How To Choose A Growth Chart

Few things are quicker than your child's growth, yet because it happens so subtly and because we see our children regularly, it can seem like it isn't even happening! Keep track of each milestone in a fun way with a bright, happy growth chart that can double as both memento and decor.

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What types of growth charts are there?

If you're looking to measure how fast your child is growing, we have good news: there are many different types of growth charts available, from funky tropical cutouts that would go great in your child's playroom to minimalistic black and white rulers which could go with any decor, even the most subdued. 

With themes such as Animals, Insects, Sports, Nautical, Transportation, Fantasy, Outer Space and more---you can see a growth chart as a way to celebrate the preferences and interests that make your child (or children) unique as well as bond over a shared interest. 

Also popular are growth charts that are specifically educational, featuring letters, numbers, or maps on them. These can be fun because your child can gauge how fast his brain is growing even as he is getting taller and taller! 

You have the option to go for a personalized growth chart and have your child's name printed on it. This solution is perfect for those who are planning to keep the growth charts forever and be able to differentiate the charts belonging to different siblings in the future.

Wood Decorative Growth Chart
Wooden Ruler Growth Chart
Polyester Fabric Growth Chart
Sunny Safari Manufactured Wood Growth Chart
Snugglebunny Growth Chart
Reclaimed Wood Growth Chart

What should a growth chart be made of?

Growth charts can be made out of many materials, each with different benefits. Here are the most popular: 

  • Canvas: As a fabric, canvas can be rolled, hung, folded, or spread anywhere. This means that a canvas growth chart can be displayed or stored as you like---making canvas an extremely versatile option.
Woodland Buddies Canvas Growth Chart
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Canvas Growth Chart
Woodland Canvas Growth Chart
Llama Canvas Growth Chart
Personalized Growth Chart
  • Paper: If you're planning on mounting your growth chart on a wall, a poster-style growth chart may be the way to go. Because it's thin and light, it won't do any damage to your wall---and it can be removed and stored safely if that becomes necessary. An obvious downside is that paper is a very fragile material and can be easily torn and damaged.
  • Wood: A wooden growth chart may be bulky, inconvenient to store, and likely more expensive, but it has the benefit of being durable and gorgeous: a great choice for a statement piece that will surely become a treasured memento down the line.
Simple Wooden Growth Chart
Unicorn Wooden Growth Chart
Wooden Surfboard Growth Chart
Ruler Wood Wall Décor Growth Chart
NFL Sign Wooden Growth Chart
  • Plastic: While plastic may not seem like the most luxe choice, it does have the distinct advantage of being immensely durable and waterproof---a great choice if your growth chart is going to be in a child-accessible area. This material is the easiest to clean - an important factor for those who like to keep all their kids related items sterile.
Butterflies on Tapestry Personalized Growth Chart
Vinyl Wall Decal Growth Chart
Giraffe Interactive Growth Chart
Plastic Decal Growth Chart
Plastic Decal Growth Chart
Wall Play Dry Erase Growth Chart

Which material you choose will be decided by the design you'd like, as well. Paper will have the most versatility in terms of prints, but wood and plastic growth charts can be sculpted and may have more dimensionality.

Quick tips

  • If you choose a growth chart that reminds you of your child's personality, it will be doubly sentimental. Think about your child and what he likes, then buy one to match! 
  • Think about how many children's growth you'll be measuring. If you think it'll be more than one or two, it might be worth purchasing a larger growth chart or one geared for multiple children in order to avoid confusion.