How To Choose A Kitchen Rug

Standing on your lovely tile or your high-end hardwood floors while you prep meals or work on dishes can leave your feet cold and legs sore from standing on the hard surfaces. With the bonus of keeping spills from ruining your flooring, and providing a barrier for when drops do happen, a kitchen rug is a stylish solution to this everyday problem.

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What materials are available for my new kitchen rug?

If you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen, you are going to want to pay special attention to the material in the rugs you get.  Some are designed specifically to keep the pressure off your feet and legs, so that you don't end up with an aching lower back. These are called anti-fatigue mats. Others are designed just to keep the floors dry and safe.

Anti-fatigue mats are specially made mats that go on surfaces where you tend to stand or kneel for long periods of time to reduce the shock that happens from stepping around on unyielding floors.  The stress can be transferred to your ankles or knees and cause soreness and pain in your lower back and pelvic area.

Popular materials for rugs are:

  • Cotton is a low cost, soft to ease leg strain, easily washable, sustainable, and has medium durability.

  • Polyester is soft, with high durability and an average cost; because it is water-resistant, it will keep water off your floor.  It is also going to be easy to wash up.

  • Nylon is your higher cost option, with the durability to go along with it and will also be easy to wash.

Synthetic Vinyl Kitchen Mat
Black Synthetic Kitchen Rug
Small Plastic Nylon Kitchen Mat
Yellow Polyester Kitchen Rug
Geometric Synthetic Kitchen Rug
Black Polyester Kitchen Rug with Rose theme

As for anti-fatigue mats, you have the choice of:

  • Foam - foam mats (usually around ¼"- ¾" thick) are commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom areas. They can be wiped or hosed down.

  • Foam rubber is a more durable solution if you are spending a lot of time in the kitchenbaking for church functions or running a catering business out of your home. For an easy clean, spray it off with a hose or wipe down with kitchen wipes.

Colorful Foam Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mat
Themed Foam Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mat in Beige
Foam Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mat in Grey
Floral Foam Anti-Fatigue Mat in Cream
Memory Foam Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat
Small Foam Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

What size rug should I add to my kitchen?

Determining the size and cut of your rug that will best fit in your kitchen is important. Common sizes vary from 2 to 3 feet in length, however, there are also 4, 5, 6, or even 8 to 12 feet long rugs available.

Long runners are a great stylistic choice to make your kitchen appear bigger. Runners are also great if you have a narrow space such as a kitchen island to work within.  Once you have your measurements, get a rug that is slightly smaller than the whole area, you don't want your runner hanging off the end of it as this will make your kitchen look smaller instead.

A larger area rug is a better choice if you don't have an island to go around. It allows an opportunity to show off a pattern that draws the eye, or a great pop of color to make your style sing.

Small Size Kitchen Mat
Blue Small Size Kitchen Mat
Medium Size Colorful Kitchen Mat
Medium Kitchen Rug
Long Runner Black Kitchen Rug
Themed Long Runner Kitchen Rug

What styles should I look for in my new kitchen rug?

The first thing you will probably look for in your new rug is color. A rug is going to be a major focal feature of your kitchen and needs to reflect that. A classic black, varying shades ofgrayor navy look great in a modern kitchen, or if you have stainless steel appliances

If you have a county chic or homestyle kitchen, choose a warm color like red, yellow, or dark green.  This is also a great place to anchor a fun kitchen theme, such as coffee or pigs.

A note on features:

  • Slip-resistance is essential to keep your rug in place.

  • Stain-resistance is recommended in areas where there is going to be food eating or prep that could get messy.

  • Water-resistance is important near your sink area and near the dishwasher, so you don't end up with a moldy rug or one that catches stains from absorbing dirty water.