How To Choose A Magazine Rack

If the question “Where can I store magazines?” has been swirling around your mind, you probably have a notable print collection that deserves its own space: a magazine rack. This useful piece of furniture is versatile and can be placed in a multitude of locations, whether you desire one for the home or office. Below, we provide a list of magazine rack styles, including materials and placements, so you can be on your way to discovering the best magazine rack design for your space.

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Where do I place a magazine rack?

  • Bathroom: try a wall mounted magazine rack

When selecting a magazine rack for bathrooms, consider optimal use of space. A magazine wall rack will not take up precious floor space. Be mindful of your existing décor; for example, if you have opted for a minimalist style that’s functional, a metal wall mounted magazine rack that allows you to hang extra rolls of toilet paper may just be the perfect style!

  • Living room: try a magazine rack side table

A magazine rack side table can be neatly tucked beside your favorite couch, offering a place for your beloved magazines and a spot to hold your coffee, phone, and keys as well.

  • Office: try a floor magazine rack

The perfect magazine rack for your office may include a magazine rack tower for informational literature or an eye-catching metal rack that offers design and functionality while displaying some of your favorite and relevant print items.

Wall Mounted Magazine Rack
Metal Magazine Rack
Traditional Magazine Rack
Leather Magazine Rack
Tempered Glass Magazine Rack

Which magazine rack materials and styles go best with my existing décor?

  • Modern décor

If you have opted for a modern interior design, choose a magazine rack made of metal to keep with the simple and sleek vibe of your environment.

Metallic Titanium Magazine Rack
Floor Magazine Rack
White Magazine Rack
Freelon Magazine Rack
Open Box Magazine Rack
Ceramic Magazine Rack
  • Contemporary décor

A contemporary décor allows just a bit more freedom than its modern counterpart and could be well complemented by a curved molded plywood design.

Dark Brown Contemporary Magazine Rack
Oak Contemporary Wall Mount Magazine Rack
Brass Brown Leather Contemporary Magazine Rack
Metal Contemporary Floor Display Stand
Metallic Stainless Steel Contemporary Magazine Holder
Metal Leather Contemporary Magazine Rack
  • Industrial décor

For industrial décor, look for magazine racks with a brass finish. This will complement the overall feel of an unfinished, cool environment.

Black Metal Industrial Magazine Rack
Black Faux Leather Industrial Magazine Rack
Black Gray Metal Industrial Solid Magazine Rack
Metal Industrial Desk Organizer Set
Industrial Wall Mount Magazine Flyer Holder Organizer Rack
Brown Metal Solid Wood Industrial Magazine Rack
  • Scandinavian décor

With Scandinavian décor, you can have a little fun with bright plastics and unusual designs that are art pieces within themselves. You can also try using metal magazine racks, like those made of enameled aluminum to fit your existing interior design style.

Metal Black Bronzed Brass Scandinavian Magazine Rack
Molded Plywood Construction Scandinavian Side Table
Geometric Iron Scandinavian Magazine Storage Rack
Chrome Steel Wire Leather Scandinavian Magazine Rack
White Metal Scandinavian Magazine Rack
Black Wrought Iron Scandinavian Magazine Rack
  • Bohemian décor

If you’ve opted for bohemian décor, you already know that anything goes, so long as it brings you joy! You can use any of the design styles, materials, and colors to keep with making the space unique to you.

Mission Oak Bohemian Magazine Rack
Gray Brown Bohemian Magazine Rack
Brown Rattan Wicker Bohemian Magazine Rack
Natural Rattan Wicker Bohemian Magazine Rack
Woven White Bohemian Magazine Rack
Natural Banana Leaf Bohemian Magazine Rack

Best Tips:

  • Always consider the size and décor of the room before purchasing the perfect magazine rack!
  • Wall magazine racks help you save space.
  • Metals and molded plywood are great for modern and contemporary styles.
  • Side table and floor tower magazine racks are ideal for living and office spaces.
  • Bright plastics and unusual metals will fit perfectly into Scandinavian décor.

With just a little guidance, you are now ready to explore the web and find the best magazine rack for housing your favorite publications!