train Incense Burner
Festive Santa Claus Incense Burner
Simple Santa Incense Burner
Santa Incense Burner
Santa at Table Incense Burner

What colors are best for Santa figurines?

Santa figurines are available in all of the colors of the rainbow---even plaid, purple, and pink! 

If you're aiming for traditional festive holiday colors, you'll want to concentrate on red, green, gold, and white. Any other colors should be kept to a minimum, or used for accents only (such as a black monogram, or Santa's twinkling blue eyes). 

However, if you're going for a modern or eclectic look, you can choose any color you'd like! Consider where you want to display your Santa figurine, however. If you're displaying it outside, for example, you may wish to steer clear of blue, brown, or green---that will cause your Santa to camouflage into the natural flora too much and he may not be shown off to his best advantage.

What is the best material for a Santa figurine?

Santa figurines come in any number of materials, including fabric and clay. However, in order for these figurines to last from year to year and weather the elements appropriately, especially if you're displaying them outside, you'll want to select a hardier material. Good materials to select may include:

  • Plastic: This lightweight material is cheaper than the alternatives, so your investment will go further; however, just know that you will likely have to anchor your Santa figurine to the ground in some way to ensure that it doesn't tip over.

  • Glass: Glass is a beautiful way to make traditional Santa figurines a little classier with its crystal-clear sparkle! While it wouldn't be advisable to have glass figurines outside, properly cared-for glass Santa figurines will last for years---long enough to potentially be family heirlooms. 

  • Metal: Metal may not be the most glamorous material you're considering, but it's incredibly hardy, can be painted, and is light enough for children to play with if that is your goal! If you go with a metal piece, just make sure that you follow the manufacturer's directions in terms of weatherproofing (no one wants a rusty Santa!). 

  • Resin: Resin is a composite blend of moldable materials engineered to be stronger and denser than plastic. It can mimic the look of high-quality stone and marble, yet because it's a solution and not a pure product, it can cost much less!

Large Galvanized and Recycled Metal Santa
Resin Moose in the Bush Santa
Simple Porcelain Santa Figurine

Think about where you're going to want to put your Santa figurine. If it's indoors, metal or glass may be good choices, while plastic and resin figurines are made to survive low temperatures and high condensation.

Quick tips

  • Consider where you're planning on keeping your Santa figurine before you buy. If you're going to keep your Santa figurine outside, then plastic or resin are likely better materials to focus upon. 
  • Think about what entertainment value you're going for in terms of the features you'll want to see on your Santa. Do you want a caroling Santa figurine? What about a nutcracker, for more specific productivity?