How To Choose A Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry armoire will help you keep your precious belongings organized and tidy. Given its size, it will also become a key piece of furniture in your bedroom, so you might want to consider its aesthetics as well as its functionality.

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Here's what you should look for in order to choose a jewelry armoire that is both practical and stylish.

What Exactly Is a Jewelry Armoire?

Since they're often confused with smaller jewelry boxes or---given the misleading French term in their name – with larger wardrobes, let's make sure that we're on the same page: a jewelry armoire is a cabinet with drawers and compartments to store your jewelry, and it usually includes a mirror.

What Are the Main Types of Jewelry Armoires?

While jewelry armoires are available in lots of different models and colors, they usually fall into three main categories:

Traditional wooden armoires

Whether they're petite and thin or as big as a wardrobe, these armoires are some of the most elegant and sophisticated pieces of furniture; they can either include a long mirror inside their door or a smaller one on top;

Free Standing Poplar Jewelry Armoire With Flip Up Mirror
Walnut Armoire With Flip Up Mirror
Stylish Wooden Jewelry Armoire With Flip Up Mirror
Dark Brown Birch Jewelry Armoire With Flip Up Mirror
White Oak Free Standing Jewelry Armoire With Mirror

Mirrored armoire

Tall and thin, they're the best option if you don't already own a full-length mirror, since they hide their compartments behind one (two birds with one stone!);

Simple and Minimal Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire With Mirror
White Poplar Armoire With Big Mirror
Ornate Poplar Free Standing Mirrored Jewelry Armoire
White Free Standing Mirrored Jewelry Armoire
Free Standing Brown Pine Wood Mirrored Jewelry Armoire
Light Brown Distressed Poplar Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Wall-mounted armoire

Tight on space? Optimize it with a smaller but practical jewelry armoire that is raised above the ground and mounted against your chosen wall or door, usually with a mirror on its front.

Are you worried that your toddlers would pull down a full-length mirrored armoire on top of themselves? A wall-mounted design will be your safest choice.

For some extra peace of mind regarding your kids or when you go on holiday, you might also want to consider a jewelry armoire with a lock.

Bamboo Wall Mounted Mirrored Armoire
White Wall Mounted Mirrored Armoire
Mirrored One Door Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire
Light Brown Distressed Poplar Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire
Simple Bamboo Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire
Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire With Photo Display

How to Choose the Correct Size for Your Jewelry Armoire?

Imagine buying the jewelry armoire of your dreams only to realize that your longest necklaces won't fit or that you can't squeeze it in the only spot available in your bedroom!

When choosing the size of your jewelry armoire, there are two things that you should consider:

  • How many pieces of jewelry you own, how big or long they are, and whether you're planning on buying many more. We recommend making an inventory to have a realistic idea of how many and what type of compartments or drawers you'll need;

  • Where exactly you're planning on placing it. Is there a specific spot in your bedroom? Is it perhaps between two other pieces of furniture? It's always better to actually measure this space rather than judge it by sight and hope for the best.

What Storage Options to Look for in a Jewelry Armoire?

Why sacrifice valuable hanging space in favor of many stud earring holes if you only have a couple of pairs? Making an inventory will also help you find a jewelry armoire that optimizes space: look for the right compartments for each type of precious items that you own!

  • For necklaces, prioritize hooks and hanging space so that you can store them safely without getting them tangled up;
  • In order to keep your rings tidy, armoires with ring holders are the best options; alternatively, you can use small compartments;
  • If you have many bracelets or watches, look for rods;
  • Most armoires include rows of earring holders and stud earring holes;
  • Are you planning on storing your make up together with your jewelry? Then the best option will be a mirrored armoire that features a few inner shelves;
  • For larger items such as clutch bags, you should focus on traditional or mirrored armoires with a couple of deeper drawers.

What's the Best Color for a Jewelry Armoire?

The best color for a jewelry armoire actually depends on the existing décor of your room: instead of adding a new color, think of your existing palette and the style that you're going for.

  • Most jewelry armoires are made of wood, with maple, cherry, oak and mahogany being the most popular options:

    • plain wooden armoires go particularly well with mid-century modern, Scandinavian or minimalist décors;

    • wooden armoires with elegant finishes, details and decorations are more suited for traditional, rustic or French country styles;

  • Wooden jewelry armoires are also available in other colors or can be painted accordingly. Once you've identified your room's palette, pick the primary or secondary color that matches your existing furniture; if you're opting for a smaller armoire, you could even pick the brighter accent color: this works particularly well with modern décors;
  • White or pastel armoires are great at complementing shabby chic styles.

Quick Tips

Let's go through the most important things to consider to make sure that you choose a jewelry armoire that matches your needs and complements your room in a tasteful way:

  • The main choice is between a traditional, mirrored or wall-mounted armoire;
  • If you have toddlers or other safety concerns, wall-mounted and lockable models are the safest option;
  • Run a quick inventory and measure the spot in which you want to place your armoire before buying it;
  • Analyze the palette of your room and make sure your new armoire matches one of the main three colors;
  • While most armoires are made of wood, they can be painted to match your existing furniture and the décor of your room.