How To Choose A Hall Tree

A hall tree is an item of furniture specifically designed for hanging and storing hats, coats, scarves, sweaters, rain gear and other clothing or accessories. Often placed in or near the entryway of a home, playschool or group of meeting rooms, it can store items belonging to home dwellers, guests or teachers and children.

Also called a “hat tree,” this attractive and versatile piece of furniture may include a bench, shelves, drawers, cupboards or storage bins. Wondering if you should get one? Read on.

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What do you need a hall tree for?

You want the entrance area of your home, playschool or local community building with meeting rooms to be well-designed and free of clutter. In small or narrow entryways and vestibules, space is extremely limited, and adding large or bulky items of furniture is not possible. Although you may “make do” with the use of simple wall hooks and wall cabinets, the ideal item of furniture to meet these needs is a fashionable and functional “hall tree.”

  • In such limited spaces, you need compact and practical storage for daily outerwear and accessories.
  • When family and friends are arriving at your household for a holiday dinner, you need a handy coat rack and hat rack.
  • When parents bring their youngsters to your playschool or kindergarten each morning, they need convenient storage space for the kids' backpacks and sports gear.
  • In your home's entry hall or mudroom, you may also need room to store pet leashes and toys or sports gear.

How large are hall storage trees?

A typical hall storage tree in an average size home entryway may be approximately 77 to 80 inches tall and 60 to 65 inches wide. For most households, this provides adequate outerwear and gear storage room for the entire family, friends and house guests.

If you don’t have that much flat wall space, consider a corner unit or have a hall tree custom made. Expert furniture designers and woodcraft specialists can customize a stylish and functional design to comply with your preferences and needs.

What materials are used to produce hall trees?

Traditional and vintage styles in hall trees are usually constructed of natural pine wood or hardwoods such as oak, walnut, cherry, maple or ash. They may have natural finishes or highly polished surfaces that highlight their beautiful wood grains and characteristic coloration.

This varied selection of woods and finishes makes it easy to coordinate an appealing classic or vintage style hall tree with other furniture. You can locate a beautifully crafted hall tree that enhances a marble-top table, distressed wooden bench or other items of decor in your home entry hall or vestibule.

Of course, you can also buy or order a sleek painted aluminum model in your choice of color and surface finish. A contemporary minimalist design in one of these hall trees may be the ideal choice for your modern home.

Are there ready-made storage tree designs for children?

There are special designs in bright, colorful hall trees for children. If you have small or growing children in your household, you may want a separate hall storage design for them to use. These delightful items of furniture will help your youngsters learn to hang up their coats and hats. Most models include ground-level cubbies for storing boots, shoes and school bags as well.

These outerwear storage designs for small children are often constructed with soft or padded vinyl or fabric exterior surfaces. This can prevent bumped heads, elbows and knees when the kids are in a hurry to hang up or retrieve their outerwear. Some children's hat tree designs are color-coded in bright true primary colors (red, yellow and blue) or secondary colors (green, orange and purple).

Each color designates a peg, hook, shelf or cubbie for storing different items. For your older children, the tertiary colors, or the colors created by mixing the primary and secondary hues, may be used. Kids of all ages, along with many teens and adults, like the use of strong, bright and cheerful colors in home furnishings that they use every day. Since entry hallways may have soft or limited lighting, a bright storage piece can also enliven the decor.

Versatile Storage Options Offered by Varied Hall Tree Designs

Different hall tree designs offer a variety of helpful and convenient storage options, including the following:

  • Hat Shelves. Shelves above coat hooks or racks for storing hats, gloves and scarves are useful features of many hall tree designs.
  • Open Storage Benches. These benches with open fronts are great places to store backpacks, tote bags, laptop and tablet cases or children's books and toys.
  • Benches with Concealed Storage. Benches with enclosed fronts serve as seats while providing convenient concealed storage space for bags, books, backpacks and dry rain gear.
  • Drawers. Handy drawers above or alongside coat hooks are ideal storage places for extra gloves, hats, sunglasses, car keys, smartphones and other small digital devices.
  • Cubbies. These helpful storage areas at the bottoms of hall tree coat racks or beneath their benches are the perfect spaces for storing boots, extra shoes and athletic or wet weather gear. Some ready-made or custom-crafted cubbie designs have doors to conceal these items while enhancing the stylish beauty and allure of your entryway decor.
Black Brown Metal And Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Black Brown Metal And Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Black Classic Metal Hall Tree
Gray Classic Manufactured Wood Hall Tree

