How To Choose A Kid’s Backpack


Kid's backpacks have to strike the optimal balance between cute and practical, lightweight and utilitarian. Fortunately, we're here to help you pick out just the right one, so your kid is happy with their new pack!

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What materials are best for a kids' backpack?

When perusing materials for kids' backpacks, you should think about how they will likely be used - and the situations your children will drag them through! Backpacks will be tossed around, they'll get wet, and they'll be trampled either at home or at school. Heavy-duty, waterproof selections are going to be your best bet.

Polyester Kids Backpack with Cooler
Polyester Canvas Grey Kids Backpack
Blue Polyester Canvas Kids Backpack
Canvas with Mesh Red Kids Backpack
Cotton Canvas Kids Backpack in Black
Polyester Kids Backpack in Black

What styles do kids' backpacks come in?

The short answer is - almost any style imaginable! As your child's backpack is going to be one of their main accessories, you can think about making your kid's day by choosing a backpack branded by one of their favorite movies or books.

You can also choose to go more classic with a houndstooth or plaid, striped or plain backpack. These may be less fun, but they will stand the test of time and be classic for several years, if you believe your child will be using a backpack for that length of time.

Kids' backpacks can also come in several differing forms - here are the most popular:

One Shoulder Backpack for Kid
One Shoulder Black Sling Bag
Colorful One Shoulder Backpack
Rope Shoulder Backpack for Teens
Purple Kids Shoulder Backpack with Cats
Floral One Shoulder Backpack for Kids
Black and Grey Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag Set for Two
Small Black Messenger Bag
Fabric Canvas Messenger Bag
Canvas Messenger Bag for Students
Black and Blue Classic Messenger Bag

Backpacks also come in numerous sizes! An adult's college or work backpack comes in at a standard measurement of 18.5" long, whereas a standard backpack is slightly smaller at 17".

For children, you can expect their packs to measure 12" for students 2-4 years of age, and 5" for students between PreK and 2nd Grade.

Two Handled Black Backpack
Mesh Grey Two Handled Backpack
Two Handled Daypack School Backpack
Light Grey Two Handled Backpack
Pink and Grey Two Handled Backpack
Brown Two Handled School Backpack

What features should you look for in a kids' backpack?

Giving your child a great backpack can be a sign of giving them responsibility and independence! It's one of the tools they will need to navigate their school life successfully, so picking one that fits them, their school, and their personality well is key.