How To Choose A Kitchen & Dining Bench

A dining bench is a simple yet effective way to introduce comfort and flexibility in your home. A bench is easy to interpret in either a formal dining area or a casual kitchen because of its various sizes, types, designs and colors. 

Let this guide help you make the right decision and have a purchase you will not regret.

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What Size Kitchen & Dining Benches should I Pick?

Before you decide on the size, have the width and height of your kitchen/dining space measured to avoid disappointment.

  • An obvious thing to consider first is how many people you would like to seat and if a set of two benches would be better. A bench between 42 and 52 inches long will seat two adults or three kids comfortably.
  • If you already have a table, you should aim for the bench to be roughly the table measurements from between the legs. And calculate the total footprint based on the bench aligned with the edge of the table so everyone can get to their seats.
  • In case you want a bench that has a backrest, make sure it fits under windowsills and other panelling.

Which Style of Bench will Suit my Kitchen / Dining Area?

  • Full-Length Dining Benches - this type of bench suits a pedestal dining or kitchen table or tables where the legs are not set at each one of the four corners.
White Stainless Steel Full Length Bench
Pine Cypress Solid Wood Full Length Bench
Brown Solid Wood Full Length Bench
Beige Solid Wood Upholstered Full Length Bench
Unfinished Solid Wood Full Length Bench
Antique Natural Oak Upholstered Full Length Bench
  • Tucked in Dining Benches - these benches offer a neat compact look so you can save some space. This type needs to fit the inside leg length rather than the tabletop's length.
Gray Linen Upholstered Contemporary Bench
Brown Natural Solid Wood Bench
Traditional Ebony Solid Wood Bench
Black Solid Wood Upholstered Bench
Cotton Blend Upholstered Bench With Nailhead Trim
Honey Indurial Wood Metal Bench
  • Corner Dining Benches - these are great for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. They beg for pedestal tables but with the right measurements you can always opt for a table with legs.
Capri Blue Breakfast Nook Dining Set
Solid Manufactured Wood Corner Dining Set
Gray Rubberwood Upholstered Corner Bench
Taupe Walnut Upholstered Corner Bench
Grey Linen Upholstered Corner Bench
White Faux Leather Upholstered Corner Bench
  • Backless Benches - Due to their backless feature, they effortlessly open your kitchen and dining space. They can save you quite some space if their length is smaller than the table so you can neatly tuck them underneath.
Greystone Solid Wood Backless Bench
Brown Faux Leather Upholstered Backless Bench
Black Solid Manufactured Wood Backless Bench
Gray Rubberwood Upholstered Backless Bench
Gray Metal Upholstered Backless Bench
  • Dining Bench with Backrest - a backrest provides a bit more comfort, support and seating space than the backless one.
Gray Fabric Upholstered Backrest Bench
Beige Polyester Blend Upholstered Backrest Bench
White Solid Manufactured Wood Backrest Bench
Gray Solid Wood Upholstered Backrest Bench
Rubber Wood Upholstered Backrest Bench
Medium Gray Upholstered Backrest Bench
  • Interchangeable Benches - this is a recently designed bench, which aims to reduce issues with permanent size and seating. It offers you the choice of fitting several people to a single person and is ideal for smaller dining and kitchen areas.

Does the Material of the Kitchen & Dining Bench Matter?

  • If you are adding a bench to an already established kitchen or dining interior, you need to consider how the material of the bench will match it.
  • Wood is always a safe choice for interiors because it can fit any style but still consider the color.
  • Upholstery benches might be the right choice if you have little ones because it is easier to clean if stains or spills happen. They are also the most diverse in fabric patterns and colors.
  • A leather dining bench is a design statement since leather is linked to elegance and finesse. It is a good choice if you can maintain it properly and if it has a water-resistant coat. It can fit both vintage and modern kitchen and dining areas.
Dark Brown Solid Wood Bench
Brown Smoked Wood Metal Bench
Stainless Steel Concrete Dining Bench
Dark Gray Slate Concrete Bench
Red Oak Solid Wood Bench
Garapa Solid Pine Wood Bench
Black Velvet Metal Upholstered Bench
Cream Solid Manufactured Wood Upholstered Bench

Quick Tips

Here's a quick list of the main points made in the guide to help you come to a decision quicker:

  • The most important thing to remember about dining and kitchen tables is size. They need to be roughly the table measurements from between the legs. 
  • The type of bench comes down to personal preference but also to the amount of space and kind of table you have. For smaller kitchen and dining areas a backless bench or interchangeable one fits best but if you can spare some extra space, you should opt for a full-length bench or corner one.
  • Benches are usually made from wood, fabric or leather. Wood fits well with any set color scheme, leather adds a touch of elegance to a space and fabric ones are most popular with families with kids because they are easiest to maintain.
  • A storage bench is never a bad idea, especially if you have a lot of bulky kitchen devices that clutter your countertop.