Tips for Enhancing Your Home Decor with the Ideal Hall Tree Design

You want to select the ideal attractive and practical hallway storage piece design according to the interior decor in your home, playschool or community building. You can coordinate your charming new or vintage style hall storage piece with your entryway interior design and furnishings in the following ways:

  • Traditional Classic Decor

If your home displays the ornate beauty of older, traditional interior design, a classic Victorian style outerwear tree can be a perfect choice. Made of elaborately carved oak, cherry or maple wood, it will most likely include a bench-style seat with a cupboard beneath. Its tall back will display rows of stylish hanging hooks with a vintage mirror bordered by more ornate wood carvings. While adding elegance to your decor, it offers simple functionality.

Brown Victorian Wooden Hall Tree
Black Traditional Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
White Traditional Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Brown Manufactured Mirror Wood Hall Tree
Brown Traditional Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
White Solid Wood Mirror Hall Tree
Brown Victorian Wooden Hall Tree
  • Rustic Bohemian Style

If your home's interior has rustic bohemian style furnishings, you may choose a rough-hewn, rustic design of re-purposed wood for your entrance hall coat storage. Some charming models are made from old doors with sturdy wooden crates or boxes attached as benches. The rough, unfinished quality of the wood will highlight the bohemian elements of your interiors while providing sturdy, durable storage space with wrought iron hooks and pegs.

Brown Rustic Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Brown Rustic Solid Wood Hall Tree
Brown Rustic Solid Wood Hall Tree
Brown Rustic Solid Wood Hall Tree
Dark Brown Rustic Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Brown Rustic Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
  • Farmhouse Design.

These hall trees are often tall and spacious with plenty of hooks for hanging outdoor clothing and gear. The top section is usually devoted to large, open shelving, and the long bench at the bottom has deep storage bins below. Often constructed of distressed timber, these designs are practical and handsome furnishings for your front, side or back home entrance ways. You can order one or more pieces in either unfinished or painted wood to mix or match with your existing homey design mode.

Gray Solid Wood Hall Tree
Dark Brown Traditional Solid Wood Hall Tree
Brown Traditional Solid Wood Hall Tree
White Traditional Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Dark Brown Traditional Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
White Traditional Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
  • Ultra-Chic Elegant Style

This high-fashion hat and coat tree style is often tall and slender. It offers a glamorous element to your home's entryway while providing good storage space for outerwear. If you like soft, stylish shapes and lines in furniture made of beautifully finished cherry, oak, hickory or ash, this may be your ideal selection. If it suits your taste and desire, you can order a custom design with an Art Deco mirror and a velvet-cushioned seat with brass-handled drawers beneath.

Gray Modern Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
White Elegant Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Gray Classic Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Gray Elegant Metal Hall Tree
Black Stylish Metal Hall Tree
Black Elegant Metal Hall Tree
Brown Elegant Metal Hall Tree
  • Modern Minimalist Decor

To emphasize and enliven this sleek, simplistic style of home design, a streamlined tall or wide outerwear tree can be a charming choice. Whether your favorite is produced in smooth, sophisticated stainless steel or enamel-painted aluminum in a matte or glowing finish, it will offer cool beauty and allure. Your entryway interior with stone tile flooring and slender brass pendant lamps will come alive with ultimate contemporary fashion and flair while you benefit from the use of plenty of coat, hat and scarf hooks, cabinets and shelves.

Gray Modern Metal Entryway Hall Tree
Black Modern Solid Wood Hall Tree
White Modern Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Brown Modern Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Brown Modern Manufactured Wood Hall Tree
Black Modern Metal Hall Tree
White Modern Manufactured Wood Hall Tree

From the many factory-produced, handcrafted and custom-designed selections in highly attractive and useful hall tree designs, you are sure to find your ideal choice today. Regardless of the interior design and decor of your home or other settings, you can easily locate the stylish hall storage piece of your dreams.