How To Choose A Pool Cue Rack And Holder

Thoughtfully selected pool cue racks and holders can help you to neatly arrange your cues, making the unit look like an arty game-room showpiece! If you are investing in a new unit, cue up and get on with this article. It will help you make the right choice.

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This is a 2-piece cue holder. The base piece has insets or grooves in which the cues can be rested. The other part has clamps in which the other side of the cue can be fixed. The cues remain secured in this no-frills, simple but efficient holder.

Three major advantages are:

  • Space-saving - since the cue holders don't use even an inch of floor space

  • Affordable - since these are basic designs, they cost less than the other types

  • The expensive cues are stored on the wall; hence they will not obstruct anybody's movement and get damaged accidentally

Wall-mounted cue holders are ideal for compact game rooms where floor space is scarce. Made of wood, they will match well with a wooden floor or other wooden accents in the room.

Wood Wall Pool Cue Rack
Big Wood Wall Pool Cue Rack
Wall Pool Cue Rack
Deluxe Wall Pool Cue Rack
Light Wood Wall Pool Cue Rack
Dark Wood Wall Pool Cue Rack

Corner Pool Cue Floor Racks

They have two perpendicular sides that fit into the corner angle. The top shelf will have slots and the base will have grooves. The pool cues will fit snugly into the grooves and slots. Their front profiles can have any tapered shape such as a semi-circle, flat, or half-diamond.

These corner racks are floor models and their main advantage is the effective use of the room corners. They are ideal for game-rooms with an odd angle or an odd layout that they can utilize effectively. You will choose these racks if your game-room is compact and you intrinsically like corner arrangements.

Black Corner Pool Cue Floor Rack
Corner Pool Cue Floor Rack in Brown
Solid Corner Pool Cue Floor Rack
Wooden Corner Pool Cue Floor Rack
Light Wood Corner Pool Cue Floor Rack
Corner 10 Pool Cue Floor Rack

8-cue racks

They are 2-piece cue racks with a base that rests on the floor, while the top panel is wall-mounted. The cues are held on each side of a center panel. These designs often have space to arrange the balls and accessories on the center panel.

8-cue pool racks and holders are for social game-room environments and are a pretty sight, with the multi-colored cues making them look like a décor piece. Do you enjoy taking turns playing pool? Or, are you a pool cue collector with many pieces to display? Go for this 8-cue holder which will help you display your collection.

Spacious game-rooms with preferably just a billiards table at the center and sitting arrangement along the walls will suit these cue holders perfectly.

Solid Square

This one is an all-square pool cue holder, a variant of the 8-cue model. It has a solid square base with short legs, an inset square pole and a square top fitted to it. The base has four grooves on the corners, and one groove each at the center of all the four sides, to hold eight cues. The top unit has matching slots where the cues rest.

This unit also comes in a rectangular shape, with three grooves on the longer sides and one groove each at the center of the shorter side, thus making it an 8-cue holder.

These cue holders have a solid macho appeal. Go for this unit if you are after a sturdy looking and dependable rack. A vinyl plank floor with wooden texture and other wooden furniture will only make this cue holder more prominent in your game-room.

Wood and Mirror Wall 8-Cue Rack
Wood Wall 8-Cue Rack
8-Cue Billiard Corner Floor Rack
Traditional 8-cue Single Wall Rack
Square 8-cue Floor Rack

Multi-purpose storage racks

Apart from a tidy arrangement of cues, these racks also store other accessories - from hand-gloves to billiards balls.

These pool cue racks are like low tables resting on four legs and have the top and base planks or shelves. They have appropriate grooves and slots in which the cues go, and drawers and hooks to store other things.

These storage racks help you place all your billiards requirements in one central unit. Do you like your game-room accessories in neat order? Then this one is for you.

What Are the Best Materials for Pool Cue Racks and Holders?


  • Very durable and strong
  • Various finishing options - French polish, lacquer, shellac, oil paint, and more which will go with any game-room interior
  • Blends with other wood or wood-finish décor
  • Is great for elegant pool cues, giving them  the look of a showpiece


  • Made from ABS or Polyurethane (U), hence durable and climatically stable
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Excellent finishes including wood and metal textures
  • Affordable - less expensive than wood

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