How To Choose A Grooming Table And Tub


Basic fold-up flat surfaces have gone now and have made room for the market to blossom with a huge variety of more innovative grooming tables and tubs.

Whether you will be grooming your own pet or own a salon full of furry clients, choosing a grooming table that keeps the pets at ease and is comfortable enough for you to use can be a daunting decision.

It is important for you to do your research and therefore we have compiled a helpful guide, which will explore the features you should look for in a grooming table and tub.

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What's the right grooming table size?

What different types of grooming tables are there?

There are three main types of grooming tables you can choose from and below we discuss the benefits and features of each to help you make the right decision:

Electric Grooming Tables

Hydraulic Grooming Tables

Bone Shaped Hydraulic Grooming Table
Large Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table
Hydraulic Professional Grooming Table with Arm
Violet Collapsible Grooming Tables
Round Small Grooming Table
Black Dog Grooming Table with Arm

Collapsible Grooming Tables

Black Simple Collapsible Grooming Table
Bone Shaped Folding Grooming Table
Blue Rectangular Collapsible Grooming Table
Collapsible Grooming Table with Arm
Collapsible Grooming Table with Shelf
Small Violet Grooming Table

What features should a grooming table have?

In the case of grooming tables, less is more. They should not have an overwhelming number of accessories since it will be inconvenient. However, here is a list of some things you might consider:

What features to look for in a grooming tub?