How To Choose A Kids Desk

Providing your little one with a fun and functional workspace will encourage creativity and good study habits. When choosing a desk, there are four things to keep in mind -- size, activity, ease to clean and style. 

Continue reading for more design tips on selecting the ideal kids' desk.

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What is the Perfect Size for a Kid's Desk?

Choosing the right size must be carefully thought through because not only does it need to fit in the sometimes-limited space of the kid's room, but it must be suitable for when your little one grows.

  • Even though there is not a set standard for a kid's desk, a small one might measure 36 x 24 x 30 inches, which is ideal for youngsters that have not started school yet.
  • For a proper study desk, you might need to choose one that is 55 inches in width because there should be at least 20 additional inches for a writing and laptop area.
  • To decide on the desk's height, you will need to first choose a chair suited for the child's height. To find the ideal chair, the child's feet should rest comfortably on the ground, the angle of the knees should be around 90 degrees and if their elbows rest comfortably on the desk, you have found the perfect sized desk and chair.
  • If you are worried about when your kid will outgrow the chosen desk, you can look for desks that have a height-adjustable feature or extendable design.
Teal Kids Writing Desk With Kids Hutch
White Computer Desk With Reversible Shelves
Ivory Manufactured Wood Kids Study Desk
Natural Writing Desk And Chair Set
White Pink Manufactured Wood Kids Study Desk
Tan Red Plastic Kids Desk

What Type of Kid's Desk do I Need?

  • Most families will be happy with a standard desk that has a work surface and drawers attached underneath but there are other options you can consider to perfectly match your kid's needs and make it more fun.
  • There are desks specifically designed for computers and another periphery equipment so your little one does not have to squeeze in.
  • For the kids that spend their time creating art and other crafting, a drafting table is a fantastic option because it offers a slanted work surface for large projects and art in progress. However, they rarely come with attached storage.
  • Modular systems are a fun and engaging because they are stackable cubes for multiple configurations and adjustable heights.
  • A roll-top desk will provide convenient enclosure so projects will be left undisturbed.
  • You can also make a list of important features you are looking for and have a custom desk built that incorporates them. This is especially useful for accommodating kids with special needs.
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Pink Manufactured Wood Writing Desk
White Height Adjustable Kids Desk
Soft White Writing Table And Stool Set
Blue Kids Study Desk And Chair Set
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What Features does a Kid's Desk Need?

  • Ideally a kid's desk should have drawers and other compartments within easy reach from a seated position without straining.
  • Drawers should glide easily and still operate when full of supplies.
  • The hardware of the desk should be safe and easy to manipulate by children.
  • The desk should be sturdy enough to withstand quick jerks or any other damage.
  • Most importantly, it should meet safety standards set by ASTM International for kids' furniture.
Manufactured Wood Kids Study Desk With Drawers
Metal Steel Kids Study Desk
White Wash Kids Study Computer Desk
Walnut Manufactured Wood Computer Desk
Red Manufactured Wood Writing Desk
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Which Material and Finish is Best for a Kid's Desk?

  • The first material to pop in mind is wood for its classic appeal, versatility, durability and natural feel, but you would be surprised by the range of materials available for kid's desks to be made from such as metal, wicker and laminates.
  • Laminated surfaces offer a huge selection of colors and a waterproof surface.
  • You can choose metal and wicker for a more extraordinary look but remember to protect the tops from wear. You can use a clear plastic cut to fit the top.
  • A lead-free finish is an absolute priority!
Pink White Manufactured Wood Writing Desk
Yellow Metal Kids Writing Desk
Wood Kids Study Desk With Hutch
Black Metal Desk With Stool
White Solid Manufactured Wood Computer Desk With Hutch
Plastic Kids Study Desk And Chair Set

Quick Tips 

If you are overwhelmed with all the information we provided and want a quick cheat sheet to help you decide, we have a made a short list of things that are key when choosing the right kid's desk.

  • Size matters. Do not think you can just buy an adult office desk and think it is enough. Your little ones need to be comfortably seated without any unnecessary straining to encourage good body posture. Their feet should rest flat on the ground and elbows -- comfortably on the work surface. There are also height-adjustable desks that will grow in height at the same time as your child will.
  • The type of desk depends on the function and use of it. There are specifically designed desk for computers and others such as drawing tables for kids that love arts and crafts.
  • The two main features you need to look for in a desk are ease and safety to manipulate and several storage compartments that glide easily.
  • The materials range from wood and metal to laminate and wicker. A classic choice is the wooden one because of its traditional look but you should also consider something as unique as a wicker one to encourage creativity.