How To Choose A Grooming Table And Tub

Basic fold-up flat surfaces have gone now and have made room for the market to blossom with a huge variety of more innovative grooming tables and tubs.

Whether you will be grooming your own pet or own a salon full of furry clients, choosing a grooming table that keeps the pets at ease and is comfortable enough for you to use can be a daunting decision.

It is important for you to do your research and therefore we have compiled a helpful guide, which will explore the features you should look for in a grooming table and tub.

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What's the right grooming table size?

  • A grooming table should be big enough for the pets to stand and recline comfortably, but it should not allow them to move around since they may be inclined to jump.

  • The most common sizes are between 18 or 24 inches wide and 30 to 48 inches long. These can vary with different manufacturers.

  • A toy-breed grooming table is usually a round, rotating tabletop on a frame with a nonslip base. Look for a lightweight and easy to fold grooming table.

  • Unlike the lower-budget grooming table for small pets, larger breeds require sturdy and easy to operate tables. You should choose an electric or hydraulic table.

  • You should also think of the table's height. The table should bring the put up to the same level as your waist.

  • As for grooming tubs, it is best to measure your pet or if you own a salon choose one that can fit the largest of breeds.

  • For home use, you need to keep in mind how fast your pet will grow. Do some research on the specific breed and to what size dimensions it grows in a couple of years.

What different types of grooming tables are there?

There are three main types of grooming tables you can choose from and below we discuss the benefits and features of each to help you make the right decision:

Electric Grooming Tables

  • Electric grooming tables might be on the expensive side, but they are worth the investment since they are most sturdy and reliable.

  • Electric grooming tables usually work with 120V outlets, which can be plugged in at home or workplace.

  • Look for a removable tabletop feature. It will be easier to maintain and clean.

  • Many groomers prefer electric tables more because they can be used with pets of all sizes due to their ability to lower to the ground so the pet can step on the top.

  • Electric grooming tables tend to make less noise when adjusting the height.

Hydraulic Grooming Tables

  • Hydraulic grooming tables are more cost-effective than electric grooming tables and can still do the job well.

  • They will help you lift the pet and you can adjust even when it is already placed on top. They achieve this thanks to their hydraulic foot pumps that allow you to change the height. Typically, they adjust from 28 to 36 inches.

  • They are considered a better choice for small or medium dogs since they can be lowered to just 1-2 feet off the ground.

  • The main benefit of this type of tables is that they offer comfort for both the pet and groomer.

Bone Shaped Hydraulic Grooming Table
Large Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table
Hydraulic Professional Grooming Table with Arm
Violet Collapsible Grooming Tables
Round Small Grooming Table
Black Dog Grooming Table with Arm

Collapsible Grooming Tables

  • Collapsible grooming tables tend to be chosen by groomers who travel because they can be collapsed and stored easily.

  • They are not as secure as hydraulic or electric tables since heavier breeds might break it. Be sure to check the weight capacity if you choose to purchase one.

Black Simple Collapsible Grooming Table
Bone Shaped Folding Grooming Table
Blue Rectangular Collapsible Grooming Table
Collapsible Grooming Table with Arm
Collapsible Grooming Table with Shelf
Small Violet Grooming Table

What features should a grooming table have?

In the case of grooming tables, less is more. They should not have an overwhelming number of accessories since it will be inconvenient. However, here is a list of some things you might consider:

  • Notice where pedals, foot pumps and buttons are positioned. You always need them to be in easy reach.

  • You can find grooming tables that offer lights to help you trim harder to view spots or pets with dark coats.

  • Another helpful feature would be a detachable holder of pet grooming tools and an expandable grooming restraint for safety measures.

What features to look for in a grooming tub?

  • Notice the drainage system of the tub.It is very important to find a grooming tub that offers removable backsplashes, sides and floor grate. Also, make sure the drainage hose is long and big enough to handle drainage.

  • The material of a grooming tub matters. Most common materials are plastic, stainless-steel and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The highest quality would be stainless-steel, but it is the most expensive option.A cheaper alternative would be a heavy-duty polymer propylene tub. You can opt for a plastic tub if it will be for home use.

  • The ideal tub should have an entry at one end with stairs or ramp. The entry door needs to have a reliable seal, too.