How To Choose A Kitchen And Dining Room Set


Food is an important part of your daily routine. Everybody eats, right? Gathering around the table for a family meal is a time for bonding and sharing your day with the ones you love. Kitchen and dining room sets that fit your space are the perfect way to sit together, enjoy a meal, and spend quality time with one another.

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What is the Best Material for a Dining Table?

There are plenty of dining table materials to choose from, so let's dive in.


Wood kitchen and dining room sets are by far the most popular choice. Whether they're stained or painted, wood has structural integrity and durability. It's timeless, it fits with many different types of decor, and it's elegant.

Solid wood is often more expensive than composite wood or other materials, but if you take care of it like you should, it will last for a long time. It could even last for generations, making a great family heirloom. Mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut are some of your best choices.

Ash Oak Solid Wood Dining Set
Natural Solid Pine Rubberwood Dining Set
Rustic Pine Brown Wood Extendable Dining Set
Mahogany Solid Wood Dining Set
Walnut Solid Wood Dining Set
Oak Solid Wood Butterfly Leaf Dining Set


Glass is modern and futuristic. It fits well with a modern or industrial style dining room. Glass is easy to clean, but it can be fragile, so it's not the best choice for homes with rowdy kids or pets.

While this type of table can look very sophisticated, it's important to remember that it's a long term investment that may require extra maintenance because it shows fingerprints and dust more prominently that others.

Remember to always go for tempered glass. As far as thickness is concerned, 1/2 and 3/8 inch options are considered the most durable.

Silver Brown Tempered Glass Dining Set
Tempered Glass Counter Height Dining Set
Tempered Glass Metal Dining Set
Tempered Glass Walnut Dining Set
Tempered Glass Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Antique Mirror Clear Glass Dining Set


Metal is very sturdy and durable. It's an awesome choice for industrial or contemporary spaces with cool design features. It's stain resistant, which makes it a great choice for high traffic rooms or homes with kids.

The downside of metal is that it tends to be heavy, which might be a nuisance for buyers who are constantly on the move or those who will, for whatever reason, need to change the table's location around the house.

Faux Marble Metal Small Space Dining Set
Black Metal Rectangular Dining Set
Silver Metal Stainless Steel Dining Set
Medium Oak Metal Dining Set
Metal Table Top Solid Wood Dining Set
Brushed Copper Metal Dining Set


Traditionally thought of as a kitchen countertop material, marble can be a great choice for dining room sets as well. It's a timeless showstopper that leaves nobody indifferent. But luxury comes at a price. Also, marble has two serious drawbacks - it's terribly heavy and ma crack or stain when not taken care of properly. For a more budget-friendly option that is equally attractive, you could also opt for other stone table tops like onyx or granite.

Marble Solid Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Faux Marble Metal Dining Set
Bluestone Marble Solid Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Metal Marble Round Dining Set
Stone Concrete Outdoor Dining Set
Celestite Stone Square Dining Set


Laminate can be made to look like wood grain through a printed process, but let's not fool ourselves - it will almost always look manufactured. This is not to say, however, that laminate is a bad choice. Quite the contrary, it's affordable, heat and scratch resistant, easy to clean and comes in a multitude of options. But… it's not wood. If you want to find a middle ground between real wood and laminate, veneer will be your best bet.

Antique Brown Mango Veneers Dining Set
Cream Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Off White Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Distressed Off White Solid Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Laminated With Veneer Dining Set
White Durable Laminate Dining Set
Solid Manufactured Wood Dining Set

What is the Best Dining Table Shape?

The shape of your dining table largely depends on your preferences and the size of your room.

Circle or oval kitchen and dining tables have a more conventional feel and look great in farmhouse kitchens or any other more traditional space. They also make your room feel larger, so if you have a smaller eating space, choose a table with soft edges.

Square and rectangular tables have a more modern feel and look better in contemporary or industrial spaces. They also tend to take up more room than their circular counterparts, so they look better in larger spaces.

If you have a large family, it's likely best to choose a square or rectangle table. A round table that seats six is slightly smaller than a rectangle table that seats six, so every person will have a bit more room and you'll be able to accommodate a larger meal on a rectangle table.

How to Select the Style of a Dining Room Set?

Aside from material and shape, there are a lot of styles to choose from that go with different decorating schemes:


Pedestal tables have one bulky column in the center of the table top. The bottom of the column has a larger base to help support the table. It's a great solution for a room with limited space.

Black Pedestal Table Dining Set
Rubberwood Pedestal Table Dining Set
Solid Wood Double Pedestal Table Dining Set
Solid Manufactured Wood Oval Pedestal Table Dining Set
White Pedestal Table Dining Set
Black Round Pedestal Table Dining Set


This style features heavy, distressed wood construction and is an excellent choice for large, epic spaces that accommodate heavy country dinners. The legs are thick and sturdy, and these tables often seat eight or more.

Rubberwood Farmhouse Extendable Dining Set
Off White Farmhouse Extendable Dining Set
Solid Manufactured Wood Farmhouse Dining Set
Acacia Solid Manufactured Wood Farmhouse Dining Set
Antique White Farmhouse Dining Set
Antique Taupe Farmhouse Extendable Dining Set


Similar to the farmhouse style, the rustic style features a wood table top that's often unpainted and distressed. However, many rustic styles will also incorporate modern flair in the form of metal legs or other modern features.

Natural Solid Wood Rustic Dining Set
Metal Solid Manufactured Wood Rustic Dining Set
Rustic Brown Counter Height Dining Set
Burnished Dark Oak Rustic Dining Set
Dark Oak Drop Leaf Rustic Dining Set
Metal Rubberwood Rustic Dining Set


Shaker style kitchen and dining room sets are very simple and functional. They lack ornamental designs or intricate carvings. Defined by their sturdy hardwood construction, simple lines and classic tapered legs. Shaker dining sets are an easy fit in nearly any interior where the dining area is not supposed to be a focal point as they do not draw much attention.

Black Solid Wood Shaker Dining Set
Off White Shaker Dining Set
Manufactured Wood Shaker Dining Set
White Rubberwood Shaker Dining Set
Buttermilk Solid Wood Shaker Dining Set
Oak Solid Wood Shaker Dining Set


These kitchen and dining room sets are typically large, heavy, and impressive. They very often feature heavy wood tabletops, which look fabulous paired with the geometric lines of raw metal legs.

Bamboo Metal Industrial Dining Set
Sheesham Tubular Steel Industrial Dining Set
Metal Wood Industrial Dining Set
Dark Oak Metal Industrial Dining Set
Brown Counter Height Industrial Dining Set
Acacia Metal Industrial Dining Set

Should Dining Chairs Match Your Table?

Dining chairs don't necessarily have to match the table exactly, although this is the safest way to go if don't have a flair for interior decorating. Buying a dining room set is a guarantee that the pieces will always look good together.

If you choose complementary styles and colors, the pieces will work well together in the same space without making it look like you picked out a matching set all on the same trip to the store.

A good rule of thumb is to choose tables and chairs that share a common element, such as the finish, the style period or the design of legs.

However, this isn't a strict rule. You can choose anything you like and it doesn't matter if it matches, as long as it makes you happy.

Whether you're looking for contemporary or traditional, kitchen and dining room sets come in all shapes and sizes, so choose the one that works best for your space and you'll be able to make memories for years to come.