How To Choose A Narrow Console Table

You don't have to be an interior décor aficionado to have beautiful narrow console tables in your home. Standing as tall as 30 - 40 inches, which is the size of a standard dining room table, a narrow console table is best placed in compact spaces - like hallways or entryways.

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These tables can give your space that extra platform for showcasing your lighting and décor while serving as storage.But, here's the kicker. You can get confused when it comes to choosing the narrow console table that best meets your needs.

The reason is simple! It's not your REGULAR everyday home décor tool, and there are a handful of brands available that claim to be the best.

We'll be doing you a favor in this post to show you the things you need to know to separate the wheat from the chaff. Also, you'll be seeing 5+ console table styles that will help your decision making.

What Are the Different Types of Narrow Console Tables?

The function of a console table is as crucial as it looks. Hence, it's wise to go for a console table that matches your existing home décor and lifestyle. To achieve that, you can start by identifying the various types of console tables.

Wine Console

Are you're a wine enthusiast that loves to keep wine collections? Do you detest the average conventional big wine bars placed in homes? Then, the wine console table is for you.

Having the wine console tables gives your home a more sophisticated and smarter look. Plus, it makes it simple for you to entertain your guests as you get quick access to a small collection of wines at your reach without any stress.

Depending on the style you opt for, you go for wine consoles with racks that hold 10 - 40 bottles comfortably.

36 Bottle Wine Console Table in Chrome
Wooden 24 Bootle Wine Console Table
Black 24 Bottle Wine Console Table
10 Bottle Wine Console Table
Wooden 40 Bottles Wine Console Table
Crafted 30 Bottle Wine Console Table

Convertible Console

If you live in a small home or a multipurpose-studio room of about 70 - 130 sq.ft., you can opt for the convertible console tables. The reason is simple.

Most convertible console tables are two-in-one. Such consoles can also act as a compact-sized dining table when it's raised, pulled out, or flipped over.

Hence, the convertible console will come in handy if you plan to entertain a ton of guests in your small apartment for dinner during the holidays. The table will be converted to a dining table when the guests are around and returned to its normal position when they are gone.

Manufactured Wood Convertible Dining Table
Convertible Console Table with Stair Display
Convertible Dinning or Console Sofa Table
Small Convertible Console Table
Convertible Console Table into Dining Table
5 piece Convertible Dining Table

Storage Console

You'll love the storage consoles if you're looking for the ideal accent table in your home. This table will provide extra space for you to store things either in plain sight or out of sight. Also, it's the perfect option for you if you'll choose open shelving over enclosed storage.

Hence, you can make your small room space clutter-free, especially if the particular design comes with multiple drawers or baskets.

Sophisticated Wooden Storage Console Table
Urban Wooden Storage Console Table
Rustic Dark Storage Console Table
Traditional Wooden Storage Console Table
Contemporary Industrial Storage Console Table
Rustic Wooden Large Storage Console Table

6 Console Table Styles That Can Help Your Decision Making

The most common console table styles are:

  • Shelving. If you need space to showcase a potted plant or your books, then you can go for the shelf style console table.

  • Magazine. You can get console tables that provide features for storing your magazines and other stationaries. This style will come in handy in your office.

  • Drawers. Opting for a drawer style makes it possible for you to nosh some small items you don't want to see in plain sight. This feature is particularly useful in

  • Pedestals. The pedestal style will make a bold statement when you place it at the end of your hallway. This style is ideal if you want to get that accent touch in your ample space.

  • Tray Top. This style is suitable if you've got a landing zone space, especially in a big space, where you place small items throughout the day.

  • Casters. Do you foresee moving your console table often?  Then, casters are the ideal style you need in your space.

Now, you can choose the narrow console tables that best fit your needs. All you need to do is to apply everything you've learned in the post, and you'll be on track.