How To Choose A Lazy Susan

Whether you're throwing a party, or just want to better organize your home, Lazy Susans provide a versatile, low-cost way to make food and objects easily accessible.

Use one to share condiments at your BBQ or nibbles at your wine tasting evening, organize cupboards and cabinets, or place a Lazy Susan on your worktop to simply brighten up your decor.

Every home could do with a Lazy Susan, and here's how to pick the best one.

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How to Choose the Best Lazy Susan for Your Home?

Most Lazy Susans are round by design and they can all spin 360 degrees. That's where the similarities end. Available in a vast array of colors, designs and heights, here's how to choose the best Lazy Susan for your home.


  • Wood - natural and easy on the eye, wood is a good choice for use in traditional decors. It can also provide an interesting contrast to a modern look as a feature piece. Don't use wood if you are likely to have hot products or items that will stain. Ideal for cold nibbles and decorative purposes.

  • Plastic - easy to clean and durable, use plastic models indoors and out. However, just be sure that you don't use very hot foods with them. Plastic Lazy Susan's can also be a good low-cost option for use as storage.

  • Ceramic - complement your traditional, cozy decor with a ceramic Lazy Susan. Ceramic cleans well when enameled, just be aware that it can break easily when dropped, so busy households with large pets and children may want to look at plastic versions.

  • Glass - Glass Lazy Susans look great in a contemporary setting. They also set the focus firmly on their contents. However, be aware that fingerprints can be an issue, as can breakability.

  • Metal - if you have an industrial style look going on, or a minimalistic or modern style, you may want to opt for a metal Lazy Susan. They are also extremely hard wearing and robust. Choose treated versions if you are planning to use it outside regularly. Metal versions can also stand up to hot food and BBQing accessories.

Single Wooden Lazy Susan
Double Wooden Lazy Susan
White Ceramic Lazy Susan
All Glass Lazy Susan
Round Plastic Lazy Susan
Double White Plastic Lazy Susan


  • Party - for parties involving drinks with nibbles, rather than dinner parties in their own right, opt for a Lazy Susan with segmented removable compartments. They can also be a good choice for various oils, dips and sauces, making refills extra easy.

  • Outdoors - you'll need a robust Lazy Susan for outdoor use. If the wind suddenly picks up or the heavens open, you don't want your Lazy Susan to become damaged. Heavyweight plastic models make a good choice.

  • Dining table - choose a model with no sides so that your guests can easily reach for bread, condiments and extras whilst seated. Match the size of your Lazy Susan to your table, you don't want it to take up too much space, nor to be inaccessible. They work best with round tables, allowing everyone to reach without stretching.

Outdoor Brown Lazy Susan
Round Dining Table Lazy Susan
Party Glass Lazy Susan
Party Lazy Susan in Black
Rotatable Marble Lazy Susan
Outdoor Cork Lazy Susan


  • Two-tier - great for storing and organizing small items such as spices, two-tier Lazy Susans make a good choice for tall cupboards, maximizing your storage space.

  • Deep Sides - Handy for guests that are standing, or low tables, deep sides will help keep your contents from falling off and are essential for storage. They are also great for families with kids who tend to love spinning Lazy Susans. Otherwise, sides can be an impediment at the dinner table when you just want to reach over for something.

  • Compartments - good for nibbles or if you buy sauces in bulk, simply transfer them to your Lazy Susan for easy access and less waste than putting out a huge bottle.


  • Bright - make a statement with a bright colored or printed Lazy Susan. Pick up an accent color or link to a theme in your home. There are thousands of fantastic options available, so don't play it safe. Bright colors are a good choice for parties and can help liven up your decor.

  • Natural - wooden Lazy Susans or ceramic tones look good in traditional decors and can provide a touch of warmth in a minimalistic modern setting.

  • Transparent - let your offerings take center stage with a transparent glass model. They work best with minimalist modern decors. Transparent Lazy Susan's are also best for storing and organizing items, allowing you to see labels, even on smaller products.

White Marble Lazy Susan
White Marble with Silver Lazy Susan
Transparent Glass Lazy Susan
Beige Lazy Susan in Sea Themed
Bright Blue Lazy Susan
Colorful Melamine Lazy Susan

Other Uses for Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are highly versatile and a great product for organizing your home. Here are our top alternative uses for Lazy Susans:

  • Use a Lazy Susan with sides, or even tiers, to organize your kitchen cupboards. They are great for high or deep cupboards, saving you reaching for frequently used items. Stick on your favorite spices and salts, and simply turn to get to the one you want.

  • Use your Lazy Susan to organize your cleaning or laundry accessories. Keep the area under your kitchen sink neat and tidy, or place one in your laundry room to hold your softeners, dryer balls and stain removers.

  • Make BBQs and informal outdoor gatherings easier - use a Lazy Susan with pots of cutlery and napkins, so everyone can access what they need easily.

  • Do you love crafting or needlework? Have a Lazy Susan to hand to keep all your crafting equipment within arm's reach and easily visible, it's also great for small tubes and tubs.

  • Cake decorating. Having difficulty getting a perfectly smooth frosted cake or applying delicate decorations evenly all the way round? With a Lazy Susan you can slowly rotate your cake for a perfectly even finish.

  • Declutter your medicine cabinet with a transparent Lazy Susan. No more searching for painkillers or antiseptic.

  • Organize your skincare and beauty products. Using a Lazy Susan can help you to stick to your skincare routine, and getting ready in the morning is that little bit faster when you have everything to hand.

  • If your vanity table is cluttered with products, use a Lazy Susan to house your perfume or hair care collection. Change your fragrance and hairstyle to suit your mood, without having the search through and knock over, the rest of your supplies.