There are certain details that you need to pay attention to when purchasing loveseat slipcovers. Although there are a wide variety of slipcovers available, not all of them are worth the purchase. Some fabrics are stronger than others and certain styles work best in particular settings.

This guide will help you narrow down your options based on factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, and types of fabrics to choose from. Before spending your money on a slipcover, make sure to consider these characteristics to get the most out of your investment.

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How to pick the best fabric for your loveseat slipcover?

Here are the most common fabric options for loveseat slipcovers:


Cotton is a favorable option for those who like casual and natural designs. It's a light, soft, and durable fabric and can be washed in the washing machine. Light-colored cotton slipcovers are typically thin and aren't the best option for covering dark-colored loveseats.

This fabric gets wrinkly so you need to steam the slipcover regularly. Frequent washing leads to shrinkage.




Polyester-cotton blend

Red Polyester Blent Loveseat Slipcover
Solid Velvet Plush Loveseat Slipcover
Waterproof Box Cushion Loveseat Slipcover
Cotton Duck Fabric Loveseat Slipcover
Waterproof Velvet Classy Loveseat Slipcover
Polyester Blend Elegant Loveseat Slipcover

What are the features to look for in a loveseat slipcover?

The purpose of a good slipcover is to keep your loveseat in perfect condition. Therefore, you should consider how frequently your loveseat is used.

Flower Printed Stretch Stylish Loveseat Slipcover
Box Cushion Pet Cover Loveseat Slipcover
Hook & Loop Fastener Faux Leather Loveseat Slipcover
Elegant Box Cushion Loveseat Slipcover
Classy Printed Reversible T-Cushion Armchair Slipcover
Stretch Elastic Box Cushion Loveseat Slipcover

How to select the color and style of your loveseat slipcover?

Some slipcovers loosely drape your loveseat and others include elastic for a better fit. If you want the slipcover to tailor to your loveseat's precise measurements, go for custom slipcovers.

Modern Patterned Stylish Loveseat Slipcover
White Elegant Box Cushion Loveseat Slipcover
Ruffled Decorative Box Cushion Loveseat Slipcover
Christmas Winter Nordic Style Patterned Loveseat Slipcover
Stylishy Elastic Blue Box Cushion Loveseat Slipcover
Striped Warm Colors Polyester Loveseat Slipcover

How to measure a loveseat for a slipcover?

Before making any slipcover purchases, you need to measure your loveseat to ensure that it will perfectly fit your furniture.

Choose the slipcover size that best corresponds to your loveseat's dimensions. You can consult the brand's measurement guides to find the size that best fits your measurements.

For fitted slipcovers:

You don't need exact measurements for non-fitted slipcovers.

Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of your loveseat if the slipcover has a skirt or ruffle.