Outdoor living spaces have been a massive trend for years now. As technology becomes smaller and outdoor furniture more durable, it's common to have or want a whole living room outside on the patio. A keyway to obtain that space is by getting a patio conversation set.

As the name suggests, these are sets that have multiple furniture pieces so that people can sit around and converse outside. But they have many different styles to choose from, so below we'll help you decide what to look for.

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How to select the materials in patio conversation sets?

Patio sets tend to come in a limited amount of materials. This is because certain materials do best in permanent outdoor settings. Some of the main types you'll find include:


Most wicker patio conversation sets have a sturdy inner frame made of a metal like steel. The outside is most often a wicker/rattan weave. Sets like this are typically made of synthetic resin wicker that looks like real but is much more water-resistant and made with all-weather conditions in mind. Choose this type for dense texture and durability.

Rattan Sofa Patio Conversation Set with Cushions
Wicker/Rattan Patio Conversation Set
Rattan Patio Conversation Set with Green Cushions
8 Piece Rattan Patio Conversation Set
White Wicker/Rattan Patio Conversation Set
Grey Rattan Patio Conversation Set


You'll often see outdoor furniture made of durable and weather-resistant woods like Killarney Ash hardwood. However, because it is wood, it won't last the way a quality synthetic might. However, you can't beat the rich and classic texture wood imparts.

Acacia Wood Patio Conversation Set
Solid Wood Patio Conversation Set with Cushions
Wood Patio Conversation Set for Two
Grey Wood Patio Conversation Set
Brown Wood Patio Conversation Set
Wooden Patio Conversation Set with Cushions


Metal outdoor furniture sets are less common. These are typically made of metals like iron, and a good product will be coated with weatherproofing or a compound that prevents rust, if needed. People choose metal because it tends to be more lightweight for moving around and imparts a modern feel.

Metal Patio Conversation Set with Rope Weave
Metal Patio Conversation Set with Lounge Sofa
Red Metal Patio Conversation Set
4 piece Metal Patio Conversation Set
Metal Patio Conversation Set with Fireplace
Metal Patio Conversation Set with White Cushions

Another important consideration is the cushion type, which can mean different features for care and comfort. Again, patio sets don't have too much diversity in the material types, since the idea is to go for maximum durability. Patio conversation set cushions typically come in:

If you don't want the hassle of bringing in patio cushions when not in use, some sleek and minimalistic styles don't make use of cushions. The seating area might simply be a textile fabric that is pulled over an open frame, so it gives as you sit on it, which adds comfort.

What are the best style choices in patio conversation sets?

When it comes to the style of the patio set, you have a little more selection here. The most common styles include:

Dense Wicker Grey Patio Conversation Set
Dense Wicker Brown Patio Conversation Set
Textured Wicker Patio Conversation Set with Cushions
Textured Wicker Patio Conversation Set
Simple Wood Patio Conversation Set
Modern Patio Conversation Set

How do you choose a color scheme for a patio conversation set?

Another important consideration is the color. Patio conversation sets are large pieces that often define a backyard space, so it's important to get the color right:

What is the best seating type in patio conversation sets?

You also have a wide variety of seating types to choose from, each with its own function.