How To Choose A Kids Armoire

While it might not grant them a passage to Narnia, your new kids armoire can be an essential and magical addition to their room. Offering storage space for both clothes and toys, it'll be an opportunity to teach them to tidy up after play-time and start taking responsibility for their possessions.

Buying a kids armoire is different from picking its adult equivalent: while the second choice is mainly based on décor and size, for kids it also needs to be practical, safe and, potentially, to grow with them. 

Here's what you should consider if you want to choose a kids armoire that you won't regret in a couple of years---or, worse, months!

What Size Should a Kids Armoire Be?

Single or double armoires are usually big enough for an only child's clothes. We'd only recommend larger models if you're buying it for two or more kids. If that's the case, make sure it can be divided equally in order to avoid fights!

Other things that you should consider in order to determine the best size for your kids armoire are:

  • How much storage space have you already got? If you have a large chest of drawers or a few cabinets, you could probably do with an armoire that prioritizes clothing space, but, if you haven't, a few extra drawers will be a dream come true;

  • Are you happy to replace it in a few years or is it meant to grow with them? In the first case scenario, you only need to consider your kids' current needs and size of clothes; in the second, however, keep in mind that all this will change soon and it's better to stay on the larger side: for example, you could choose an armoire with removable shelves so that you can rearrange the top layer in order to make room for longer clothes in a few years;

Two Door Children Armoire
White and Pink Butterfly Armoire
Light Grey and Brown Kids Armoire
Grey and Teal Manufactured Wood Children Armoire
Two Door Children Armoire With Mirror
Traditional Style Kids Armoire With Door and Drawers
Simple and Traditional Kids Armoire with Two Doors
Clean and Minimalist Kids Armoire
Simple White Manufactured Wood Kids Armoire
Clean and Simple Children Armoire
Simple White Manufactured Wood Kids Armoire
White Decorative Kids Armoire with Mirrors
Ornate Kids Armoire with Butterflies
Solid and Manufactured Wood Kids Armoire
Decorative White Kids Armoire
Decorative White and Pink Kids Armoire
Ornate Kids Armoire With Oval Mirror
Poplar Weathered Kids Armoire
Kids Armoire with Nature Motif
Simple Acacia Wood Kids Armoire
Dark Oiled Oak Kids Armoire
Dark Solid Wood Kids Armoire
Traditional Style Kids Armoire With Mirror
White Kids Armoire with Drawers and Mirror
Kids Double Door Armoire With Mirror in Middle
Simple Kids Armoire With Oval Mirror
Ornate Kids Armoire with Drawers and Oval Mirror
Teal And Grey Kids Armoire
Cargo Container Styled Kids Armoire
Bright Pink Kids Armoire
Kids Armoire with Bright Striped Pattern
Metal Train Styled Kids Armoire
Gas Station Theme Kids Armoire